Monday, January 14, 2013

The Most Dangerous People in the World

Had I been born a centipede, I think I would use every foot under me to kick myself for remaining in New York State.  Yes, it has its finer points, but one really has to enjoy being taxed and regulated to death.  And if you don't live in what's commonly known as New York City, and instead reside "upstate" (which is almost anywhere that isn't the Big Apple and surrounding environs), you're almost irrelevant.  The most recent census indicates that New Yorkers have left the state in recent years by the millions.  New York government, you see, is acknowledged far and wide as the most corrupt and pathetically inefficient state government in the country.  It's also busted broke financially, carrying a deficit only a brain-eating zombie could overlook.  We harbor (I wanted to say tolerate, but we don't, except by the force of laws engineered by the guilty over time) a senate and assembly seated with a few members who should be arrested and/or imprisoned -- and some have been.  Not enough, sadly.  Maybe one day.

You already know that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a "state of the state" speech a few days ago, because it needlessly made national headlines, and among all the fluff was a very energetic segment regarding gun control.  Did you see or hear it?  It was basically a load of crap because everybody suspects Cuomo, born of political family privilege and certainly unacquainted with or dusted up by the rigors of any military service, wants to run for president in 2016, and at this point the words absolutely must sound sincere and, well, presidential.   But -- talk about extreme!  The guy darned nearly reverberated like a madman, almost approaching a drool as he proclaimed his wish to make New York the most progressive state in the country, and frankly I'm surprised he didn't take off a shoe and pound it on the podium for good measure.  Nor did he mention one word about the curtailment of spending, and instead laid out ways to spend more money the state doesn't have.  Cuomo and Obama seem to have completed similar lessons in economics imparted by a voodoo math professor or something beyond monetary evil.

Generations come and go, but I think it's rather obvious that younger folk fail to take into account that the 1930s and 1940s didn't occur all that long ago.  It's only been a few decades, but as recently as then there were some very convincing folk in Germany who forced the people, with grace or other methods of persuasion, to surrender their guns, and most did.  Who needed guns when there were police and soldiers to protect everyone?  Unfortunately, the good times were already on the fade, and by the time the Nazis moved in to conquer the Jews, their  sympathizers and others who no longer had weapons, there was no hope remaining for the millions who certainly might have been in some position of strength, had personal firepower been available.

That's a very simplistic view of history, but a lesson nonetheless that should serve us well, except for our leaders who lead us in dangerous directions.  The future must not be ignored, and the future is not likely to be constructed of goodness and light among humans.  Indeed, who can promise a future devoid of skirmishes and threats as yet unknown?  Good grief, even Pravda reportedly warned us a few days ago not to let our government take the guns! 

Now, it so happens that I trust our military and, no matter what, they would never willingly attack or suppress our people.  But look around.  Home invasions by armed thugs have become common, and the Southern border has become a national pipeline for drug crimes and incredible firepower, the likes of which many can hardly imagine.  Budgets have resulted in less police, and police officers can't be everywhere at once anyway.  It shouldn't be out of the question to encourage the proliferation of all kind of guns among the innocent, because the criminals and mental cases already have them, and they intend to use them on those who can't fight back.  This isn't a rocket science thought.

Yet, Governor Cuomo, the President and a host of others who wield the powers of government -- supposedly for our benefit -- have merely assumed the ultimate transgression by trying to reshape the Second Amendment into a long-desired, foolishly engineered image.  The public hysteria train has once again departed the station on a national tour, and all the usual suspects are aboard, having waited impatiently for years for their moment under a blazing, bullet-ridden sun.  I once labored under the illusion that it was the Democrats who protected our rights, but it could not be any more obvious now that theirs is the real "party of no."  A "no" that continues with every victory they achieve.  Progressive.  The word sounds great though, doesn't it?  Progressively taking away our rights.  The words, wake up! are so, so old hat nowadays. . .and those who warn are portrayed as the extremists.

Cuomo and his collaborators intend to ban "assault" weapons and insure other measures, the most laughable being a requirement that mental health professionals who suspect gun-owning patients might do harm report these individuals so their weapons can be taken away.  Right, so. . .let's say some psychologist actually reports a patient. . .and the authorities come to that person's residence and leave with said gun or guns.  What's any self-respecting crazy person going to do in response?  Well, were it I, angry as hell over the loss of my precious firepower -- and still crazy and getting crazier by the minute -- I might go to the kitchen, get a bag, fill it with knives, and then I might grab a baseball bat and ...oh, probably a meat cleaver as well. . .don't forget the ice pick. . .gotta take the scissors. . .and a brick. . .hmm, I wonder if I still have a paisley tie around the house, you know, like the one intended in the Justin Bieber murder plot, maybe that would come in handy. . .with the loppers, naturally. . .oops, can't leave the duct tape and hammer behind.. . .and then, off I would go to make an unscheduled office visit to show that tattletale mental health rat what for. 

