Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Thanks, um, Russia

 Some time back, other than the United States, where most of my readers predictably reside, Canada, and even England approached the number two readership status.  Obviously, I'm grateful for anybody who devotes even a few seconds of time to read my rant.  However, peculiarly, this blog's number two reading audience, according to the Google blog map serving my account, apparently now consists of Russians. 

I find this rather puzzling, because I can't imagine what I have that the good people of Russia want.  I'm thinking, hmm, maybe they long for a way to bitch about Putin the way I freely criticize Obama -- and I gotta tell you Russian folks, dumping on this president not only feels good -- it's an obligation for every true American!   For my efforts, I get words of thanks or derision, but what do you get?  Polonium sandwiches, my friends, polonium in the bread, polonium in the drinks and polonium a la carte.  We in the USA get mainstream media journalists influenced by party politics and who knows what mix of power and influence -- but your journalists end up dead if they don't  support party politics.

So, why are my readers significantly Russian in number?  Hey, wait a minute -- is that you, Ed Snowden?  Is this an army of hackers?  Please -- fascinating though this blog may be (um, yeah, I'm talking about the early years), there's nothing worth hacking here.  Nevertheless, if anybody's going to the effort of trying to hack me from Russia, maybe you could just  leave  some interesting or juicy stuff on my pages instead so's I can up my readership? 

Then again, forget me.  You folks need to work on sending Mr. Putin on a long, long vacation.  Some might find him hot stuff, but he and his are screwing Russia and Russians with his various decisions.  A snake can shed its skin, but it's still a snake.

In our own way, we Americans know exactly how you feel.  Do we ever. . .

Pretty in paint:   Some places around the country insist that toy guns be painted in bright colors so cops can distinguish between the real and the false.  Well, that sounds great on the surface, but here's what's going to happen:  First, criminals with real guns will paint them in festive hues to deceive the police.  Second, kids who refuse sissy colors on their toy guns will paint them in black or silver so they'll appear real in the presence of their potentially bullying friends.  Finally, adults who keep toy guns in the house just to confuse break-in assailants and robbers will also shun the new colors, preferring instead to alter the colors of harmless, obviously faux firearms with bold blacks and grays.  So, in the end -- just what is accomplished with these new laws spreading across the country?  Right it's the feel good factor.

Michael Brown was shot dead a year ago and the Ferguson MS community where the infamously fallen young thug, thief and bully was rightfully gunned down nevertheless honored him with protests and violence, which means they had a routine day.  Everybody with a brain, even Eric Holder's racist Dept. of Justice, proclaimed the officer who took him down innocent of all charges.  No matter, the violent morons of Ferguson paid no mind to the fact, fact, fact that Brown was not shot in the back -- and there was, at no point, any such talk as  Hands up, don't shoot.  Even when a police officer is fully exonerated in today's USA, that's just another indictment against cops for the street idiots.  ALL of the recent videos regarding police officers involved with tragic situations involving black deaths show, in either little or large ways, people refusing to follow lawful orders and/or taking off and/or becoming a potential threat to the officer on the scene.  How can things not escalate when one gives police officers, already "on the edge" in Obama's hair-trigger America, a reason?  If anything, the anniversary should have honored former police officer Darren Wilson, whose life is now a hell on earth.

And regarding yet another movie theater tragedy, this one in Nashville TN,  there's another case for allowing guns into public places so at least there's a chance gunfire will save the day, rather than ending it. 

At least for the moment, the rational mind of Dr. Ben Carson has displaced the abject buffoonery of Al Sharpton.  I don't know that Carson's lack of political experience will gain him a real chance at the presidency (we wish otherwise, of course), but if all else fails he would make one heck of a U.S. surgeon general.

On the other hand, the resounding hatred and evil-inciting words of the Nation of Islam's 82 year old Louis Farrakhan continue to corrode intelligent thinking among any who would call themselves his followers.  Farrakhan's latest pronouncements encouraging murders of a certain segment of Americans seem specific enough to get him arrested, yet he walks the streets a free man, likely to be unencumbered by Attorney General and Eric Holder clone Loretta Lynch.  When properly and fairly administered law and order return to this country, and that would be sometime after the Obama clock hits midnight, we hope a number of folks have little opportunity to reach the hills they start heading for.

Senator Charles Schumer says NO to Obama's Iran no-deal  and that sounded great, but he's probably playing the usual game of numbers, knowing full well that this outrageously dangerous and ineptly constructed plan will sail through Congress nevertheless -- and voters should remain cognizant of just how their leaders vote, come election time when political waters of change might feel right.

Voting rights are much under discussion with the commemoration of voting rights, but will somebody except the usual morons explain to me again why getting and showing something equivalent to voter ID is simply oppression for the poor and unfortunate, since we would ALL have to have identification -- and ID cards for the unfortunate would obviously be provided at no cost by the government?

