Monday, August 3, 2015

Crybabies, Crumbs and the Conquered

 Oh, please, if it's not Speaker John Boehner sobbing over something, over anything, it's a young  baseball player crying on the field over rumors that he's going to be traded away (he wasn't).  I wonder how that weepy thing would have gone, had I tried it during my military pre-induction physical in '68.  Yeah, right at the part where I'm standing there amongst a parade of guys in their undies and a psychiatrist sort asks, "Are you a hom-o-sexual?" I shoulda jumped into his arms, planted a huge kiss behind his ear, allowed tears to flow and proclaimed, hell yes, if that's what you want me to be, I am now!  So, um, can you take me away from all of this?  Too (sigh. . .) late now.

Trouble is, there's plenty to cry over these days, for those into the crying game (movie titles aside).  For instance, what's up with homicidal trees around the U.S. -- where trees, without warning, simply fall over and either kill or nearly obliterate mostly kids, so far?  Shall we invoke global warming, climate change -- or draw comparisons to that old Universal (International) science fiction motion picture,  Monolith Monsters, in which murderous slices of cold-hearted rock shoot up through the earth and stamp out humans?

And speaking of pure science fiction, England's Prince Charles has apparently altered his view that the Earth would be destroyed by cataclysmic climate change in 100 months, more or less, and now extends our remaining time of utter luxury to 35 years.  Well, that's quite a re-calculation in my book, but we must remember that Charles is royalty, and allowances must be made. 

Monday brought us more utter poop from the most criminal administration ever to occupy the White House, as its radical president submitted plans to reduce coal-burning power plants dramatically in the U.S. over the next several years.  If little else, energy costs will likely triple.  Of course, without equal cooperation from China, India and other global carbon vultures, these absurd efforts won't matter to anybody except lunatics claiming the science is in, the science is in (translation -- the sky is falling, the sky is falling).  This is all going to go down really well if the Earth actually cools over the next few decades, when coal may well be as good as gold.  If you can get it.  Can those of us who escaped from the liberal Democrat loony bin long ago just keep our CO2, please?  It's all natural, you know and, honest -- trees love it.  Even killer trees.  Let's hope pending lawsuits and congressional action (???) will destroy this madman's intellectual fantasy.

Baltimore (and NY City) experienced a slew of shootings and murders over the weekend -- regrettably, a consistent pattern since the cops were effectively neutered by its moron mayor and other higher-ups.  The solution?  Baltimore police will organize a "task force," and that's a shame because the only "task" they need to accomplish IS  "force" by virtue of breaking heads where necessary and refusing to bow and curtsy when bad people of any race break the law.  Try it, it really works.

When searching for the worst American mayors, just consult almost any failing city in the country.  If you want an example of why union-encrusted politicians are holding real business ingenuity back, just gaze upon NY City's deBlasio, who came down absurdly hard on Uber -- because it's a threat to taxi companies and (yes. . .) union membership.  Watch NY City puppet masters and "rulers" of other Democrat-predator cities do everything in their power to clamp down and make Uber's simplicity far more than complicated and expensive. . .so's it can be just like the rip-off cab companies and lorded over by Big Gov thugs.  And just what does Hillary have to say about Uber?  Uh huh. . .

Congress is on vacation for the month of August and still we wonder, when will somebody with brains and a good handle on the Constitution AND presidential oaths have Obama arrested, tried and maybe convicted with prison time?  We understand, of course, that throughout history societies and civilizations have been conquered by their enemies -- but this may be the first time a country's top leader conquered his own people by ignoring border law and bringing in hundreds of thousands of untalented, uneducated dolts from questionable nations and locations who will never be assimilated into anything more than American welfare rolls.  We have been conquered while Congress ignores the living room elephant, and the man and party currently infesting the White House need to be held legally accountable.  If allowing open borders satisfies a presidential oath to protect American citizens, we fail to understand how.  Is everybody quite certain that this president named Obama doesn't wear a human mask, yet possess a lizard face underneath?  Ha, and we thought "V" was just a silly TV series. . .

Camille Paglia's writing in a few days ago pointed out similarities and certain proclivities involving two famous Bills, Cosby and Clinton -- whose alleged past activities invited very different treatments by the liberal media.  Paglia brilliantly expounds upon her assertion that  "Liberals think of themselves as very open-minded, but that's simply not true." 

On the other hand, people we're not impressed by, except in knowing about their families' communist backgrounds, include Obama White House confidant Valerie Jarrett.  Judicial Watch for June 22 really spared no space in laying out the facts about Jarrett, her family, and all sorts of reasons why the American public should be shaking in its shoes over the White House's temporary (we hope) infestation by all the wrong people.

The very computers promised to make us free have, predictably, enslaved many and, among the young, crucial abilities to solve problems, employ common sense and maintain knowledge have, sadly, alarmingly, departed town.  And still, high-function brains belonging to such as  Hawking, Musk and Gates continue to warn of "killer robots," as artificial intelligence surpasses human minds by leaps and bounds, destined to be out of our control.  It's interesting to think back to the seventies and early eighties, when proud parents gushed over their 7-year-olds' astounding abilities because they learned in school how to operate computer technology still foreign to most adults.  Old blogger guy says, and continues to say, beware AI, because we humans will become as useless as a broken shoelace to cool, compassionless minds connected in ways we have yet to imagine.