Saturday, November 15, 2014

Whose Country?

As precious years elapse, now and then I watch some errant TV newscast or program briefly taking up the issue of "anchor babies," those tots whose foreign mothers, here in the USA by either intention or happenstance, deliver them as instant American citizens.  Similarly, I've witnessed talk of congressional legislation to end the practice of assuring citizenship simply because of birthplace.  Legislation, for some peculiar reason, has gone nowhere.  Maybe because it makes sense.

Anchor babies may be the least of the worry list, however.  President Obama is poised to grant early Christmas -- sorry, make that holiday -- gifts to millions of illegal aliens  through executive order, perhaps in the next several days.  Green cards, amnesty, pardons, refugee status -- who knows, anything could be simmering in that soup.  Whether he can get away with his and his associates' obsession beyond all obsessions remains to be seen.  Depending upon Republicans and the justice system to defeat a mad agenda which almost no American citizens desire is still a crap shoot, despite the elections.

The definitive elections which, nevertheless, seem to matter to nobody, least of all to the Republicans.  As if a grand illusion was performed and then faded into the night.

Meanwhile, Obamacare comes off as more of a fraud than anybody knew, and all it took to find out were dated videos of loudmouth / loose-mouthed MIT economist Gruber, integral in some manner to the Affordable Care Act's creation, laughing off his apparent belief that the American people were too stupid to swallow Obamacare straight from the bottle; instead, lies and half-truths needed to be told.

Perhaps he was on to something.  Lots of Americans enjoy and soak up fabrications issued 24/7 by news, entertainment and sports outlets.  If the truth hurts, choose brain candy instead.

No matter, multiculturalism will change America forever because there won't be any Americans.  The invaders persist.  And thugs with signs and middle fingers raised, having no intention of becoming Americans or understanding the concept of being one.  I think outrageous amounts of money are involved here, and when big money's in sight treason and its traitors come out of the corporations and universities without a second thought.

From the White House on down, there should be arrests, trials and convictions.  I know, I know -- but maybe if we repeat it often enough it can happen.

Treason is a perfectly good word.  Shall the leftists remove that one from dictionaries?  One need not be a flag-waver to protect its meaning and intent.

Obama promises poor nations three billion dollars to help combat the pseudo-science effects of climate change, the calculated and lucrative fraud which used to be known as global warming until the theories didn't quite meet up with thermometer readings.  Our money, presumably freshly printed, three billion. 

Taxpayers continue to indulge schemers, illegal aliens and presidential fantasies, and in the context of all of this the sound beatings inflicted upon radical Democrats during the elections are all but ignored by those who still don't care what legal American voters demand.