Friday, September 30, 2016

TV News Media - Dedicated to the One They Love & the Party They Serve

Day after night after day, we turn to TV network news shows dominated by collective mouthpiece elements whose only apparent purpose is to report favorably on Hillary Clinton and to blast Donald Trump almost non-stop.  The latter option would be deliciously palatable if the TV media would award similar treatment to both candidates, but, sadly, journalism's yellow side has always favored the Democrat/progressive side of the fence in the USA.

Of course, the inglorious rat-bastards of electronic media's TV networks have consumed almost eight years successfully honing their tush-kissing efforts among White House staff, where the number-one occupant now maintains a high approval rating, thanks especially to the spinning cheerleaders of TV media.  Some of this is understandable, but only because it appears customary (particularly under this bunch) for POTUS info minions to play carrot-on-a-stick regarding which media sources receive juicy government tidbits for News at Eleven in a timely manner.  Still. . .

That recent poll among Washington, D.C. media folks, indicating that pretty much all are Democrats, says it all.  In a proper world of journalism, Queen Hil', as stuffed with political corruption as a fish with eggs, wouldn't have been allowed anywhere near the presidency.  Meanwhile, as badly as national TV media conducts its rancid quest to keep socialism alive and well and progressing in the USA, even local TV station news divisions, overwhelmed on purpose with fluff and poop of little or irrelevant substance, as station managers and news "editors" go all out to assure that no viewers are offended by a damned thing, lest the jackbooted FCC intervene, cower as if under Obama White House doctrine.  "Politically correct" doesn't just reference an annoying war of words -- it dictates an entire political system and government's daily operations, as we can plainly observe at every level.

Elections approach and we have -- Voila! -- two crummy candidates, yet only one is promised unquestionably to become an Obama clone, wed and joined at the steroid hip to twist and bend this country in horrible ways never intended by its founders.  Democrats, forever faithful no matter what, wear their own chains and have not and will not ever look to their party's history, original reason for existence or trillions of dollars worth of damage perpetrated upon the country ever since.  Both the Ku Klux Klan and early settlers dedicated to chasing Native Americans away from choice property (and plenty of it) have the Democrat Party to thank profoundly.

Oh yes, I know -- in the UFO research community it's proper etiquette among some right now to embrace Hillary Clinton and John Podesta as some nebulous teamed key intent upon opening up hidden government UFO files.  Bull crap.  I'll happily sacrifice That One Big Hazy Chance in Hell to instead vote to keep her away from the White House, away from the Pentagon and away from ill-advised e-mailing or any other self-serving maneuver that puts MORE American lives in danger around the globe.  Hillary lies, people around her lie to keep her public image fresh as a daisy, and the only contribution such people can make is the furtherance of establishing a mountain of lies whose size will at least rival that painstakingly created by the criminal Obama bunch (keep your doctor, health insurance will cost you $2500 less, "Fast and Furious," communicating with Hillary by e-mail under a pseudonym via the private server Obama said he knew nothing about, etc., etc.).

Internet becomes goner-net?  This is the day when the U.S. is expected to give the Internet, fully our invention, to the world -- mostly to a world of thugs and information squelchers, unfortunately.  As usual, Obama's fingerprints are all over this extraordinarily bad maneuver which China, Russia and all the usual suspects will cherish for years.  Someday, arrests and trials, please. . .

Meanwhile, Elon Musk plans to take us to Mars, an epic adventure planned for just a few years down the road.  Then again, fifties contactee Buck Nelson already told us about life on Mars, the moon and Venus in his book, so once again we're faced with the ever-evolving question, genius, huckster or crackpot?  Anyway, maybe jobs are more plentiful on Mars -- a veritable bonus, since dire predictions over job losses on Earth due to artificial intelligence appear to doom our working classes.

Scary clown sightings spread across the country, long before Halloween's debut.  Instead of frightening little kids walking to school or adults cruising down roadways, may we suggest that said clowns. . .

. . .invade football games and scare players who choose to kneel rather than stand for the American flag.  The First Amendment works in more than one way.