Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hope and (Climate) Change

This time, it was Secretary of State John Kerry's turn to stand up before the world and imitate Klaatu, warning the world of Killer Weather.  Unfortunately, neither Gort the enforcer nor Klaatu's spacecraft were anywhere to be found, thus depriving us of true sci-fi drama.

Did anybody ask the old folks, those alive long enough to remember impressive winter snowfalls and brutal subzero temperatures, why none of this may be worth the blink of an eye?  Trouble is, the oldies are dying off and young people unacquainted with nature's snow / ice wrath have fewer elderly "historians" around to set them straight about "climate change," a.k.a. global warming, a.k.a. the sky is falling. 

Isn't it interesting how some among the scientific community will scream and cry about climate incidents, yet these represent the same breed who ridiculed and blocked attempts at legitimate UFO investigations for decades?  Despite mountains of evidence, UFOs were a joke -- but far from inconclusive evidence regarding the human role in "climate change" simply causes them to assume an all-knowing mask of authority.  There is no more debate, they say, the man-made climate evidence is all in.  There is no debate about UFOs, the evidence just isn't there.

Meanwhile, President Obama attempts another shakedown of American taxpayers, insisting upon a billion dollars to fight global warming -- oops, I mean climate change -- and one doubts that even this pathetic Congress will loosen the purse strings to placate this White House fraud. The climatic factors which continued to help shape this planet's mood since its very inception will continue to please, disappoint, build or destroy, despite the politically energized chants of fools, frauds and pseudo-science.  There is no end-of-debate consensus among science as a whole.

And while Mr. Obama and his regulating minions work tirelessly to carve up our rights more to their liking and assure that all things domestic of any value are controlled by government, the world burns.  We seem to have gone all out to make friends of enemies and enemies of friends.  As Putin strengthens his grip on the Ukraine, now erupting in full force, and while Venezuela and Thailand blow up internally, our weak U.S. president says little, does virtually nothing to help our true international friends, and instead proceeds with domestic bullying under the guise of hope, change and fundamental transformation.  Oh, not to forget lies couched as truth.  Can you say Marxist revolutionary?

The Internal Revenue Service reflects such beauty at this time of year, no?  To paraphrase from a popular credit card advertisement, Who's in your wallet?  Poor things, we sure hope IRS high-rollers can tear themselves away from stomping on Tea Party hopefuls and taking the Fifth long enough to grab an extra share of honest folks' money so the Obama wild bunch can continue to redistribute the wealth and pay for progressive wet dreams favored by both wild-eyed Democrats and the increasingly irrelevant GOP. 

Outrage in and of the State of Massachusetts?  What the hell is going on in Massachusetts?  You can find the story on the Web, but there’s a 15-year-old girl, reportedly with mitochondrial disease, swept up in the medical and legal system, allegedly taken (kidnapped?) from her parents, who were only seeking her best medical care at the Boston Children’s Hospital.  In fact, it’s reported that her medical condition has worsened as everybody plays hush-up (including some among the local media) and certain doctors may have screwed up big time.  Supposedly involved in this mess are that hospital, physicians, Harvard University, the Dept. of Children and Families, and the State of Massachusetts.  The father, placed under a gag order a year ago, finally decided to speak out via Glenn Beck’s program, and other news sources (ABC News has touched upon this also), and for that he is now threatened with jail and fines – a family already devastated financially and emotionally by the state now faces this?  If things are as portrayed, there are medical “professionals,” state officials and perhaps others in very high places who ultimately deserve lengthy prison terms and loss of licenses.  Looks a whole bunch like a coven of oh-so-proper folk dug a rather large hole for themselves and everybody is trying to cover their butts.  Before the dad is jailed and shut up forever, and before his daughter dies, we hope somebody remembers what this country and justice were intended to be.  Should these assertions be accurate, the Massachusetts situation is one more national nightmare.  Check out: should you wish to donate after reading more about the case elsewhere.  The question has been poised in conjunction with all of this:  How much power does Harvard wield and who's afraid (or should be) of that big bad wolf?