Friday, February 19, 2016

Oh, NOW He Cares About the Constitution

The "constitutional responsibility" of a fraud. 

News of Supreme Court Justice Scalia's final exit barely made the rounds before President Obama scurried before the cameras to proclaim his constitutional obligation to nominate a replacement.  He probably put the hurry into his step because Senators Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell beat him to the TV scene with promises that no nominee should be confirmed until a new president takes command.  Maybe a bipartisan miracle will occur this year, or maybe not.

Predictably, the Democrats screamed displeasure and called for immediate action.  At this point, does one not harken back to Sen. Harry Reid's tight-fisted control of the Senate, when he refused to allow virtually any Republican-sponsored bills up for a vote -- ever? And the great Obama himself railed against a Supreme Court nominee back when he briefly served as a senator.

They want equal treatment?  They're getting it -- IF the milksop Republicans hold on this time, and just say no to whatever progressive demon-from-hell nomination -- ready to establish laws instead of interpreting them -- Obama pulls from the pit.

But now Obama cares about the way America is supposed to function?  He couldn't even handle his Oath of Office without going rogue.  In fact, on the last day of his presidency, when Obama leaves the White House for the last time, may we suggest the presence of a police car, rear door open, and Officer Friendly, carrying handcuffs of a size appropriate for an ex-president, as he's arrested for reasons best alleged and determined by legal staffers intimately familiar with political violations and violators?  And don't forget the rest of the bunch as they drip out of the Washington woodwork! As if.  But don't worry, we may soon have another black president because. . .

No, no, not Dr. Ben Carson, though I would embrace his election win heartily.  Instead, we're talking about recording artist (?) Kanye West, who has blabbed his intentions to run for president one day.  While we're sure his self-confidence rarely fails, it was a tad interesting this week when he announced drowning in debt to a "tune" in excess of 50 million dollars.  One might look upon this development and wonder, hmm, we already enjoy a 17-plus trillion dollar deficit -- could Kanye West possibly raise the deficit faster than Obama?  We're betting that President Kanye West could.  Um, not looking upon this as a helpful presidential qualification, but all of this does remind me, an old white guy, that once again it is. . .

Black History Month:  Last year, as I recall, some influential black people called for an end to BHM, not because there was anything wrong with it, but because it's just time to put it away on a memory shelf somewhere, mission accomplished.  A review of the previous year's events almost draws one to the conclusion that "Black History Month" was replaced with an "Only Black Lives Matter" millennia.   Okay, so you're black and proud, good for you.  Maybe your ancestors were slaves, often treated abominably by white folk on Southern plantations or in brutal households.  Got it.  But remember, too, that your predecessors were routinely sold into slavery by Islamists in Africa who shared both origin and skin color of the human merchandise.  The slave trade.  Black folk selling other black folk. Is that what President Obama references when he goes off on some weird tangent about "contributions" Muslims have made to the United States -- slavery?  That appears the most obvious.  Hey, don't blame me, I haven't been sitting in the White House, nor at the Dept. of so-called Justice for seven years, whipping up division in the name of diversity.  Keep embracing the fraud, failed cities and hopeless dream sugar castles promised by Democrats from coast to coast, and keep wishing endlessly for hope and change as a majority again risks toying with communism in the voting booth.  Speaking of the voting booth. . .

Donald Trump has ramped up his game as a human insult machine.  He sounds like a rinky-dink insult comedian in a bad dinner theater nightclub, but going that extra step and threatening to sue Ted Cruz and perhaps whatever or whomever gets in his way?  This is not how we want the country run.  Today?  I'm still thinking Ted Cruz.  While I don't care for everything he espouses, he acts like a grown-up and handles himself rock-solidly.  Will Trump run as an Independent after all?  Does he really want to be president? 

Will Hillary, dog-barking all the way to potential victory, or Bernie become the eventual names of choice as the GOP circus tent threatens to collapse upon itself?  The sprint-to-socialism prospect is simply too horrible to contemplate.  Voters, particularly the young, who elect far left Democrats this time around will literally sign a death warrant for hard-won freedoms unique to the United States.  Too bad young people's delusional or hopelessly progressive/liberal college professors plow a load of crap into young minds to poison whatever thought processes remain before they even reach the voting booth.

More thoughts on the Zika virus:  As events move quickly, it appears science can't even be certain Zika is the culprit for specific birth defects, or that mosquitoes should be implicated as the primary vectors.  Trouble is, we currently enjoy an era where both the mainstream media AND scientists eager to be the first on their Petri dish to take credit for new data bump into each other on the path to fame's fleeting tour bus, resulting in "news to confuse."

The newly expressed "stand-down" is a beat-down on America:   Border agents warn that the White House issued orders that they stand down on the borders, thereby allowing illegal immigrants to pass almost freely.  According to one officer, we may as well not even have immigration laws in this atmosphere.

President Obama has clearly urinated away his Oath of Office, and should logically be held criminally responsible for his actions.  Depending upon election turnouts for various positions across the country, preventing obstacles by those in politics who have held the reins of obstruction for far too long, this should not be seen as unreasonable at some time in the future, in my opinion.  That's my version of "hope and change."

Papal Theatrics:   I suspect we'll have to build two walls at the border -- one to keep out illegals and another to keep out the pope.  In "God's" name, what brand of socialism would this pope have the United States adopt?  I'm fine with his freedom to preach, but when he pretty much demands that illegals and "refugees" march north to enjoy those great U.S. welfare benefits -- the ones we pay for -- it's time to say this pope is a dope.  Thanks for coming, thanks for leaving -- now stay in Italy behind your own Vatican walls, please.  Or do Vatican walls signify that the pope isn't a Christian?  What's good for Donald Trump is good for the judge pope.

Taking a bite of the Apple:  While Apple phones get smarter and creepier, I'm still lounging around, waiting for the end of the hard drive and a replacement that users can EASILY, EFFECTIVELY AND PERMANENTLY destroy once the electronic end has come.  You wouldn't throw your file cabinet and all your precious files into a dumpster, potentially allowing just about anybody to explore your personal information -- why should hard drive destruction acrobatics be such a chore of uncertainty and brute strength?  Anyway -- while many conservatives seem to disagree, I can't believe that those who believe in a "right" to privacy would want Apple CEO Tim Cook to allow the FBI or any government agency to gain the key to decryption.  I think it's a matter of the greater good -- in this case, millions of users expecting privacy vs. a government entity which, make no mistake, wants total and absolute entry into iPhone technology so user devices can be infiltrated at one's whim.  Today, it's one terrorist's phone -- tomorrow, everybody's.  Additionally, international hackers will have a new field day, learning the technology as they always do, attempting to break and enter phones from afar.  Yes, this is a tough one, because terrorist information is essential.  But if the Obama administration and its machinery had concentrated on securing the borders AND taking ISIS and Co. seriously from the start, we may not have ended up in this situation.  While I'm the last place to go for sympathy and joy over the evolvement of high-tech (the trust and EMP thing, you know?), I'm afraid I need to support Cook and Apple on this one as they pursue reason in the courts.  It's all about maintaining that alleged free and open society some or most of us have the delusion of believing we experience every day.