Monday, February 1, 2016


You and I don't matter much.  This profundity makes a perfect runway landing every time politics raises its slimy head and a cavalcade of self-interests disguised as friends indeed arrives on the scene.

So Iowa's Big Occasion is here today, and by mid-evening U.S. citizens and hopeful legions of not-so folk will have a pretty good idea of who's in and who's out as a presidential hopeful.

Will the GOP choice really come down to simply Trump and Cruz?  What will win out, business acumen or constitutional expertise? Blowhard windbag or soft-spoken thoughtfulness?

Maybe Iowa's approaching blizzard renders no coincidence, because something as pure as the wind-driven snow is badly required for a nation in disrepair.  Will opportunity be snatched by the candidate who can best implement it? I suggest Cruz, but I don't live in Iowa.

Then there's the Democrat side.  What the hell happened?  There likely wouldn't even be a place for John F. Kennedy in today's Democrat Party.  The "blue dogs" are all but gone, and the socialists and communists (plus at least one Marxist we know of who lives on Pennsylvania Ave.) have invaded an already corrupt political party and driven it closer to the edge -- not that the GOP lurks all that far in the distance.  But, omigod!  The Democrats!  It's down to an aged socialist cum communist and a faded old political heiress devoid of fresh ideas and equipped most noticeably with the vocal screech reminiscent of Medusa under a hair dryer.  Oh, I know -- "they" owe her this little forage into politics. Again. One more time.  Bill's wife, you know.  Be impressed not.  No wonder Hillary promises to release government information regarding UFOs -- that's all she's got left, and it's not nearly enough, not even with John Podesta manning a shovel to both dig her in and dig her out.  With even newer e-mail revelations coming along this very day regarding lives of intelligence contacts put in jeopardy via carelessly placed e-mails, there may be no place or direction in which Hillary Clinton & Co. can dig, period.