Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Twilight Zone" Preferable to Lie-Right Zone

As Washington runs amuck with spending gone berserk and undeserving bureaucrats anchored like potted plants with roots of steel, one wonders, one begs to know how to convince a sleeping populace to wake up and smell the corruption.  It sure isn't happening as long as the mainstream media keeps folks' ocular function attached to TV screens with eye candy superglue administered from the progressive left and the progressive right.

How authoritarian has the government become?  If you don't know by now, you may never know.  If -- the truly -- conservative politicians and radio talk show hosts can warn us all for years about the Affordable Care Act's hidden dangers and impending damages to constitutional rights, yet few in society care enough to educate themselves about the implications to our society, then some among us deserve what they get.  Bon voyage, Obamacare, bon voyage, Titanic. . .

Gotta admit, even the twists, turns and quirks in TV's "The Twilight Zone" at least made sense in some far-out manner.  Now we just get The Lie-Right Zone from those in power, as the middle class continues a dive destined to leave only the powerful and the not-so standing.

Meanwhile, this weekend Senator Charles much-too-long-in-office Schumer of NY was out there pitching the ghost of Hillary Clinton for president.  I say ghost because the Hillary he touts seems like pure political ectoplasm, with  little relationship to the Hillary we really know.  In recent days folks have had to hold their noses when told about Hillary Clinton's exceptional accomplishments as Secretary of State, when we all know she and Obama did little in the Middle East but blunder along and help light the fires of radical Islam for our true enemies.  The tragic albatross of Benghazi, Libya should perch firmly on her shoulders forever, certainly promising no ascension to the presidential throne.

Because Congress, and most assuredly the presidency, are all locked up with special interest groups and, too often, public frivolity, we logically ask -- who remains to speak for us, we the people?  Whistle blowers, apparently.  Looks like the NSA (remember just a few years ago when nobody would even admit to its existence, in the spirit of the "invisible" Area 51?) is far less popular than Snowden now, thanks to its own policy.

When you think of a government out of control, remember the name, Audrey Hudson.  Read about her ordeal online, but the pertinent information involves the feds, with other law enforcement assistance, entering this journalist's home one fine morning and, among other matters, absconding with her personal notes regarding, it seems, embarrassing (or worse) details about air marshals and Homeland Security.  There were several implied layers to this incident, but this additional example of big government tracking down members of the press and keeping tabs on their contacts should chill every American to the bone.  Who will save us?  Technology?  Hell, no, digital technology imprisons the human spirit more each day, not because it's inherently evil, but because big government is inherently evil and has virtually endless means to harness technology and use it against the rest of us. 

So here we are, and how did we get here?  If one is a journalist now, I guess you have to hide your notes at some nameless and unknown friend's house, as if you were hiding Anne Frank herself from humans gone wild.  If one has firearms, seems you're better off securing undocumented guns and ammo someplace where "they" will never think to look -- but, of course, technology's wonders allow few such locations or options.  What to do?  Shake your fist to the sky and blame The Cloud?  Clouds of the digital realm always maintain the electronic right to bring storms.

Hey China, nice map of places, lots of places, in the United States where those commie comedians promise  they can take us out with nuclear bombs.  But who cares about that when primarily leftist legislators across the country are focused upon crushing the Second Amendment whilst King Obama himself continues to purge the U.S. military of generals and the like who apparently just don't measure up -- make that down -- to his political views.

But, to quote Hillary's all-purpose excuse, what difference does it make?  Obama.  And Marx?  Marxist?  What's that?  You mean Groucho, the high school and college kids ask?  Yeah, that's right, Groucho Marx.  Funny man, wasn't he?  And remember Zeppo and Harpo?  I wonder if Common Core teaches kids that these were the Marxists?   Wouldn't expect anything less.

Horror at LAX.  Another day, another shooting, another death.  Another wish on my part that the airport terminal had been crawling with enough personal and legal civilian firepower  to mow this freak down before he could get to the trigger.  Instead, we're likely due for more blather from the media and leftist governors who hate guns and therefore hate you for having guns, period.

About that Affordable Care Act -- Admit it, now some of your unaware friends "get" Ted Cruz's little filibuster over Obamacare's terrors, don't they?  While damned nearly every national TV "news" outlet worked hard to dismiss Cruz by showing only that little blurb of him reading from Green Eggs and Ham, they ignored hours and hours of his brilliant observations and commentary on a host of issues, just to keep us off track.  Strange how some in the media wear a different face now -- undoubtedly a temporary condition, as they and the Obama gang strive to reconnect and reconstruct a brave Obama-friendly face for News at Eleven.

Scientists suggest that our Milky Way alone contains 8.8 billion suns, many with planetary systems similar to ours.  Source of UFOs?  Maybe.  And more than likely class action lawyers, annoying neighbors, infinite political campaigns and employed creatures who neglect to wash their tentacles after using toilet facilities at galactic restaurants.  And dog poop, everywhere, dog poop.

The Justin Bieber latest:  Sorry, I just can't let Bieber news alone, mainly because I keep counting down the hours until the world tires of his flash-in-the-pan existence in the world of celebrity and moves on to another tingling sensation of the moment.  This time around, Bieber was observed and photographed leaving a foreign brothel with, allegedly, a couple of the establishment's ladies.  Let's see. . .hmm. . .that would make three of a kind, wouldn't it?  Anyway, if Canada had installed its own brothels throughout the country, perhaps JB would have remained in Canada and never sung a note or endangered lives by speeding in the USA as he instead "toured" his own nation.  Five years from now, his music will be looked upon as something equally laughable with Obama's If you like (fill in the blank) you can keep it.