Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Most Dangerously Incompetent Show on Earth, 2014

State by state, outraged teachers and angry parents continue attempts to push the expensive Common Core boondoggle over a cliff before already at-risk student brains become further sauteed by lesson plans developed by intellectual defectives and political operatives located far, far away from their school systems.  Yes, this, even as Americans from all walks discover that Obamacare came wrapped in a pretty package containing personal economic poison.
Perhaps towering far and above any of that at the moment, however, is a fact that every American needs to know and understand right now -- President Obama and the Obama bunch are directly responsible for the cancellation of missile defense systems that were solidly intended to be built in Eastern Europe.  When Mr. Obama assumed office, he apparently wandered on in with a personal fantasy that diplomacy and kindness -- with a little bow here and there -- can tame any U.S. enemy.

How is that working out for us?  It sure as hell is working out for ol' Vlad Putin, and surely will for China, Iran, North Korea and all the usual suspects.
I remember when Khrushchev pounded his shoe on a table at the U.N.  Putin is successfully pounding both of his shoes on Obama's head, and Obama, ever the diplomat who cures all ills with a speech, responds pretty much with, thank you, but that's not right and we'll just have to do something?

As everybody's costs of living rise because of Obama's misguided energy directives, and because of regulations concocted in the dark of political night by human university-bred cockroaches scurrying to take power from the people, remember the "who."  If the military draft returns faster than you can blink, remember the "who." 

Should the time come around when lengthy prison sentences and other forms of punishment can at last be pronounced upon a gang of folks who currently believe themselves immune from their own laws and the people's outrage, simply because they cower or blunder in our names without obvious potential consequence behind impressive government nameplates -- and we're not excluding members of Congress here -- that could be a very good day for the country.