Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guns, UFOs & Chaos Palpable in One Second or Less

In the sixties, I fired the M-16 on an Air Force rifle range.  In years since, I've done very little shooting and I don't hunt.  Personal protection, of course, is another matter for most folks.

You haven't heard all the reasons why we should maintain personal firepower at its current level -- reasons why we should keep the guns and ammo coming, without taxation, without prejudice for the law-abiding. Yes, guns.  That's correct, semi-automatic weapons for the people.  For you and for your teenagers.  For your protection.  As we've mentioned previously, the Second Amendment is not about hunting.  It is about being prepared for all the things we hope never happen. 

No, I'm not poised to bombard you with conspiratorial nonsense or UFO theories -- but I am going to start out with an aspect of UFO events well-documented in the literature, and we'll wrap this all neatly together in the end as we suggest a possible future emergency.  No, for today's entry UFOs aren't involved, but UFO history matters.  It has a bearing on that other reason to keep extraordinary armaments around the house, and more appropriately, around the neighborhood.  I say, keep your weapons, and let's not have new regulations allowing the feds to record every gun in your house.  Anyway. . .

As usual, I'm writing this from memory because I've no Internet access at the moment and (ditto as usual) my print references are unavailable.  However, as I recall it was 1957 in or near Levelland, Texas when several car engines and their electrical systems failed during an early morning UFO encounter, and all systems returned to normal after UFO departure.  The Levelland incidents were important particularly because these are some of the earliest instances of possible UFO energy interference noted in the literature -- though they are hardly unique.

In fact, numerous cases of apparently close-approach, UFO-related automobile and aircraft electrical interference and home / neighborhood power failures are on record.  In this respect, Spielberg's movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" drew from evidence, not fiction.

During the great Northeast U.S. power failure of November 9, 1965, I and other researchers stayed busy speaking with and taking written reports from hundreds of witnesses, who remained certain they had witnessed UFO activity in several states as the blackout occurred, throwing millions into evening darkness.  Every few years, witnesses from that frenzied time still turn up.  Should you wonder about the seriousness of the UFO issue in relation to the blackout, please consult the Internet, where you can easily find testimony before Congress by the late atmospheric physicist and UFO investigator, Dr. James E. McDonald (a visit to nicap.org would also be helpful via its search engine and free download online book section).

The late author John G. Fuller wrote about UFO-related power problems as well, a phenomenon known throughout the world, and when UFO activity picked up during periods in the 1960s and seventies, strange objects were often seen hovering near power lines and other energy sources as areas were plunged into darkness, or electrical equipment and TVs experienced profound interruptions in operation.

In the distant past, I wrote articles for national publications suggesting that sound waves -- ultrasonics -- could be responsible for such activity and loss, and indeed ultrasound is not out of the question (though the late former NASA scientist Paul R. Hill took me to task a bit in his book, and I'm perfectly happy that he did because I'm in no way an expert regarding sound; on the other hand, the ultrasound article I initially wrote for The A.P.R.O. Bulletin was reviewed by a scientist and that one found my ideas plausible).  However, purely from historical observation I'm really forced to embrace the idea that close encounter UFO interference may primarily involve electromagnetic effects.  The organization NICAP investigated and published such cases decades ago.  And this is where I exit the UFO discussion, because we've finally reached the words that count.  Electromagnetic effects.

For decades UFO researchers were familiar with the term, electromagnetic effects -- but only in recent years has everybody on the street become acquainted with the term EMP, abbreviation for electromagnetic pulsation, and most specifically an EMP refers to an electromagnetic pulsation device.  The very words fill government security experts with terror, and should.  EMP is very much a human invention and there is no reason to look for extraterrestrial origins or something light years beyond prosaic sources.

