Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bits and Pieces for November 2014

Yeah, I've received a few barbs about my apparent abandonment of the UFO issue (". . .and what's that thing under your name about a fortress of quicksand. . .").  But I haven't -- it's just that I've little to say after so many years (50-plus) of essentially saying the same thing.  I usually leave it up to others (see links) to update you because they stay in touch with stuff minute by minute.

UFO conferences?  They've come and gone, some serious and some bonkers, since the 1950s.  Some have matured in substance and reflect UFO information better than ever -- such as the one held a few days ago at American University.  No, I wasn't there, but I understand the right people spoke and imparted plausible information.  Now what?  Or do I hear the sounds of crickets chirping?

You must forgive me.  I thought the world was going to flip for solid, scientific UFO investigations in 1964 when the organization NICAP compiled its hefty volume,  The UFO Evidence,  distributed to every member of Congress and to numerous members of the media.  Congressmen and senators were impressed and newspaper articles seemed kind and inquisitive.  Believe me, I was right out there pushing the agenda.  NY Senator Robert F. Kennedy's office assured me that he received his copy , after I inquired to make sure.

And after a bit, crickets began chirping.

They ceased their lonely song just long enough for Dr. Ed Condon & associates to conduct what was expected to be a comprehensive scientific UFO study out of the University of Colorado.  Infected by insider lies, distortions, arguments, public controversy and an apparent intention from the get-go to dismiss the entire UFO mystery, however -- despite instances which seemed "pro" UFO reality -- a final report was produced, released and. . .and. . .and the crickets returned to chirp for another day.

As a disturbing segment of society focuses less and less upon subjects of importance, trading brain power for entertainment hook-ups, we tend to look upon UFO conferences, symposiums, meetings, presentations or whatever appropriate designations pop up as something akin to the movie,  Groundhog Day.  Despite the best of intentions, these affairs rise and fall like teenage acne, impressive one moment and unobserved the next.  This is not criticism, merely an observation -- and unfortunately, one held closer to the vest among skeptics and outright debunkers than among folks like me who see a real scientific mystery here.

The conundrum?  UFO conferences will continue, but most of the people who need to give a damn will ignore the subject, worrying far more about energy, water resources, clothing and food prices, college education costs -- and where to access naked photos of some Hollywood "actress"  of the moment.  Unlike anarchy, manipulation conducted by government progressives and communist-inspired street riots, UFO research just isn't sexy enough.  Throngs prefer to flock to movies such as  Interstellar,  rather than conducting a fair intellectual fight over UFO evidence and its potential "interstellar" meaning.

And that's my other reason for pursuing the UFO issue less:  The street organizers and communists in the White House.  Or maybe they're just wannabees.  These folks are like nothing I've ever seen in U.S. government of my era, and I find them as dangerous as they seem to find Americans who speak out against them.  I don't think UFO "disclosure" tops off their agenda, but ridding our lives of this bunch by legal means could someday get us closer to the "open" government promised, but quickly destroyed in Washington by the Obama bunch.

THE SOCIETY PAGE:   We extend heartfelt congratulations to the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Charles Manson.  A prison wedding between the infamous 80-year-old master murderer and a young woman of 26 years who never stopped believing in Charlie's purity fits right in with our contemporary bonkers society.  As it turns out, I still have the 1987 Awareness Records CD release of  Lie,  a collection of 14 pre-murderous rampage songs written and performed by Manson.  Oh, yes, the performances suck, but I think Charlie could have made it to at least no. 25 on  American Idol.  To quote from the compact disc (I believe there was an LP released first) liner notes:

"This compact disc represents recordings made by Charles Manson prior to the Tate-Labianca murders.  There was some speculation at the time that a record producer who had previously owned the Tate home and who had earlier rejected Manson's recordings was the intended target.  Every producer Manson had approached with his recordings ultimately received death threats at one time or another.  It was subsequently shown that Manson had targeted for assassination a number of famous recording artists whose only crime was their success."

Wedding music?  No problem.  Charlie can choose and sing from his own repertoire, perhaps including such Manson "hits" as,  People Say I'm No Good;  I'll Never Say Never to Always; Don't Do Anything Illegal; Sick City  or, my personal choice for the non-conjugal visit bride and groom, a piece also remarkably suitable for performance in the current White House:   Garbage Dump.

I will support voter identification every time I vote because when election personnel ask, "Do you have any ID?" I can reply, "About what?"

Which kinda reminds me about TV shows.  Have you noticed a sentence so hackneyed in our time that we almost cringe when it's spoken -- over and over again?  You have no idea.   No, really, THAT's the one.  Or it might be,  I have no idea.   Annoying!  To me, anyway.   Even the dictionary definition of the word, idea, fails to adequately cover this one in the course of normal conversation.   Nor is  you don't want to know  among my favorites, because we DO want to know, it's that curiosity thingie.  Why are we so curious?  You have no idea.

NBC's Saturday Night Live continues an appeal only to the comatose.   It's truly sad to observe the slowly ongoing death of a show which should have compassionately been euthanized years ago, populated by far too many mediocre hosts, performers and, especially, bands and singers whose talents and work will endure about as long as a jet trail in a clouded sky.  Program content has become nearly as topical and relevant as dog poop on a hot New York City sidewalk in July.  Last Saturday, as videos and outrage continued to emerge about MIT economist Gruber and his statements about Obamacare and stupidity of the American people, SNL should have made this the spotlight of the opening segment.  Instead, they put up a predictably lame skit about President Obama and Mitch McConnell.  The lesson?   White House butt-kissing NBC will always loosen the leash just enough to poke fun at the White House and seem fair, but to ever indict the Obama bunch with serious, devastating harpoons is a beautiful thing which, nevertheless, will never happen in NBC's peacock cage.

