Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanks-grieving, 2014

If we're really, really lucky, the only thing President Obama will pardon before Thanksgiving Day will be a turkey or two.  Last week, he executively ordered enough trouble to last for years, and he did it without proper time-tested authority, and against the wishes of most legally established American citizens.

It's making the rounds that some school system curriculum teaches that the pilgrims were terrorists.  Hmm, I never realized the pilgrims were followers of radical Islam.

Sunday night, I was watching Sixty Minutes and occasionally flipped over to the American Music Awards.  What a contrast!  The popular entertainer who calls himself "Pit Bull" was apparently referencing Obama's immigration order, and I turned to the awards show just in time to hear him say, "President Obama says we can stay." 

Then I switched back to  Sixty Minutes,  featuring a segment about a team which travels to islands in the Pacific to locate, often successfully, military aircraft and the remains of crew members lost at sea during World War II.  The team, composed in fair measure of modern military veterans, takes the responsibility quite seriously.

And then I switched back to the awards show.  Now, I know I'm getting older, and it's no surprise that the world changes before my eyes with every succeeding day.  Yes, it's even normal for older folks to look upon the young as a bit too arrogant and ignorant.  However, making allowances for the obvious, just looking at some of the "artists" and a disturbing cross-section of utterly inane performances by people who probably can't even get dressed without the assistance of their handlers, I'm worried.  This illustrates the generation coming out of school ill-educated and, worse, uninspired, except for the ability to whip up stupid music with lyrics penned by idiots -- recorded imbecility doomed to be forgotten in three or four years, if that.  These, the performers and their songs, heroes of the young who worship only the young and want nothing to do with the past because they were taught that the past was wicked.  That America was always wicked.

President Obama says we can stay, proudly remarked the televised celebrity known as "Pit Bull." 

Switching back to  Sixty Minutes  and watching divers actually touching submerged U.S. fighter aircraft from WW II, a thought came to mind -- that, with all deference to Mr. Pit or Mr. Bull, whichever he prefers (and I do hope and suspect he has another name), I somehow can't imagine that those young American pilots and crew members of so long ago, roughly the same age as viewers and participants at the award show, would like to know they sacrificed their lives to save a world and a country which one day would forget and even trounce upon their efforts.

Nor would they entertain the thought that a U.S. president would serve as something renegade to the Constitution they all took an oath to defend, back when Germany and Japan threatened the world.

Those who perished in those watery graves of the Pacific would have a very difficult time attempting to understand why a president -- the commander-in-chief -- would embrace and welcome border-jumping criminals who not only came and stayed against our laws, but whom overwhelmingly have no wish to exemplify what Americans are supposed to be. 

No matter.  Mr. Pit Bull and his colleagues will continue to entertain the youthful masses who have not a clue nor a care about what they lose or trade away a little more of each and every day.  Sometimes, I wish I was too young to notice.   

Despite the obstacles -- happy Thanksgiving, everybody!