Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 It's alarmingly curious that those who appear in need of psychological help as a result of alleged UFO abductions are often dismissed or ridiculed, yet people who kill others are immediately dubbed crazy and moved to the head of the in-need-of-counseling line.  Obviously, the mainstream media prefer a good murder story over alleged UFO reports anytime.  TV viewers cling anxiously to armchairs and sofas as reporters describe murder scenes in detail, yet full-color accounts of UFO activity elicit raised eyebrows and channel surfing.  What's my point?  Maybe the point is pointless.

Priorities and sequences.  We live during an era when square pegs are expected to fit neatly into round holes. In a digital world, they do.

Former Navy SEAL and super-sniper Chris Kyle and a fellow veteran allegedly were killed by apparently troubled former Marine Eddie Ray Routh in Texas. A tragedy all around.  Some ask why, but I put that question on hold and wonder instead whether Fort Hood shooter Maj. Hasan will still be awaiting trial long after Routh fades from public attention.  Routh's lack of credentials as a jihad-lovin' Islam extremist may not allow him much cred in postponing a trial.

Wasn't the Alabama man who shot a school bus driver to death before kidnapping a five-year-old (and ultimately meeting his explosive death on February 4 as law enforcement personnel moved in for a successful child rescue) a Vietnam vet?  Yes, from all accounts a horrible, dangerous man -- but did his Vietnam experience count for any of this?  I know, we're supposed to say who cares and good riddance, but you wonder. . .

Meanwhile, small children in school who dare pretend they have invisible guns, or flash obvious fakes made of plastic or even paper are arrested and/or expelled, and as liberal state legislative bodies manned and womaned by idiots make cops do the dirty work of scaring kids, particularly boys, out of any interest in firearms -- or imaginative play acting -- whatsoever, one can almost feel yet another curtain of civil oppression dropping over society like an emasculating fishnet.  This sort of thing comes from the top, and the top really needs to go to trial and then off to prison for a long time.  When air conditioning becomes surpassed by societal conditioning, things don't go so well.

But getting back to the military thing for a moment:  What can society expect when running these folks through multiple deployments to the Middle East, a place recognized for the horrifying distinction of harboring enemies in disguise who would shoot dead, as soon as look at, American military personnel as we, um, nation-build?  What, they should return to the U.S. fresh as daisies, ready to dive into the life they once knew under extraordinarily different circumstances? 

There appears to be a small, yet rather significant -- or at least loud -- segment of American society intent upon dismissing, if not outright hating, anybody in a military uniform.  I don't get it.  But I know this much -- their honorable service to the country aside, where would we be without all the fine active duty and retired military personnel who tipped us off to the facts about so many intriguing UFO encounters over the years?

Code word O-Bomb-Ya:  Yup, here it is, another winter's day and I'm still no fan of this Administration.  However, that memo leak?  The one about the president or high officials (whatever those are) possessing the distinct honor and privilege of assassinating bothersome, plainly bad-ass American citizens anywhere on the planet?  Just phone a Saudi-based drone and you're home.  Free.  Hmm.  Well, on one level it seems a terrible idea, and of course the memo already raises international hackles.  Yet -- strangely, I feel compelled to support this project, but only if we in the U.S. can submit lists to the White House of people our established citizenry might hanker to annihilate with drone missiles.  Or maybe they currently only host enough drones to spy on Americans in this country.  Clearly, I understand the dilemma.

And the Benghazi Academy Award goes to. . .  Following Sec. Panetta’s testimony, taken together with earlier news reports and interviews with others, it appears President Obama could be the honored recipient of that award.  The more he and his people attempt to distance him from the affair, the more that questions ensue, though the political hack actors on the hot seat, we must admit, have been non-credible. Oops, make that incredible.  Looks like maybe some serious – illegal -- gun running took place by a nod of folks in the Administration, transporting from Libya and eventually to the “rebels” in Syria.  Making matters worse, the lovely Muslim Brotherhood may have handled the project, thus helping out their Al Qaeda buddies, who just love America and Israel and would never, ever do evil things with illegally gained weaponry.  Isn’t there something fairly impeachable here?  Along with all the other stuff that might qualify?  I don’t know how this president or his bunch can survive politically, though the accommodating mainstream media have done an admirable job in putting those square pegs through round holes for them every step of the way. Forget about press credentials, worry about press reputations.  Meanwhile, the ghosts of Benghazi yet hover, waiting for Hollywood to script everything over and make the real unreal in 3-D.

