Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pneumonic Metaphor

Hillary Clinton battles pneumonia caused apparently by a vast right wing conspiracy, and both major political parties are ill as well.  Clearly, no political entity is going to experience relief, reform and appropriate government health by puffing along with the same infected, corrupt lungs, and there's no antibiotic readily available to perform miracles for either Democrats or Republicans.  The outrage which should encompass President Obama's current 58% approval rating just isn't there, leading one to the obvious conclusion that few care or understand what this man and his party of cultural assassins have battered and wounded during eight years of hating American values.  Maybe we don't know about Trump, but for certain we know that a Hillary Clinton presidency could make Barack Obama look like George Washington.

UFOs and artificial intelligence:  Some wonder if occupants involved with various alleged UFO encounters might be robots -- i.e. artificial intelligence dispatched from some extraterrestrial civilization(s).  Concurrently, scientists who study A.I. and make this their life's work postulate that our own ever-evolving robots might one day kill all humans simply because they're smarter and find us an impediment to their activities of daily "living."  Might we expect, then, that some reported UFO entities have indeed come to study us, but probably murdered whatever sentient beings created them long ago?  And wouldn't that make us next on the menu?

Billy Cox hangs up Devoid. . .for now:  Billy has assumed a new and, we assume, higher position with his newspaper (something god-like, we hope), allowing him less time to delve into the UFO topic and write his excellent, oh-so-superb blog.  Until he returns to the chore one day (and maybe he won't, but one never knows), we say thanks for great common sense UFO reporting.  Good things to you, Billy, and thanks for every carefully considered word (newspaper journalists are so darned hard to find anymore, so his absence in the UFO realm means more than we can imagine, saddled as we often are with a "basket of deplorable" UFO TV reports).

Give me lithium or give me death:  Wow, don't be buying winter underwear warmed with lithium batteries.  Can you believe the problems Samsung encountered with its oh-so-new batteries?  We're so-o-o-o-o-o proud of our technological base, the science that finally makes our ancestors look like dinosaurs in the mist.  Yet, those who came before us invented such devices as the telephone, the TV, the radio, the refrigerator, the. . .and by the time these were purchased by a modern-hungry population, at least one could go to bed or live every day without worrying that some newfangled machine would set a house or family on fire without warning when instructions were followed to the letter.  Oh yes, we've come SO far.

Survivalists:  Sure, they're collecting food and ammo, but who's stockpiling brainpower to help us survive after the EMP comes?  Intelligence seems available at a premium lately.  Notice how some among your friends and family increasingly "joke" about hoping a gigantic asteroid destroys the Earth?  (Oh yes, they do.)

Child molesters:  A New York child pornographer was, this week, sentenced to 235 years in prison for promoting and producing child pornography videos -- some involving a baby aged six days!  Federal prosecutors, unhappy with the sentence, wished to invoke a sentence exceeding 500 years, but we guess that sanity prevailed and everybody decided 235 might work.  Whether 500 or 235 years, we suspect the legal side was performing the usual service by "sending a message."  Yes, and the message to child pornographers and the child sex trade everywhere was -- never leave witnesses.  Great work, folks.  Next case?