It might only take a specially equipped aircraft, or more likely a high-altitude missile to deliver an explosive EMP charge which effectively destroys anything and everything digital for miles around -- or much further, as there are hardly limits.   Automobile and aircraft computer systems, zapped forever.  No cell phones, no cell towers, no iPads, no TVs, no games, no water delivery or electricity.  Energy systems everywhere within wide range would go down, and unless and until the computer components can be restored all goes and stays silent.  Instant electronic trash by millions of units.  Hospitals, police & fire digital communication -- everything, wiped out.  Military communication -- ghost land.  In that worst case scenario, people would survive the EMP (unless something deadly nuclear or ??? accompanied the shock wave), but might indeed wish themselves dead because they would essentially be thrown back a century or two at the snap of an EMP finger.  Unlike those UFO incidents mentioned above, these EM effects are permanent.

So, suppose the worst.  Everybody becomes instantly vulnerable.  Food will run out and water may be scarce.  Tempers will flare.  Cities will erupt in chaos after just a few days.  Many of us will become monsters in our panic and rage, and killers and diseases will proliferate.  National borders may largely become unprotected -- and who knows what outsiders will cross into the United States, taking full opportunity to inflict damages unknown?

There may be revolution and utter anarchy for a while.  Or longer.  There may be no good choices, only the best of the worst.  Locally?  Nationally?  Globally?

Well, you know where this is going.  If this extremely likely event occurs -- and even I, as a layman who simply blogs about things in my head, believe it's more a tentative case of when, not if -- our society will need big, bad, scary guns, all varieties, to stay safe against whatever enemies, within or without, who wish to claim and demolish what's left of our lives.  We in the USA are almost unique with our ability to tell the government to leave our guns alone for the most part, and more than ever it may be essential and, indeed, urgent to keep what we have and stock up with more guns and ammo.  At what point can we not even trust our government?  I trust our military, but some of our leaders seem to have real anti-Constitution, evil intentions toward individual freedoms on their minds.  You probably know some of the names, and most of these "gun control" cowards or ill-advised agenda-mad dolts crusade "for the children."  Bull crap.  They hide behind children to pass their agendas.  The dead children and adults in Newtown became leftist political pawns even before their bodies left the school. Witness the president and his televised pleas for legislation serving only to paint a target on law-abiding Americans.

What to do?  You might call or write your Congressional offices and tell them that the EMP threat is real, you feel concerned, and our society needs its firearms for any eventuality arising out of an EMP disaster.  Always remember -- the Second Amendment is not about hunting, and government officials intent upon sweeping that little truth aside while they try to control us and gain more power know it very well.  They, not we, are currently the raging paranoid influence, but that’s not how Americans are painted on this government’s radar screen.

THE ONLY THING MISSING WAS GORT:  I watched as little as possible of President Obama's re-occupation ceremonies, and I must say he's enjoyed immense success to date by maintaining his position as Impeachment-in-Waiting-in-Chief.  One continues to hope that common sense particles fall out of the sky and infect a significant portion of the U.S. population, and in the meantime I’ll continue to entertain my obviously irrational fear that this man surrounds himself and the White House with some very bad people: His friends and advisers.

He began to speak, and infatuated crowds below roared with excitement, hungry for more.  Utilizing the authoritative -- authoritarian -- voice the nation has come to know as a symbol of his arrogance, and self-knowledge that he knows what's best via Executive Order, he seemed much like Klaatu, ready to board a spaceship with Gort and leave the planet after warning and threatening the world of horrors unknown if we refuse to shape up and pay up in ways he thinks best.  Climate change, guns, immigration and -- and for the longest time the crowds before him resembled residents of a third world country being lectured by a dictator, cheering him on as his words all but guaranteed they and their descendants will be paying off the debts he incurs, with the help of a disturbingly willing Congress, for decades to come.  Yes, his speech clearly demonstrated that Obama believes in representative government. . . as long as he's the person representing it. 

Sooner or later, I wonder if this president and his merry band of misadventure socialists are going down politically, either through historical references or -- more appropriately -- by way of the legal system, via their own actions, before the next presidential election.  The only thing propping up this bunch is an incredibly masterful public relations factory of deception.  Dunno, maybe we should build extra prisons now, though a Congress already littered with potential inmates might be a tad reluctant to pony up the funds.

