Friday, March 21, 2014

Bits and Pieces for March 2014

Every time I tap out a word on the keyboard, I have to ask myself, whose useful idiot shall I be today?  What actions otherwise innocently performed cause others to either benefit or decline?  Whom do I serve by virtue of the definitions attached to mere words, all stirred, cooked up and poured into a paragraph?  Are today and a cascade of yesterdays unworthy of the digital white space upon which they receive muse or loose interpretation?  As we use others, we, too, are used whilst drifting along the surface of a bottomless river, flush with human piranha, each emotional carnivore of many appetites resembling the other because, ultimately, they are the same, they are us, and we they.

As I stand perilously at the edge of the UFO research cliff:   The evidence, what little there was, seemed almost rock-solid, suggesting that somebody in (ala "Fantasy Island") the plane, the plane!  had messed around with vital instrumentation.  No matter -- CNN apparently decided to reinvigorate failing TV ratings by surmising that perhaps a black hole or "Bermuda Triangle" could be involved.  Hey, why not invisible aliens, or perhaps a real-life "Twilight Zone"  creature sitting on a wing, redirecting flight plans?  Arghhhhhh!  Yes, the world has changed overnight -- and the damned TV networks, taken as a whole, have done exactly what to further serious and scientific interest into UFOs and other enigmas?  Instead, we get this nonsense by the ton.

And speaking of phony journalism in the mainstream media, I wish just one -- I'm not asking much, just one -- MSM journalist attending the White House news briefing of their choice would stand up during Q & A and accuse the president and his bunch of being nothing more than liars and frauds, top to bottom, and then resign from his or her news organization.  Of course, that golden individual might want to check out alternative employment opportunities first -- but I'm pretty sure the job offers would come pouring in from sources all over the country world.  The WH news briefings are just evil scripted theater anyway, and this president puts on the best fantasy presentations when he appears on brainless TV entertainment talk shows, where no hard questions that might actually dispute the emperor's decrees dare to be asked.

The versatility of Malaysia Airlines:  Oh, for a return to the good old uncomplicated days when criminals, not a flight crew member, hijacked airplanes, and the air marshal stayed with passengers, having no necessity to hold a gun on the pilots instead.

Or are we just engaging in premature e-speculation?  To continue. . .

Just imagine, a 777 aircraft so integrated with computer technology that, that -- what is it they used to say in an era of earlier technology?  Oh, yeah  -- practically flies itself, and apparently does fly itself with a little unintended encouragement, and who needs to endure the inconvenience of infected food on a cruise ship, when you can sit back without a care in the world on an airplane while instrumentation smarter than you possesses the ability to propel your butt straight down for a refreshing deep-ocean swim?  Somehow, the missing 777 reminds me of that old 1950s TV commercial where pitch-lady Betty Furness -- and this was live TV, mind you -- appears in a commercial touting a (for then) state-of-the-art refrigerator, and suddenly discovers as she praises its advantages that the fridge door refuses to open.  Me, I'd have assured viewers that this feature simply keeps the food inside fresh and longer-lasting.

It's at least refreshing to know there was no UFO radar target accompanying the plane.  I guess.  Could'a been the fifties' Lake Superior UFO - aircraft mystery incident all over again.  Talk about creepy.

Taken together, news accounts seem to paint an aircraft functional at sea, on land and in the air --  all at the same time --  but not necessarily in that order.  Good grief, the skies are more complicated than ever. Was the craft hijacked to another country with the kind assistance of somebody amongst a few tech-oriented passengers known to be aboard?  Did the pilot or copilot pull off a suicide mission, treating passengers to a death party atmosphere (and we do mean atmosphere!) far above life-sustaining oxygen levels and time-limited oxygen masks, before plunging a doomed vessel way deep into Davy Jones' locker like a murderous knife thrust into an unsuspecting chest?  What a dilemma. Air marshals apparently aren't the answer, nor are reinforced doors locked securely enough to separate pilots from passengers.  What's next?  Perhaps clusters of armed citizens could be crammed into the pilot's cabin during flights, warding off any potential threats as a protective mass.  Bonus -- this tidy little change in air regs might also protect passengers from stressed-out pilots who decide, for religious, emotional or just what-the-hell reasons to ditch a big chunk of flaming metal and its occupants into the unforgiving deep.  If. . .if. . .you can't trust your pilot, and you can't get to your pilot to do something / anything during a moment of crisis, one might suggest air travel has become more dangerous than road rage on a busy highway.  Unless a satisfactory solution -- perhaps involving a still perfectly airworthy 777 (why didn't they just call the plane a 666?) --  is found for the Malaysian airliner incident, and unless its pilots and crew can be vindicated through evidence yet unknown, who can ever enjoy flying the formerly friendly skies again?  Will air travel's thrill become equivalent to taking two Viagra followed by an antifreeze chaser?  Drink up, gang, sky's  terrorist's hideaway's   sea's   final destination's the limit.