Freeze your. . .  A former NASA scientist believes global warming is nonsense and predicts our current descent into a 30-year freeze.  These aren't uncommon, but it's been a long time since the last.   So-o-o-o-o-o glad that Obama ponied up three billion dollars more to energize the theory that climate never changes unless it's with our help, and I'm just thrilled that Obama demanded nothing, but gave the Chinese liars and thieves everything as USA business and industry had more brakes applied due to more and more government regulation.

Pope Francis will visit the USA.   Yes, now and again the Catholic Church sends a representative here to beg and accept money or favors from the U.S. government, and I fear that congressional reps of that faith in particular lean more toward their religion than the demands of Americans of  all  beliefs.  I have few problems with the Church except they love to dump within our national borders the world's trashiest, often U.S. hating masses with the wink-wink assurance that U.S. taxpayers -- and non-Catholics -- will foot the bill without challenge.  Brad Pitt WW II adventure movies aside, why the hell don't we just loot the Vatican to pay for their own actions which affect our nation?  And just imagine the Catholic influence in our illegal alien mess, which they totally encourage and support.  I wish Vatican officials would stick to exorcisms, pedophilia and warding off vampires.

United Arab Emirates issue a list of terrorist organizations  and it includes our old buddies, C.A.I.R., the Muslim-American Society and the Muslim Brotherhood, easily found in the United States.  Too bad our FBI, military and other key entities aren't officially allowed to acknowledge that if something quacks like a radical, bat-poop-for-brains jihad duck, it most likely is.  I guess it's a good thing that Obama declared some time back that the war on terror is over, and that official law enforcement handbooks have been stripped of language regarding radical Islam.  If ya can't talk about it, it doesn't exist.  Someday, heads will roll over this.  Oh, wait. . .

State Dept. computers hacked, presumably by Russians.   See, I told you and told you that the U.S. should have hired England's fave UFO photo-searching hacker, Gary McKinnon, to deal with this sort of thing.  Now, just look!

Another Ebola death in the USA:   Still a bad idea, transporting victims here.  The Shadow  may well ask who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, but I'm more concerned about how,  where and how long  Ebola lurks in a dormant state.  Considering the way organisms cleverly  mutate, I'm not about to listen to any "medical professional's" final word.   Again, we plead for White House arrests. . .

Street mob love on hold in Ferguson:   As if waiting for a free garage band performance, everybody's watching for a grand jury decision. Comments by Obama and Holder are not irrelevant in this situation, either.  Meantime, nothing has changed.  Based upon just a few seconds of one video, Michael Brown is still a thug, still a bully, still a thief who rightly could have been shot into oblivion by an assaulted shop owner who would probably have been fully justified to accomplish a "cure," and, hmm -- oh, right, and Michael Brown is still dead.  There are black people of distinction to admire and hold up all over this country but, sad to say, Brown wasn't among them in any way, quite the opposite.  A reason to riot, harm and loot. 
What happens next will just serve as icing on the cake for dumbass street demonstrators intent upon causing violence, no matter the truth.  If violent revolutionaries become involved with this mess the words, shoot to kill  must not be taken off the table by law enforcement agencies and police personnel under attack.  Obviously, among many protestors observed to date, there's nary a rational, functioning brain to be shared among them -- a fact not lost on street organizers with perpetual America-hating evil directing their own wild  it's us or them  agendas.

He's Gonna Do It:   The president who took an oath and swore to defend the Constitution and America will apparently give away a little more of our country and culture Friday when he announces his latest evil from Las Vegas.  Call your congressional representatives in protest, and if you don't have any just buy some like everybody else.

Water wars erupt as world population doubles:   Seems like the best common sense solution is to stop the world's human numbers from achieving a dramatically useless increase.  Surely, this emergency among emergencies can be handled painlessly and directly?  Attacking numbers is the only solution (notice I didn't say  final solution -- not playing  Nazi  here. . .) around the globe.  And we have the United Nations to help.  Oh yeah, we have the United Nations. . .yucch. . .

A special word of thanks to talk show host Michael Savage:   Some folks, mainly on the left politically, would rather spend the night vomiting up vital organs than sampling his "Savage Nation" radio show, and that's too bad because the nonetheless gruff Savage isn't at all the monster he's painted to be by those who prefer to hide truth and avoid controversy.

Last week, aware via the  New York Post  that a U.S. Army soldier and his service dog  Matty,  each a victim of the same exploding IED in Afghanistan, had become separated upon their return to the states Savage took action. 

Federal law allows returning servicemen to adopt their dogs, but somehow bureaucracy tore two mutually loving hearts asunder, and we're talking about a love between man and dog so great that the dog had even tried to chew through metal bars on his cage during the return flight from Afghanistan in order to be at the side of his mutually injured companion who rested nearby.

Michael Savage donates generously to animal causes, such as elephant rescues, and in that respect he could be likened to a  Bob Barker  of radio.  When he learned of the Matty case, he sprung into action and alerted his national audience, even speaking by phone with the serviceman's father.  In the meantime, alerted by Savage, the newspaper and other outlets, ranking military officials and others began exploring and searching the whereabouts of the serviceman's "lost" dog, locating and returning Matty to his rightful owner within days.

Savage happily shared credit with mostly anonymous sources who helped arrange the happy reunion, but during his show, after the fateful weekend, he again spoke by phone to the serviceman's father -- and promised to buy his son a fully-equipped van, capable not only of allowing trips with Matty, but adapted to accommodate his son's war injuries.

Savage, the often irascible Savage?  Yes.  A heart of gold is sometimes found where some folks least expect it.