IT'S A (DIRTY) GREEN WORLD AFTER ALL:  News reports indicate that the mob in Italy is heavily connected with the alternative energy "industry," and all the wrong people are becoming fabulously rich with fraudulent schemes.  So if they're called the mob in Italy, what do we call wealthy U.S. proponents of failed alternative energy scams which seem to have proliferated like mold under the Obama Administration?  Yes, some of the names are familiar, but what's the designation?  Maybe enviro-thugs.

ABOUT PHIL MICKELSON WHO GOLFS AND DOES OTHER THINGS ALIEN TO ME:  Good for him, too bad he apologized about his California tax comments.  Everybody's taxes are too high, and this Administration's determination to vampire-suck tax money in great quantity from the wealthy  is a disgrace -- one that can't help but eventually filter down to the rest of us as this bunch spends, spends and spends.  Obama needs to learn a lesson from the former president of France, who deserted his own country (!) to settle in England because taxes are considerably less -- as actor Gerard Depardieu (which I can't spell either, because I'm not near the Web right now) left France and moved to Russia (!!!) because of the French tax burden.  In the USA, watch not only for a significant number of the wealthy to leave, but the "brain drain" will intensify as this calculating leadership rushes to pursue more taxes -- and consequential third world standards -- and unwittingly assures profound unemployment among a burgeoning national population of illegals-turned-honored-guests who can neither read nor write nor problem-solve, nor care to learn how.

EXCUSE MY CONFUSION WITH THIS INTRUSION, BUT it appears we can send F-16s, tanks and a couple of billion dollars to Egypt for the Muslim Brotherhood to feast upon and perhaps use for violent purposes, but Obama and his cult won't trust the American people with the Second Amendment and their own guns without significant changes.  I guess that shows which side his bread is buttered on, as they used to say on the farm.  Has the word impeachment ever taken up so much space in your head that you can almost taste it?

HILLARY CLINTON ON STAGE:  It was a long time coming, but after a concussion, a blood clot and just maybe drama class 101, Hillary Clinton testified before Congress regarding Benghazi and four American deaths that never should have happened.  Her tears would have been more convincing if not for the fact that at least one family member of one of the dead hadn't already emphasized previously that his encounter with Hillary was actually quite cold -- and not the emotion-filled tear-jerker she seemed to weave before Congress.  In fact, the family member said much the same about his brief meeting with the president at the same time, as bodies were returned to the U.S. And doesn't this president just seem light years away from the Benghazi mess by now?  Extremely interesting was the fact that the hearing was quickly ended when a Republican representative from Texas asked the all-important question, why was the ambassador where he was in Benghazi?  What was he doing?  Anyway, Hillary's success as secretary of state is more than visible in the "Arab Spring" disaster as it continues to spread from country to country, and it's kind of hard to see what international good resulted from her puff piece as secretary because the USA is still hated and endangered by the world's thugs.  Benghazi?  We don't know much more than we knew before.  And I've a feeling that the people of Egypt, currently taking to the streets violently because they know what's coming under the Muslim Brotherhood, aren't quite so thankful to the Obama Admin or Hillary Clinton.  Speaking of Mr. Morsi, one wonders if the Egyptian people, betrayed in every way, will reach common ground with the police and just give the man a necktie party.  You can’t dig your way out of an Islamo-fascist rat hole with a shovel of diplomacy – a lesson Obama’s State Department either cannot or will not learn.