The times they are a changin'?   Sen. Rand Paul speaks to university students in California and receives a standing ovation?  Rand Paul?  California?  From "climate change" to the winds of change in one day. . .

Climb for success:  He wasn't a terrorist, just a 16-year-old boy whom, I suspect, saw the new World Trade Center in NY City as Mt. Everest and decided to ascend its heights.  And he did.  Trouble was, this Mt. Everest was guaranteed to be secure from terrorists and teenage boys.  I say, good for the kid.  In an era when all efforts are made to advance women to any heights they desire, boys are either being left behind or condemned for everything growing boys need to do, and when all else fails society utilizes the court system to make them into monsters, if only temporarily, until the damage is done and testosterone diluted.  You know what the crime in NY City is?  Not the boy's ill-advised action, because ultimately he's the conquering hero who showed up all the currently red faces for the phonies or incompetents they are -- and he'll probably get jail time or "public service" hours to atone for being a little 16-year-old nobody who single-handedly exposed credentialed idiots.  No, the crime wasn't the climb.  The real crime lies among city residents who may  have elected a prettied-up communist as mayor.  How's that little climb working out for taxpayers and rational minds?

Too much time on their hands:  Forget Putin and problems in Ukraine, pay no attention to a continuing lack of good jobs, ignore the continuing flood of criminaliens at the borders as border patrol agents' lives are jeopardized by regulations issued by dangerously inept university watered-and-grown intellectuals affiliated with the White House, and, by all means, overlook terrorist activities disguised as workplace violence at Fort Hood.  Clear your heads, because there are bigger fish to fry -- and it all comes down to the word, bossy.

Are we nuts?  Now, reminiscent of a cockroach infestation, progressive insects have stepped forward to blame the word, bossy for major ills holding young girls back from becoming successful.  I could spend a few paragraphs exploring this, but since banning any word really makes no sense in a rational American society -- which rarely exists anymore -- why bother?  Unfortunately, there are people -- and yes, feminists, too (I once took a college course taught by a feminist in the seventies, and she was spooky and not altogether happy that men shared space with women on the planet), up in arms about calling girls bossy.  So, you're called bossy.  So what?  Get over it and learn something in school instead of shedding tears while conjuring up 100 ways to ban a word.  Want your young ladies to be successful?  Pull 'em out of public school and substitute home schooling or legitimate charter schooling.  If you really, really think the bossy controversy is a travesty, just wait until Common Core attains proper speed (if we let it).  You'll pray for the return of both bossy and bullies.

In my day, the word "Bossy," often denoted the name of a farmer's favorite cow.  By the way.

Yoo-hoo, we see you, too!   A few senators were caught off guard and highly upset that the Obama Administration's CIA may have been spying on them.  Well, that's the pot calling the kettle hacked.  I'm not happy at all about anybody spying on us, and certainly not the CIA on Congress, but if a few U.S. senators who have done their share of dirty work in putting Americans under the digital microscope finally may have received a taste of their own bitter medicine, maybe those who sleep will awaken.

