Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bits and Pieces for November 2013

(Illustration from the Web, posted here because it reminds me of appropriate greetings for a certain president and his wife, once the public finally realizes the extent of their negative contributions and the cost of their extravagant vacations to the nation.  Remember kids, as you and your currently powerless and defeated teachers suffer through "Common Core" foolishness in public school, that  Marxists, socialists and other frauds are people, too.)

Forget about endless repetitions of, "If you like your. . .blah, blah, blah. . .you can keep it."  Yes, our president lied his face off, but what's new?  Just imagine his team's work behind the scenes, fundamentally transforming our rights like diseased rats chewing up electrical wires and infrastructure behind a wall. 

A growing number of Americans realize the national decay we're infected with until the 2016 elections offer at least a minimal cure.  But don't forget about 2014, because congressional elections demand a different mantra -- making sure every voter in the country understands the significance of the fact that each and every vote in favor of "Obamacare" in the House of (alleged) Representatives was cast by a Democrat.   "Mooooooo," the herd was rumored to say in response to allegations that there was nothing remotely partisan about this travesty, incorporating leftovers from "Hillary Care" and likely decades of  wish-list medical legislation prepared by progressives and other communist-lovin' special interest groups just waiting for the chance to pounce. 

Meanwhile. . ."self-insured" businesses fight to keep the reasonable self-alternatives, even as Obama's minions strive to destroy this option, attacking like flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.

Veterans Day with the president.  The very fraud-in-chief whose gang tried to keep World War II vets away from their memorial in D.C. during the government shutdown which was perpetrated by himself, helpful Harry and the Senate appeared as nothing but a giant phony as he spoke and praised vets on Veterans Day.  As a Vietnam Era veteran, allow me to reiterate the obvious and express with no doubts whatsoever that this prez wouldn't know how to appreciate active duty military personnel or veterans if the ability to do so was infused into his breakfast cereal, or whatever he eats in the morning.  Meanwhile, while a growing number of rational heads in the USA consider whether Mr. Obama should be impeached. . .

Egypt wants to put Obama on trial as a terrorist.  Our president's brother is already in deep trouble for supporting and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and Egypt blames B.O. himself for interfering in Egypt via his own support of the Muslim B., resulting in terror and death due to the Big Man's support of Morsi & thugs incorporated.  The efforts of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have done nothing in the Middle East except inflame all sides, so one might be inclined to tell Egypt, whether in person or in absentia, let the Obama trials begin.  Maybe the Egyptians can get what we can't get here in our own courts.

Good going, not, John Kerry.  So what was that all about, those seedy secret negotiations with Iran, pretty much allowing Iran to procure pretty much whatever nuclear ingredients it desired, giving them the store and the rest of us nothing of consequence?  No wonder Israel went nuts upon learning the details.  Fortunately, France intervened (France?  What the. . .?) and Iran bowed out of an agreement for the moment -- likely because they continue to prop up their nuke war program and lying their butts off.

I know, I know, I know, I know -- but something in me boils when I see U.S. Marines and other members of our military playing cleanup in the Philippines and other places around the world when disasters occur.  Or to be more specific -- these fine men and women did not sign up and take an oath to be international janitors and delivery boys.  Let the damned nearly useless U.N. handle these matters and tell our global president to remember why our Armed Forces exist. . .or what's left of them, under this presidential fraud.  Were I on active duty right now, I think I'd be biting my own foot to maintain control.  I wonder how many military suicides have some, even some small connection, to the White House pretender's gutting of Armed Forces' abilities, rules, cohesiveness and man/woman power?   Less diplomacy and more expert toughness is required in today's world, especially with Chinese communists embracing their military muscle even more.

Thought for the Day:  The Tea Party folks are not the revolutionaries we need to worry about, and, indeed, they could end up taking back the conservative components of the constipated and ineffectual Republican Party.  The radical and/or mentally unstable revolutionaries surrounding our president are the demons which truly comprise the eye of a very current and nightmarish national hurricane.

Impeachment festival?  Efforts are underway in the House to impeach attorney general Eric Holder over several issues.  This isn’t likely to go anywhere when it reaches the Senate, Inc., but as long as the mood is impeachment, don’t stop with Holder.  There are plenty of fish to fry in the sea of corruption.

As the usual gang of power brokers and corrupt politicians forge ahead with immigration "reform," and I'm thinking that prison terms may be called for here among those folks, it's not out of the question to expect that terrorist elements within our borders can hardly wait for the day when "legal" becomes license to operate more openly and with less interference from law enforcement. 

Why is it?  Why is it that physicians and other health care workers face some troubled times under the Affordable Care Act, yet the legislative lawyers at various levels who helped draft this mess and put it into effect get off scot free?  Where is tort reform?  Where is the Affordable Attorney Act? 

If "Obamacare" has taught us anything, it is yet another indication that powerful forces are hell bent on enslaving our privacy to the nanny computer.  At this point, how do you wake the kids up and convince them that the wonderment and ease of digital technology is a friend destined to become their enemy?  It's just a matter of time, with big government's help.

A final word:  If the escalating costs of enrollment in Obamacare -- either to participants or to taxpayers who eventually have to shoulder state-based Medicaid costs -- aren't enough, just wait until Obama's "green" regulations on domestic energy production go into effect.  Coal plants and any other energy source deemed un-green by this clueless intellectual maniac are already on notice, and Obama's efforts can only result in expensive energy price spikes.  The president who promised that energy prices must "necessarily skyrocket" aims to fulfill his prophecy -- or maybe the word is commandment.  The eleventh.