Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When Storms and Lies Converge

More is better?  Not according to the latest "storm of the century" attired in the persona of Hurricane Sandy.  Every time these disasters occur, I can only wonder why anybody wants more people and more wretched construction added to habitable land space on this precious little planet.  Yes, climate change is real, and always has been a factor in territorial alterations -- and pleased as some are to blame human activity and carbon dioxide effected by the same, I wouldn't be too quick to rule out the sun, currently surprising scientists on a regular basis.  But no, more is not always better.

National elections are upon us after what seem years of campaigns, and even hurricanes appear to herald storms of electorate disenchantment.  The President promises help to storm victims -- as any president would.  In his latest "Sandy" speech, he promises to leave no one behind, words of comfort which should have meant something to our people murdered in Benghazi under this fraud.

Delay the elections due to storm disasters?  I think there are a fair number among us who would prefer not to have elections at all.  Particularly those who already detect the fear of losing, or the humiliation of being found out as the frauds they are.

Nevertheless, as this bunch does everything they can to divert our attention from the massacre of U.S. personnel in Benghazi, Libya until after the elections here in the states, its loyal perpetrators continue to disregard Big Lie No.One -- the almost instantaneous declaration from the President, Mrs. Clinton and Susan Rice that all of this erupted because of a video making rounds on the Internet.  Liars!  A lie the President continued to circulate for days, even when most of the thinking world realized there was no video involved -- a lie pretty much awarded the Presidential Seal when Obama and Clinton recorded an apologetic response regarding the irrelevant video for Middle Easterners, a totally unnecessary recording destined to be used for years by Al Qaeda and its friends to condemn the U.S.

Maybe that was easy, in comparison to making a grudging admission that Islamic terrorism still exists in force.  Besides, that sort of language has already been scrubbed from official training manuals, or so we've been told.  Offensive descriptions hurt so much, especially when true.

Then, while radio stations all over the nation were buzzing with news on Friday, October 26 about three futile (turned down) emergent requests for military assistance from the CIA in Benghazi as the seven-hour battle began -- based upon newly released CIA memos -- major commercial TV networks couldn't be bothered to explore or even mention this astounding revelation on their evening news shows.  Networks seem overwhelmingly content simply to feature the ever-entertaining President Obama on numerous TV talk shows as he mouths clever, yet meaningless quips and engages in smiles for the cameras.  After all, he is the President of Entertainment, attracting rock star endorsements like bacteria-ridden chewing gum on a shoe, clowning around for Jay, Dave (who, to his credit, finally smelled just a wisp of a lie and mentioned it on his show the day after Obama's appearance) and for all the young TV viewers cloned from birth to prefer laughs over substance, and one-liners over the explosion of  government debt they'll have to pay off once the humor fades away unapologetically.

Yes, much of the entertainment industry sides with Obama.  People who specialize in fantasy and the world of pretend every day of their lives.  No wonder they feel a comfy kinship, a symbiosis with Obama.  Obama, the President who used the military to his advantage with bin Laden's demise.  Obama, the President whose twisted leadership may have gotten dedicated military and others in Benghazi killed -- at the very least, in Benghazi.

What happened to presidential press conferences?  One begins to think of Jay Carney as president -- or as the object of Obama's ventriloquism skills.  Truth likely is, BHO doesn't want to face a growing, stinking heap of questions about his decisions, his philosophy.  It's all falling apart.  Will voters bother to care? 

Maybe some of a political ilk are thanking God for the hurricane as I write this.

In the meantime, the father of a former Navy SEAL who died during the carnage related details of his strange encounter with Obama, Clinton and Biden as his son's body was returned to the U.S., and his account of their actions and words was, to say the least, disturbing.  You've heard about it by now, assuming you tune in to sources which regularly disclose this sort of thing.

And the Secretary of Defense?  Panetta makes excuses for inaction, appearing to all the world as if the only thing he's good at defending is Obama's legacy.

So who's "investigating" now?  Pickering, an apologist for Iran's American tools and Muslim extremists, it is suggested.  This will go nicely.  Why not simply employ a pack of rats to pick through the facts until nothing substantial remains, leaving Obama's directives from the top smelling like Teflon roses immune to the odor of intended or incompetent negligence?

Speaking of investigations, whatever happened to an in-depth look at that helicopter crash, the chopper packed with far too many Navy SEALS who perished, one and all?

So, I'm just wondering when some of those Hollywood folk -- the specialists who love to make blockbuster films extolling the hatred of America -- will jump on this one. . .?  Will somebody come forward with a huge budget and, for a change, portray this Administration's liars whose conflicted policies, from all appearances, helped facilitate the murder of four Americans in Benghazi as real-time drone videos and instant messages showed White House higher-ups a situation begging for immediate military strike force response?   These people's lives might have been saved with quick action, from most accounts, because the military power was within reach -- and this Administration had to know it, just as they knew via live TV images within an hour what was happening in Libya on that fateful 9/11/12. 

Surely, down there in the White House situation room, nobody misses a single episode of the President when he mugs for the cameras and shows off for audience-fortified TV comedians?  Perhaps live video from Benghazi just wasn't equally photogenic. Or as funny.

Who gave the orders, repeatedly, not to save these Americans?  Who?  Who?  The CIA denies responsibility for the decision, as do military officials.  I'm no genius, but if that's the case, wouldn't that lead right to . . .?

Incompetence?  Criminal activity?  Treason?  Treason sounds about right.  As I recall, certain prisons exist for this sort of thing.  Will Congress have the gonads to do what's right, or must U.S. military and civilian personnel around the world feel a draft at their backs because nobody in an Administration of bastards will promise cover, lest some Muslim faction or other entities might be offended?

Covert gun-running via our enemies in the Middle East?.  Is that a major component here?

The U.S. is16 trillion dollars in debt and at least four trillion more may be on the way if elections repeat.  Dangerous to America as we know it.  Political ideation that failed in every nation where it was ever tried.  Immigrants -- legal immigrants -- from other countries who fear we are quickly becoming exactly what they escaped from. . .and they plead, will we listen, will anybody listen?  Party loyalty, my-party-right-or-wrong, will destroy us.  And all we do is build more stadiums and athletic facilities to cloud minds from making clear choices.

The only possible vestige of respect I could muster for this President would involve his resignation.  Fat chance, I ponder. Liars and lies often seem to find a way to hang on in politics, thanks to a willingly uninformed population. 

The military dead?  The ones whose families reportedly receive something akin to form letters of sympathy from the President signed with an auto pen?  The ones whose families allegedly are greeted by a seemingly detached President as coffins return?  The military dead appear to matter as much to this gang as the words, thank you for your service, and from this bunch even those words equate to little more than the sounds of fingernails on a blackboard.