No bang-bang in the Ukraine:   As U.S. politicians on the wrong side of history continue in their quest to take guns and ammo away from our own people, just look at the freedom lovers in Ukraine, the ones who don't desire a close friendship with Putin and Russia.  If anybody needs heavy munitions, it's those folk, but they've given up so much in that line (including nukes) that they're ripe to be conquered.  After all, home-style Molotov cocktails can only take one so far.  A few days ago, one of the TV network correspondents reporting in the Ukraine interviewed a smart, fresh-faced 18-year-old boy (his first name was Yarosh or something. . .) who realized to the very core of his youth the hell his people were facing, and he was very certain about the circumstances.  I think in George Washington's time he would have been the ideal freedom fighter, so watching him was a little like going back in U.S. history.   In many parts of the U.S., unfortunately, I think we would be hard-pressed to find 20 young men as aware and ready to fight, or even recognize political evil, wherever it exists. In the meantime -- remember to  k e e p   y o u r   g u n s.  And don't forget to stockpile the ammo so's there's plenty for the whole family!  When even law enforcement personnel across the country are coming forth and warning of Second Amendment infringements passed by legislature morons, legislation which they have no desire (and sometimes have avowed no intention) to enforce, you know wrong is just plain wrong.  Keep those guns and ammo -- don't beg to become America's version of Ukraine's neutered dog.

Speaking of neutered, remember that President Obama made the decision not to install missile defense shields anywhere near Putin's Eastern European neighborhood.  And just years later, here we are.  But Obama, he does deliver a good speech, yes?  He feels confident about solving every horror with a speech.  He takes no responsibility for this new baby's birth, of course.  Russia's dictator, America's dictator. . .

Will the military draft return?  How could it not?  Active duty personnel are tired to the bone, having endured multiple deployments.  I know there's no "buzz" out there, but if I were you, ages maybe 18 to 26, I wouldn't get too comfy surfing the Internet 20 hours a day, feeling secure that no military authorities can tap you on the shoulder, offer heartfelt greetings and then whisk you away.  Lower downside:  No escaping to Canada (per the Vietnam Era) this time because agreements to block this popular escape route for draftees were arranged long ago.

And while it may be more essential than ever to have high school students in top shape to defend their country someday -- if they even know they have a country -- committees of school board morons and legislative election hopefuls meet to ban anything on the athletic field which might cause injury, tears or booing & hissing among spectators.  Damn, I'm actually starting to gain increasing respect for school bullies -- they'll be the only remnants of toughness left in the USA.

Trans-gendered Military:  Gay military personnel have and will continue to perform well in the military, but even I need to draw a line on allowing trans-gendered folk in.  For one thing, the idea is supported by B. Clinton's former surgeon general J. Elders, enough said.  Beyond that, trans-gendered people can have more than the usual adaptive and emotional hurdles with which they deal every day.  When push comes to shove -- or shoot -- in a war situation, I'm not sure that those carrying the baggage that comes with a lifetime of such problems can perform adequately.  Unless one's personal hostility, anger and frustration can be converted into a "killing machine."  Acceptance among one's fellow soldiers may be a substantial obstacle as well, to say the least, and without a cohesive unit you have a problematic entity during combat.

Brain freeze in the man-made global warming weather shed:  Official members of the International Chicken Little Society (not a real society, but should be) continue pulling their feathers out in a sweat, while rational folk need only pay attention when weather forecasters routinely say things such as "biggest snowfall since 1932" or "longest period of sustained cold weather since 1959."  Well, I made up the dates, but the very fact that dates are almost always given, indicating a precedent, indicates again and again that weather extremes are normal and recurrent.  Been there, done that.   I suspect an expanding abundance of people opening up more land area exaggerates effects already present to one degree or another.
Bill Gates defends Common Core and people continue to hate it.  Maybe I'm the one with a problem.  I don't remember anybody electing Gates to public office to plot out your kids' education, and certainly not to the surprising, nevertheless almost draconian level we're starting to observe.  Yep, I'm old and I'm out of touch and apparently I just don't get it -- and till death I'll remain confident that a world rebuilt upon a foundation of computer components, Pac-Man and his advancing digital family is a world ripe for destruction and lives thrown into utter chaos.  Everybody thinks he or she is Captain Kirk and solutions coming down the digital turnpike will set us free.  To paraphrase from Ed Murrow, good night and good luck goodbye. I know what we are.