Media -- movie and TV -- stocks are sinking and fewer among the young depend upon conventional television, whether cable or satellite, for their entertainment anymore.  I know every TV show can't be  The Walking Dead, but there's some pretty bad and repetitive television out there.  The new season looks enticing, I suppose, if you crave another butt-load of cop and hospital dramas -- and TV sitcoms whose premises have sunk lower than snow on California's heights.  Lyings and tirades and bores, oh my!

One point I would seriously offer here is,  maybe it's time to shed the union hoodoo stuff and start making it easier for novices & nobodies to contribute story ideas and scripts.  This, however, seems unlikely merely because, as in all other lucrative segments of society, attorneys have everything tangled up in knots, and unless one has an agent who Plays The Game correctly, even the best story ideas are encouraged to dive straight to hell (unless somebody cleverly rips off the creator and gets away scot free).  And that's why we turn on our TVs and get what we get.  As we said, stocks are tanking, and the same old among the same old are left scratching their heads.

70 years ago, Japan surrendered to the United States and that aspect of World War II ended.  America-hating leftist professors in colleges and universities will blame the U.S. for the carnage reeked by atomic bombs ordered dropped on Japan by President Truman, yet they'll "forget" to emphasize the millions of lives saved by ending in this manner a war likely to continue long and bloody.  Had Obama been president when Pearl Harbor was bombed, his recipe-style  negotiated settlement would probably have destined America for a far different and terrible future.

Trump all day and Trump all night:   Oh, pity poor Megyn Kelly -- She can dish it out, but her colleagues can't take Trump's response!  Look, everybody knew that Donald Trump is what he is, and to say that the media (likely in conjunction with political operatives) isn't out to destroy him using every little word he utters is just plain wrong.  Me, I'm getting my kicks out of hearing them designate Trump as  un-presidential.   Really?  Has anybody bothered to look at what's currently taking up space in the White House?  That, dude, is un-everything good about America.  Wanna talk about Hillary, another  un?

The GOP is absolutely responsible for Donald Trump's grand entrance into the Republican palace, both through their lackluster performance in Congress and through their surrender to every major piece of legislative debris favored by the White House

Bring Trump down. . .ruin him. . .ridicule his position. . .insult him back. . .and what does it get you?

Why, a third political party, of course.  Remember?

Throughout the years I worked in a hospital atmosphere, I never once heard of a female body part called a  whatever.  In fact, I once knew an OB-GYN physician who encountered some legal trouble because he knew all about, and much too much about, a particular woman patient's body parts -- yet, never did I heard him reference anything called a  whatever.  According to the rabid mainstream media, Donald Trump apparently knows what a whatever is and knows where it is located.  I'll continue consulting medical encyclopedias, but I doubt there will be a whatever anywhere, either pictured or explained.

Planned Parenthood in pictures:   Think what you like, I'm not budging from my position that this is just not a subject to hang the GOP's political future on, but it's their funeral.  The thing is, those engaged in "right to life" pursuits involving every aspect and age of human beings have complicated matters by themselves, merely by looking to technology to help people live longer and better lives.  We've reached the stage where people who used to be too small, too large or too dead can now be hooked up to "life-sustaining" machinery able to keep life signs going indefinitely.  Should we, then, save everybody?   This is all well and good, but now the scientific community ponders how many people are enough for a planet only capable of sustaining so much life.  If some of us expect that God will solve the issue, remember that thing about going forth and multiplying -- except nobody seems to have written down instructions for hitting the "stop" switch to bring the reproductive railroad and its eternal load of interactive vaginas and penises to a halt.

So go ahead, scream about Planned Parenthood, but think of a day in the future when an abundance of humans might be felled by disease of a most horrible sort -- or maybe human life will suffer simply because we're messing with the seeds and mechanisms used to grow crops.  Recent questions among scientists take this issue quite seriously, and one wonders about the road to famine, possible thanks to nothing more than our own intervention.

At the risk of being labeled a ghoul, I believe aborted human body parts -- which would otherwise be incinerated or destroyed in some other manner -- may well be helpful, and even necessary in tissue research.  If anybody thinks this concept isn't already taken to vast extremes in China, North Korea, Iran and any number of countries whose human-related practices are far less than stellar or gracious, they're kidding themselves.  Want to get rid of Planned Parenthood once and for all?  Ban sex.

The Environmental Protection Agency Un-protects:   Well, well, well -- now who will the EPA sue, following their own little toxic water screw-up in Colorado, the effects of which flow on to Utah non-stop?  This is an opportune time for Congress to find a way to fine the EPA almost out of existence, until there's only adequate funding remaining to care for emergencies, and not for little White House-advised excursions into climate change crazy town.