Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winning By Media Proxy

(I do have some minor commentary regarding the UFO issue, but I'll save that for another day, probably next time.)

I don't know if the fix is in, but the frauds are.

The elections are over and Barack Obama isn't going anywhere.  A few entries ago I expressed my opinion that he would indeed win again.

How could he not?  He hasn't held a press conference in months, and when mainstream journalists have an opportunity to question him on important issues, they generally don't.  Or they accept his faltering responses without question.  Or they only ask questions agreed upon in advance.

The mainstream media re-elected Obama every bit as enthusiastically as his voters.  One might say they engineered the result through their own negligence in asking the hard-hitting questions and demanding sincere responses about issues that truly matter. 

The Benghazi tragedy, for instance.  And conflicting versions of truth discovered by his own biographer.  His statement four years ago that under his leadership electricity rates would "necessarily skyrocket," and indeed they have, and will as he continues to downplay conventional energy sources in expectation of a pie-in-the-sky quick energy fix.  Billions of tax dollars wasted on worthless energy alternatives.  A deficit almost guaranteed to blossom to even more unfathomable heights.  Health care whose costs may far exceed original estimates, as overworked and underpaid physicians threaten to retire, while a scarcity of health workers to manage a flood of new patients seems imminent.  Etc.  Etc. 

Once the FCC under Obama really goes to work messing around with freedom of information and various international interests finish doing everything they can to take the Web out of the hands of the people, free and open communication will pretty much be screwed.  Freedom, you see, is fine for some, as long as others don't experience it, too.

But even as recently as last week, a major clue emerged pointing to Obama's re-election.

Among a wealth of polls taken in recent weeks, primarily political in nature, there came to light quite another kind of poll. 

Young people in the United States  from ages 18 to 29 were asked which was better, capitalism or socialism.  The astounding response indicated that an overwhelming number chose socialism.
Young people unfamiliar with current events and experiencing the joy of Obama and the Democrats only as entertainment via rock stars and talk shows without substance were hypnotized into this situation.  Brilliant conjurers influenced the common senseless, their numbers growing among young folk who can't even answer basic questions about U.S. history or government.

What does this say about generations of military personnel who gave up their very lives during a succession of wars in which, if nothing else, they felt confident about protecting grateful folk back home?  Seems as though a growing number of young know-nothings couldn't care less, leaving us to wonder what Obama's "Forward" chant means for the future.  The thought of more government, more IRS thuggery, a plethora of more onerous regulations and more debt hardly brightens one's outlook, but I suppose that as long as the iPads and iWhatevers and smart phones keep everybody properly mesmerized, entertained and unaware of essentials, we should all just move along because there's nothing (of our once ambitious lives) to see here.  America, as so many of us knew it, may well be over, as excuses will increasingly be made for stepping outside Constitutional borders.  Obama and his circle are radicals, and both legal and illegal residents of the U.S. will feel the effects of those who have done little but threaten "the other side" and, as late as a few days ago, vowed revenge on nameless enemies.  Good, I say, they need enemies, enemies of their irrational actions.

The Republicans?  Maybe dead in the water, and if not already disintegrating before our eyes, soon may be, once enraged conservatives attempt to bury the corpse as they try to construct a reliable political party in their own image.

So I won't call the President "ism" or "ist" names today, but I do expect that his preference for more big government and enthusiastic spending will continue to propel us toward uncomfortable and perilous directions.

Of course, cooperation among members of Congress would be helpful.  Dream on.  Then again, opinions have been expressed that cooperation in the House will be more contentious than ever.

So, on election day evening I watched the same old painted pseudo-journalist clown faces commenting on the returns at ABC, CBS and NBC.  And I remember, having watched them closely over the months preceding, how upbeat and in-the-bag they were for Obama almost without fail, slobbering over his mere existence like dogs at a meal, giving him a pass at every turn, despite the economy, the debt,  partisan-created health care more costly than estimated, the mess he's made in the Middle East and in foreign relations, and invisible shovel-ready jobs.  I am disgusted.