Oh yes, Mr. Cuomo, by all means put the threat on the mental health community's members, they'll love you for painting targets on their community.  And, of course, they'll all have to start carrying guns for protection.  May I suggest. . . assault weapons?

Even video games are in the cross hairs -- and something of which I was unaware is that most video game players are aged 30 and over.  I don't believe these folks are all plotting in their basements to kill, and to date the evidence just isn't there.

Bill Clinton spoke up at a public appearance and asked why anybody wants a gun with a 30-bullet clip (I think he meant magazine).  I dunno, why does a president need an intern performing a sexual act on him in the White House?  Anyway, the answer to his question is, not that it depends upon what the meaning of is is, but because they can have such a gun in a land of freedom, and without the guns that defended this country from the start there would be no freedom.  Cuomo, with the help of his willing colleagues (and may I say a little hello to Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, a lib who knows exactly how to take advantage of a crisis on the weekend talk shows?), wants to control us (just a little now, just a little more later, etc.) out of those freedoms.   This is the nature of the liberal Democrats.  This is, likewise, the nature of socialism and everything that eventually comes along to complement it.  I hope this is abundantly clear to the courts, as this tyrannical maneuver eventually ascends the levels of justice, and all of these whining little political grandstanding stick figures find themselves defeated and regarded by historians appropriately for their unconstitutional ruling practice.  If I had wanted a king as either president or governor, I think I'd have voted for one, and instead I ended up with dictators who will go down in history as political party self-seekers who seized their moment to distort the first two Amendments to the Constitution.  The Constitution they swore to protect. 

Let it also be noted that membership in the National Rifle Association increased by 100,000 in less than three weeks after the Sandy Hook carnage.  Maybe the next time elections come around, voters will be a little more informed, and outraged that their elected representatives, strangely sworn to uphold the Constitution, aren't doing the job faithfully.

If Obama and various members of Congress are just itching to ban things, the United Nations would be a great place to start.  Kick these phonies out of the country and let them set up shop in Venezuela, Pakistan or some appropriate place.  UN members' primary function seems to be grabbing all the American dollars they can get, and despite the niceties and diplomacy anticipated in discussions about this gang, thugs are still thugs, no matter how much the suits and formal wear cost.  Additionally, Obama and the UN seem made for one another in terms of using United Nations dictates to help transform the United States into the third world country atmosphere so popular in the modern progressive world.  I guess we can run for our lives until there's no place to run, unless you count yourselves among the privileged whose main obstacle is the middle class.

One more salient point:  I'm not among those who sleep soundly every night, believing that computer technology will either save us from ourselves or promote a future saturated with ease.  Just look around.  Just look at zombie-like youth unable to function without techno-gadgets at hand.  Just look.  On the other hand, guns don't experience system failures or hacking by foreign interests.  And the power source is always dependable.

Public trust in Washington barely registers anymore.  That being said, I'm reasonably confident that, when and if gun push comes to gun shove on the part of state and D.C. political extremists, the nation's police agencies, cops on the street and the U.S. military itself will stand with the people and rational thinking, ignoring opportunists who live and breathe to chip away at our rights with such stealth that we barely notice. 

I can hardly believe I'm writing these words in 2013, or that they need to be said at all.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if one day soon I'll have to get a federal crackpot license to keep doing this.

Yes, we have no global warming, we have no global warming today:  Most of you won't remember an old song called "Yes, We Have no Bananas," but the previous line in boldface would have read bananas instead of global warming, and it's intended to confuse.  I'm confused.  Why?  Because British climate researchers (oh yes, them again) now say further global warming will be delayed for five years.  I know they're geniuses but, really, how do they know?  Five years?  Is there a five-year contract with Mother Nature or something?  I fear sunburn from this degree of brilliance.  In the meantime, the White House stubbornly continues with hopes for climate change legislation, and guess who will pay for that?

Robert, what happened to the UFOs on this blog?  Why, it should be apparent that my mind has snapped and I've lapsed into a radical, unreasonable position on everything.  Aside from that, maybe you've noticed that even the major UFO sites haven't had a lot of "new" to say these days.  I think the recipe for this strange brew involves the state of the world economy and people going bonkers in general.  And may I reiterate:  The Obama Administration isn't going to offer up anything meriting UFO "disclosure."  Don't you get it?  These folks aren't here to impart truth, they're here to push an agenda, and they'll continue to divide and rip this country apart to do it.  They sure seem to have a lot of help.