PARDON ME, BUT DID WE SAY THUGS?  It looks more and more as though Syria should be left alone by everybody because the "freedom fighters" appear entrenched with some very bad people (wave hello-o-o-o-o, Al Qaeda) whose potential rule would be even more disastrous for the people.  Russia may be right, this time -- let the Syrian government triumph.  Meanwhile, just days after North Korea seemed to be tilting a tad diplomatically to the West, its young ruler now attacks like a mad dog, vowing that the U.S. is North Korea's bitter enemy and assures our destruction via its increasingly worrying nuclear bomb capabilities.  Watch our -- new -- secretary of state try to be reasonable and offer mega-tons of food or some taxpayer-draining compromise, which will be gratefully accepted until it's actually delivered, at which time we'll be threatened to the core as the whole familiar cycle starts all over again.  Our good buddies in China need to adjust the N. Korean leash, if they can stop hacking into our computers and stealing copyrighted things long enough to devote their attention in this direction.

PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRATIONS OF THE RICH AND FOOLISH:  By the time the presidential elections of 2016 roll around, cool heads on the Republican side are sure to run recordings of Hillary saying, "What difference does it make?" at the Benghazi hearing, should she attempt running for prez.  One might also expect that recorded visions of NY Governor, and quite possibly megalomaniac, Andrew Cuomo shouting like a crazy person as he publicly shreds the Second Amendment -- while simultaneously promising to make New York the most progressive state in the country -- will also be played by the other side.  It will be interesting to see if some of the radical political leftists come out of hiding to proclaim, as we've recently observed in news reports, that the U.S. Constitution just doesn't measure up anymore.  Hmm.

JAKE TAPPER IN THE WILD:  I'm really late in mentioning this, but I find it intriguing that Tapper, now at CNN, jumped ship at ABC right after daring to throw Obama a logical and ego-destroying question about gun violence at a press conference.  Tapper, about whom I wrote in an addendum to my older blog entry re the "balloon boy" incident, "Jake Tapper, thank you for being you," always impressed me as one of a very few current TV journalists who actually do the work and hold the promise for future integrity in reporting.  Good luck to 'im.

THE TWO MILLION DEGREE ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM:  Once again, a contingent of real scientists seems to be looking up toward the sun while in contemplation of climate change, unlike our president and other world leaders (and those Italian mob people, of course) who are hell bent upon blaming human interaction with the earth for everything appearing to go climate-bonkers.  I'm still betting on the sun, too.   Trouble is, if the sun causes these troublesome cycles in large part, nobody's going to get their little hands on the 12-14 or so trillion dollars suggested to somehow combat climate change evils.  I'm not the world's brightest bulb in any respect, but it's an embarrassment to live, not during an industrial revolution, but instead during a dumb-ass revolution.  Their influence is everywhere, and the path begins in Washington, D.C.

WOMEN IN COMBAT (OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE):  Not really anxious to get into this, but okay, tell you what:  Forget basic training and the obstacle course -- if you ladies can survive the thrills and brutality of a "blanket party" thrown by all the guys in the military barracks, maybe you're qualified.  Yes, I have a personal experience with a blanket party (for the uninformed, willing participants amaze and surprise you by throwing a blanket over your head and body and then you get pummeled), as do many military personnel through the ages.  But to add a little sobriety here, it all depends upon whether women can carry the wounded and other heavy objects during combat, and I've heard pro and con comments from both men and women who have served.  In any event, I look forward to neither American military men nor women being taken hostage by sub-animal cockroach radical Islamists.

SPEAKING OF THAT PARTICULAR ASPECT OF ISLAM  I'm not surprised at all that "alleged" Fort Hood murderer Major/Dr Hassan's lawyers are doing all they can to take the death penalty off the table.  Once the nonsense is over and the damned beard is or is not shaved, and this incredible throwback piece of kitty litter is found guilty, anything less than death will demonstrate that the U.S. military, already being gutted by Obama, is well on the way to becoming clawless and toothless.  May as well make "The Blind Sheik" secretary of defense -- or will Mr. Obama be sending that cockroach back to Egypt as a good will gesture soon?