Had TV network "news" shows done their work and reported on the increasing outrage involving American deaths in Benghazi, I suspect Mr. Obama would be packing his bags instead of readying for another term.  Then again, the faint aroma of criminal charges or impeachment lingers in the air.  Something for the future, perhaps.  Neither Hollywood nor corporate influence may be helpful in this instance.  We might progress -- progress -- from the silence of the lambs to the silence of the TV talk shows once the laughter dries up.  And we still have the two-ton "Fast and Furious" elephant -- or is that donkey -- sitting in the living room,
waiting to be noticed.  Eric Holder may flee Washington faster than a 747 heading for paradise.

Meanwhile, corruption abounds at every level.  Lobbyists, obscene monetary infiltration and nameless manipulators conspire to deprive us of our own.  Powerful unions, destined to flourish under Obama's ongoing approval and kinship, will finish us all off as quickly as anything, and indeed the pension crisis clawing its way across the country is already in. . .progress.  Progress.  Forward.  Hello banana republic.  Hugo Chavez will be proud today and Putin is probably popping the champagne corks because America's coronation king promised to be more "flexible" after the elections.

And, remember, along like a spider crept this little incident in New Jersey after the hurricane/super storm, where good Samaritan non-union electrical crews from Alabama  -- summoned by NJ to assist -- are allegedly refused entry by New Jersey unionized power company workers because of their non-union status.  So home they went.  We are told the New Jersey folk were members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).  We might note how confusing life has become when speaking of these "brotherhoods," now that we also enjoy the benefits (thanks in no small part to Mr. Obama's help in launching the "Arab Spring") of the Muslim Brotherhood's lengthening international reach .  Aren't they, too, a union of sorts?  You say tomato and I say tomAHto, you say brotherhood and I say brother hood.

Estimates indicate that approximately two-thirds of those who voted for Obama WERE influenced by his response to the hurricane.  Yes, a quick photo opportunity and words that any and every president would say in such a disaster re-made him as a star.  But these are the people who, by their own admission, would never let a good crisis go to waste.

Much of his support came from women, unfortunately impressed by the fear and lies created -- no, make that procreated -- by the Obama press machine.  Some probably look upon him as the perfect man from a romance novel, who knows?

Considerably more of his voting fans are said to have emerged from the nation's youth and from races other than Caucasian.  The same youth and multi-racial folk who will now have the pleasure of paying off the spending Obama will continue to put on their backs.  Ironically, a new slave class, and Abe Lincoln isn't
around to free anybody from the chains of new regulations and Internal Revenue Service whippings.

Yet, Obama only received a little more than fifty percent of the popular vote, certainly nothing approaching a mandate.  Be assured, his Administration will ignore this factoid and drive us as if the other half is insignificant.  And he will continue blaming George Bush for everything gone wrong.

Obama.  Yes, Obama, the same man who retained his position by dragging Bill Clinton around like an old purse, making people anxious for the good old days of Clinton.  Except they aren't getting Slick Willy, nor a cigar, nor a blue stained dress -- they're just getting more Obama.  They aren't getting Bruce Springsteen or Lady Ga Ga, they're getting Obama.  I don't know about Romney, but I know about Obama.  The promise of tomorrow.  What might have been vs. what I fear we're going to get more of, multiplied.

Nevertheless, in an increasingly divided nation Obama rebounds, and I wholeheartedly agree that those who wished to extend his White House presence richly deserve all that he has yet to offer.   And may we shout out a big, big congratulatory howl to Mr. Putin, the United Nations and others waiting in eager anticipation for a "more flexible" President Obama?  Oh, and somebody tell the "blind sheik" to pack his bags, implausible as it seems, because he could be leaving his prison cell real soon for a bon voyage, should an oft-rumored deal instigated by a consensus of political rats pan out. 

Sky's the limit now for just about anything, and executive orders could become as commonplace as roadside weeds.  In the meantime, mainstream  electronic media representatives, co-conspirators to a corporate policy from hell, will continue doing what they do well these days -- sucking as journalists.  This time, they played one side of the street, profoundly misleading inquiring minds desperate for answers about both sides.  One would almost believe we have a one-party political system.  Well done, TV rodents.