Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's a Rotten World After All (September, 2016 update)

Women of the year?  First, a few days ago WND.com featured an article noting that the American Communist Party fully supports Hillary Clinton's candidacy -- and then the September 1 Washington Examiner's featured headline turned up as "Angela Merkel admits Germany, EU bungled refugee crisis."

While we fully support women ascending to their highest goals, in these particular cases it would surely be refreshing to see both Clinton and Merkel secured under, not a glass ceiling, but a ceiling of prison-cell concrete.  Hillary Clinton's "careless" handling of classified e-mails probably put Americans and U.S. agents all over the world at risk, while Merkel's abandonment of her own citizenry, choosing instead to be politically correct and welcoming to dangerous hordes intent upon domination rather than assimilation certainly qualifies as a major crime of the century.

Yet, none of this may matter if robots continue to "serve" humanity.  The Sun (UK) of August 23rd mentions an upcoming conference in which researchers warn that robots are poised to become criminals without limits, quickly discovering a whole world of offenses they can build upon -- even to the point of dispassionately killing humans who stand in their way.  Apparently, robots will become even more problematic than Black Lives Matter and anything George Soros can pitch.

Spraying Paradise to Death:  The Miami New Times of August 11 raised the obvious question about attempting to spray away Zika fears, when everything comes down to preserving human lives by sacrificing common and environmental sense.  In government we trust?  Quoting the piece:

Judd Allison, owner of 305 Films and Wynwood event space Toejam Backlot, was already upset about Gov. Rick Scott's handling of Miami's Zika outbreak. And then he read about Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control spraying naled, a controversial pesticide linked to disorders in fetuses.

During a meeting between Wynwood business leaders and Mosquito Control experts yesterday, Allison says, he asked why the county would choose to spray naled — and the county told him, again, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims the pesticide is safe.

"That's such a crock of shit," he says. "It's banned in the European Union."

The Web site, Climate Depot took Al Gore to task on August 17, admonishing him for blaming excessive California wildfires on global warming -- when the real culprit was a serial arsonist eventually taken into custody.  Whether fire or flood, Gore and his goofy supporters continue to justify their reason for existing in this very, very scientifically unsettled controversy of climate change.  AND the "solutions" always involve taking your money whilst somebody else's riches become enhanced (hmm, like, um, climate change proponents involved with U.N. criminals?).

UFOs:  The latest concerted attempts to explain away a fair amount of UFO activity from the 1940s as related to government intelligence efforts are just another yawn for me, but to each their own.