AND  THEN THERE'S MANTAI  T'EO AND AT LAST SPORTS ARE INTERESTING:  If my life had to be consumed with the activities of football players, I think I'd feel as though atrophied pieces of brain tissue had rattled all the way down to my toes.  Nevertheless, this guy -- look, if the phone relationship lasted for some four (?) years and went so-o-o-o-o well, even though the female voice, or even just the bonding technique on the other end of the phone belonged to a man, apparently a satisfying emotional bond was created.  My advice is that T'eo should meet the former / who-knows-secretly-current object of his affections and hook up for a possible gay marriage -- and as everybody knows, gay marriage is all the rage this year.  The media will embrace this, fellow teammates will groan in jealousy at the press coverage and the president will invite the couple for dinner at the White House, resulting in a new TV reality show guaranteed to run for years.  It's times like this when I wish my own U.S. Air Force had gone ahead with production and deployment of the "gay bomb" in the Middle East and elsewhere, because if any situation ever called for a gay bomb, this is it.    Sometimes, these little athletics industry matters can be settled so easily. 

DON'T STOP THERE, THE WHITE HOUSE EGO DEFLATION HAS JUST BEGUN:  The D.C. Circuit Court said President Obama violated the Constitution by filling vacancies at the National Labor Relations Board on his own.  Though this will be appealed to the Supreme Court (sigh. . .), I applaud the decision and encourage courts at all levels to find everything this man does as president illegal.  The term, abuse of power and the word, progressive seem so often made for one another.  I guess this decision is the sort of thing the president was talking about with the gun issue when he said we need common sense?  Looks like the courts had common sense, this time around.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION BY NO OTHER NAME:  Notice how the media references Hispanics and illegal aliens as if they’re the same?  They are not.  There are legal Hispanic citizens in the country who work and vote and pay taxes – and then there are illegal Hispanics who are as far away from the first group as the moon.  So why does the media lump all Hispanics together, as if they’re one similar national group?  It’s as if all Hispanics are “for” making illegal aliens rock-hard legal, but that is hardly the case.  In fact, if I have this right, poll after poll shows Americans in general are opposed to amnesty – for any and all illegals, no matter their country of origin -- by at least 70 percent. 

So we’ve been invaded, what’s new, but now we’re expected to play kissy-face and be a welcome mat for millions who spit on American law, as well as making us foot the bill for their medical care and children’s education?  This brand of national government insanity couldn’t be straightened out on a psychiatrist’s sofa.  Some say 11 million illegals, but how does the government know?  It could be 20 million, 25 million, 35 million.  Nobody brings up the cost involved with this new legislation.  Who will pay in a USA already desperate for money to pay off debts?  Everybody knows Obama doesn’t care about cost, he wants no debt limits whatsoever as his ego and agenda plow forward.  Adding to the circus, too many members of Congress worry more about elections than doing the right thing. 

If this tragically sweet reward for criminal aliens makes it through Congress , it’s hard to imagine much left of our country, the country we knew growing up.  Unfortunately, there are well-organized groups and individuals out there, damned near (and probably are) communists, and their scumbag attorneys who don’t care about the country’s future.  I suspect one could come up with quite a lengthy list of America haters among the amnesty-now bunch.  We can’t produce the funding to keep the military strong, but apparently there’s a bag of fairy dust somewhere to pay for rewarding criminal aliens – and just wait until they start bringing their relatives here from other countries under, eventually, perfectly legal circumstances.  As a veteran, I’m outraged at this pathway to. . .well, I have in mind the word tyranny, not amnesty.

Just exactly what good is there anymore in being a born-here or legally naturalized American citizen?  Americans exist as little more than a source of income for increasingly expensive and widening government programs, and as surely as I’m typing this rant today, Obama voters and their offspring, along with Americans who knew better at the voting booth, are destined to be taxed as never before. The illegal, oops, I mean criminal, that is, the aliens, um, the. . .the new Americans will thank you, and if they really want to feel like citizens, wait until they start paying taxes.  Uh, they will be paying taxes, won’t they?  I think you need jobs for that.