Monday, November 18, 2013

Captain Obama and his Ship of Fools

Illustration:  Misc. from the Web.  An appropriate alternative to Obamacare ?

It seemed as though the movie, Groundhog Day returned to theaters last week when some among the more daring news sources dug out an old sound bite of Hillary Clinton discussing "Hillarycare," the ancestor to "Obamacare."  And what did the queen-by-association of Benghazi promise years ago?  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  If you like your insurance company, you can keep your insurance company.  Deja vu for you

There can be little doubt that thousands of pages of health care legislation began their journey decades ago, scripted in a single version for the progressive Democrat-of-the-moment.  Hillary then, Obama now.  Next?  Republican progressives?

Initially, major insurance companies lapped Obamacare up like mother’s milk, planning on millions of customers and mega-millions of dollars.  Not happening at the moment.  Sign-ups are successful, however – well, if signing up for state taxpayer-funded Medicaid can be considered a success.

You young folk who still cling to the cool, youthful, he's just like me image of Obama -- while the "Common Core" agenda-driven education system infiltrates and progressively alters the thinking brain cells of your brothers and sisters, with more than a little help from financial "contributions" from Microsoft and etc. -- need to experience a wake-up shock and realize that you're the poor bastards expected to pay big time for the mess currently known as Obamacare.  But now that this power-grabbing calamity is breaking apart upon the rocks of common sense, clearer minds can only hope that the health care system becomes funded instead by intensive American competition across state lines.  The way this country is supposed to function.  Of course, help those who need help, but let the rest pay reasonable insurance rates and not the monster prices lurking just over Obama's increasingly troubled horizon.

Somehow predictable, it seems, to now find Senator John McCain calling for repeal of  Obamacare, when he was among the first just a few weeks ago to condemn with some very unkind words Senator Ted Cruz's plea and filibuster intended to de-fund this mess.  Six words for you in 2016, Republicans:  Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul.  More than likely, however, the GOP will strive to choose another losing candidate, and uninformed voters with nothing better to do than relieve the boredom of their lives by diverting their attention to polling places, just to get out of the house, clueless about anything but familiar names on the ballot, will continue to return the worst of the worst to Congress.

Meanwhile, House Democrats in interesting numbers appear to be abandoning the hard-line Obamacare love boat like -- we'll be kind and say lemmings -- deserting a sinking ship.  Isn't that fascinating, considering that House votes for this obvious Hindenberg disaster plan were 100 percent Democrat, period, end of story?

Meningitis at Princeton U.  A rare form, you say, Meningitis-B?  May I suggest -- isn't globalization wonderful?  We bring in or, worse, carelessly allow in more Third World people than ever and wonder why unusual diseases just pop up out of nowhere.  It should be abundantly clear by now that this government has aided in littering a once-spectacular nation with immigrants, legal and illegal, who have no intention of becoming true Americans and giving up the horrible lives from which they supposedly escaped in other countries.  Used to be when you came to America you wanted to assimilate and become an American.  No more.  Just look around at the cesspool, as community after community begins to look more like the United Nations gone wild.  The "melting pot" thermostat is set on boil and legal immigrants who truly love the United States continue to rise up little by little, often anonymously and sometimes in fear, and warn that our nation is becoming many of the bad and oppressive things they abandoned and ran from in lands far away.  And the border-jumping criminal aliens from just about any place on the globe?  Common sense dictates that we thank them for disease and illness previously unknown in the U.S.   Did this particular bacteria travel across borders?  We may or may never know, but its very existence and proliferation is frightening nonetheless.  Assume the worst as a precaution.

Trouble is, when you're young you often tend to feel like a superhero, invulnerable to attack from anything, especially perilous diseases or Obamacare, either of which can infect some part of your body or your bank account before you even know it.

So, youse intellectually deprived or deceived folks doing all that Ivy League learnin' at Princeton -- remember to stay progressively liberal so's you can anticipate more of the same, next time.  We wish a good and speedy recovery for the ill, but ya gotta remember that the importation or utter disregard of invasive Third World politics and hitchhiking organisms can be dangerous to one's health.  It's a freakin' small world after all -- and you need to fear it with your very life.

Fantastic plastic:   Whenever NY Senator Charles Schumer runs to the forefront to ban something, you just know much of the time that he's spoiling somebody's day across the nation.  This time it's plastic guns, easily produced via those 3-D printers currently exploding in popularity.  For one thing, plastic guns -- as deadly and frequently illegal as the "real" device -- are supposed to contain a metal portion so they can be screened by airport x-ray machines or the like, but apparently those in the know remove all metal in advance, thus rendering the weapon invisible to multi-million dollar technology (that is, Pac-Man's  digital offspring are foiled again). 

What this means in the United States, like it or not, is that at last everybody down to a three-year-old can now enjoy every thread of the Second Amendment and possess a handgun (and more) in full violation of progressive laws across the land.  The plastic genie is now fully out of the lamp, and public servants (that is, people who wish for the public to serve their whims) such as Schumer are in a tizzy, scribbling out proposed legislation faster than Chicken Little warning that the sky is falling. 

The plastic weapons issue is a nightmare, no doubt, but we've really reached the point where penning legislation to halt technology in its tracks is simply a waste of time, every bit as wasteful as continuing to keep Congress in Washington -- subject to continuous lobbyist payoffs -- when all representatives could easily remain in their home states and telecommute, thus saving taxpayers some real money.  But Schumer, obviously unhappy unless involved in a photo-op or regulating American lives with his progressive buddies, perseveres like the battery bunny.  Unfortunately for the regulation-minded among us, gun production instructions have already been downloaded from the Internet in great volume, and that's no accident.  To paraphrase from the military -- shoot 'em if you got 'em.

Just sitting here, wondering if I've forgotten anything today.  Oh, yeah. . .

Impeach, impeach, impeach, then prison.  Guess that's it for today. . .