NO, AND IT WON’T DEPOSIT COMMON SENSE, EITHER:  A CNN correspondent actually posed the question of whether an approaching near-earth asteroid had a relationship to global warming.  Enough said.  The TV networks and far too many of their, um, information distributors have eaten freely, without question, of the far left cake, the same cake fed on a daily basis to young minds in schools and colleges all over the country, and this is the result.  Utter ignorance.  It can only get worse from here. One can’t really expect to fix the fix that’s already in.

The Los Angeles (deceased!) ex-cop/former Navy shooter clearly painted himself in his “manifesto” as a far leftie himself, and it is interesting how so many of these people blame the Tea Party for their own faults and for those of their particular favorite parties. Compared with Democrat lunacy and deeply comatose Republicans, the Tea Party and their nonviolent tactics look far more rational than the current political swarm, and even the Libertarians fascinate.  Too bad the mainstream media is writing the script for this deranged insect, who frequently seems more the victim than the murderer.

BEYOND FAIRYTALE CINEMA:  Maybe I’m reading more into this than I should, but what’s up with this mini-cascade of motion pictures and TV shows which harken back to fairy tales of old?  Are creative Hollywood script writers running out of ideas at long last, forced to rely upon some perceived self-brilliance in making a few changes here and there and then – poof! – magically making what’s old new again?  Among dictionary definitions for fairytale are the terms, cock-and-bull story and song and dance, appropriately enough.  Ha, let ‘em go back to Shakespeare in 2013 and see if anybody wants to buy tickets to witness whatever concoctions blossom from those oldies.  Between fairytale cinema and the ever-popular slasher films, I wonder if there’s anybody much anymore who can produce entertainment not intended to simultaneously dumb down an audience?  Wait!  I smell a film idea. . .from a fairytale, of course, and. . .she enters the room and. . .the room is dark, but there’s a place to sit. . .and little Miss Muffet sits. . .yes, oh yes! She sits. . .little Miss Muffet sits on a. . . truffle?!  Wait!  No, that’s a tuffet.  What the hell’s a tuffet?!  Ah, but it’s okay, the dictionary says you can sit on it because it’s something you can sit on.  Okay.  So little Miss Muffet sits on this thing, this tuffet, and in the next scene. . .oh man, every producer in Hollywood and every movie audience in the world will dig this film, and it’s low-budget to boot!  Okay, so little Miss Tu – oops, Muffet, she. . .wait a minute, is “little” part of her name?  Hmm, I don’t know.  Well, no matter. . .so, on to page two. . .

EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS:  Comedian Chris Rock says President Obama is like our daddy, and we should do everything he asks of us?  Is he kidding?  Is Rock really that unaware of who serves whom in this country?  Chris Rock is like the 2013 version of “Professor Backwards,” except he’s politically upside-down.  I don’t recall him making similar statements when his less-than-fave prez Mr. Bush was in the White House.

North Korea conducts yet another nuclear test and President Obama continues to threaten domestic rule via Executive Order if Congress won’t give him his way.  Congress must find a way to end this national nightmare, but that would require boldness, heroics and ultimately impeachment.  Otherwise, history may justifiably reflect a House and Senate dripping with cowardice, with haphazardly elected members frozen uselessly where they sit as the country we knew slips away. 

CLIMATE CHANGE OF THE MOMENT:  Word has it that some NASA scientists have become even more enthused about looking toward the sun as a major culprit for climate change on this planet, rather than human activities. Really?  I suspect our great-great-great grandparents could have told them as much. 

POPE SAYS NOPE, NO SOAP, GET HIM OFF THE ROPE, ‘CAUSE HE CAN’T COPE:  May I suggest, as a non-Catholic, that you choose a new Pope around 28 years old who looks like Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake or Justin anybody who might just appeal to the young folk in the USA and Europe who, apparently, have been leaving the Church in quantity?  The Old Reliable stuff isn’t working anymore, right or wrong.  The Church, like Congress, fuels itself too often by a preponderance of seniors who should just get out of the way instead of turning to dust or stone whilst still officiating.  Nevertheless, should the Church wish to remain comfortable with the old ways, tried and true, perhaps an older pope, more in keeping with ancient traditions, should be chosen – and in that event, may I suggest Pope-Elect Jerry Sandusky?  He’s available and certainly cloistered, in a manner of speaking.