Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Barack Obama: Half Man, Half Horse?

Saturday brought two pieces of mail.  One was a Thanksgiving card posted in a timely manner, but which arrived several days too late -- maybe 'cause the credit cards used to fuel up USPS trucks were rejected due to the deficit. . .or perhaps stalled electric postal vehicles that logically should have been based instead on hydrogen technology couldn't reach the plug for a charge.

However - gadzooks! -- the other piece originated from The White House, adorned with raised blue lettering on a quality envelope, sharing space with an actual 45-cent postage stamp depicting the image of a sculptured centaur.  Yes, a centaur, one of those half man-half horse guys, except the man part was holding a bow, apparently poised to shoot off an arrow somewhere.  Seems this might be the Obama Administration’s strange way of expressing support for the Second Amendment?

Yet – shouldn’t we expect more from Pennsylvania Avenue?  Don’t we have a right to expect stamps innocently depicting solar panels, windmills, Marxist heroes or polar bears drowning in carbon dioxide emissions?  I have my own fairly sane liberal side, but really. . .an art-appreciation stamp which screams, "We in the White House are absolutely consumed with the arts and entertainment. . ."

I guess the White House never heard of postage meters (and money is no object with these folks, so the extra expense would be irrelevant) , which would have been the better option, because now I have to spend hours in sober contemplation of why The White House wants snail mail recipients to associate its occupants with half man-half horse beasts. Aside from all the other questionable actions instituted by this bunch, is it within reason that there’s a plot afoot to fundamentally transform Americans into centaurs?

Could be this is simply the Administration’s idea of a Christmas season greeting stamp, though at this point I’d anticipate something with more of a Middle Eastern Christmas flavor, such as Coptic Christians in Egypt being killed or driven out of their homes while churches burn to the ground, as the Egyptian people currently experience ongoing hope and change under the Muslim Brotherhood’s beneficent leadership.

Wait a minute.  I think I know.  Possibly, the stamp represents diversity? Yes, they’re big on diversity at the White House, for sure, and there’s nothing more diverse than a man & horse combo.  But who gets to be the rear end of the horse, and what exactly does one call that part?  Then again, what are the chances anybody will meet even one centaur with whom or for which to be diverse?  Doesn't the Post Office just make flag stamps anymore?

Nevertheless, I was holding in my hands a letter from them, the they of Washington.  And I didn't want to open it.

Why not?  Because a letter from TWH means a letter from BHO, and I've written and said some pretty nasty things about the President and his Administration, and likely will continue upon this course energetically.  So why open an envelope stamped with half a man and half a horse, when I just know the contents will drive me bonkers?  Wait -- maybe it's a wedding invitation?  No, nobody's getting married that I care about.  Whoa -- a letter of resignation, perhaps?  That would be enticing.  Nah, nah, he wouldn't do that.  Better just to wait for the impeachment, it's gotta be right around the corner.  Oh, I know – some insider minion looking for a donation to a   socialist charity or to some George Soros foundation, or to Acorn, or whatever they're called now.

Good grief, I suppose I may as well just open the thing and be done with it.

Carefully, I opened the envelope from top corner to bottom corner, cautiously examining the interior for razor blades or mysterious white powder residue.  One can't be too attentive to detail, these days, no matter the source.  Everything appeared normal, except the letter inside clearly consumed two pages, not simply one.  Oh, what semantic torture awaits me, I listlessly pondered?

And so I pulled out the letter, a document beautifully executed via some government printer, and imprinted with the words, The White House, Washington. The second page ended with the word, Sincerely, followed by President Obama's signature -- I mean, President Obama's auto-pen signature.  Somehow, I don't think he was sitting around just before Thanksgiving, waiting to sign a letter to a Not-A-Fan such as I.

Intrigued, however, even before I read the letter, I scanned the pages for the Presidential Seal or a government watermark or something official.  Yes, there was a tiny embossed seal at the top of the first page, but to my amazement the only watermark I discovered was a recycling emblem.  Obviously, they wanted to make a big deal out of using recycled paper, but I really had my heart set on something patriotic like an eagle, and by this time even a half man-half horse embossment would have been a welcome sight.

The letter. . .the letter concerned the President's proposed immigration policy.  Why did they send me this letter?  Oh, then I knew.  For several years, I had been sending faxes to various government officials online via the national lobbying/educational organization, Numbers USA, a group vitally concerned with illegal immigration into the USA and its long debilitating influence on American jobs and the economy.  Following years of faxes to The White House, I somehow now deserved one official response?  Why?  Because the elections are over and now the President is ready to go all out for his "reform" ideas.  Politics.  Suicidal national agendas. 

How is it that these people worry incessantly about this country’s criminal invaders and benefits due them for reasons beyond comprehension – yet the Obama folk can’t even keep four bona fide Americans alive in Benghazi, Libya?  I guess one’s sense of urgency, like home, is where you make it.

I wonder, what will happen first, immigration “reform” or the trial of the “alleged” extremist Islamist Army major shooter involved in that. . .that. . .what did some Admin official call it?. . .oh, right, “workplace violence” at Ford Hood?  Which reminds me, jihad professional psycho doctor dude needs his beard shaved -- or not -- so’s the jury and capital punishment can just get on with it.  And why is the monster still evading the courtroom, while numerous American military personnel who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan rot in federal prison? But not to digress. . .

They must know in Washington, but don't want us to notice, that the election didn't exactly give President Obama a mandate, as only about half the country seemed to be with him and the other half against -- sort of like that half human-half beast stamp thing.  Maybe that stamp actually references half the electorate.  I wonder if the Administration considers the electorate half human and half horse? 

Profoundly disappointed in the paragraphs before me, I start thinking, what the. . .?  This guy, the Prez, is responsible for one of the worst foreign policy initiatives the American people have ever witnessed.  If he can’t get that right, what’s he doing messing around with immigration, as his failed presidency continues on its flight of doom?

I've nothing against the Mexican people, whom, of course, are responsible for considerable illegal immigration to the U.S., and when I served with the Air Force I had many friends of Mexican and mixed descent -- though I should point out, for no good reason other than to be difficult, that one of my best friends with a Mexican heritage entertained this fantasy about one day sitting on the Southern border with a firearm and . . .well, you get it.

So I'm reading the letter -- me, the typical angry old white guy everybody hates these days and can’t wait until we all drop dead, and I'm remembering how, after Obama gave his popular speech before the Democratic National Convention in 2004, I actually wrote his office, complimented his fine presentation and suggested he might run for prez someday.  Got. . .my. . .wish, and I live with it like leprosy every day of the week.

Frankly, among the issues of illegal walk-ins, outrageous demands from dinosaur union thugs and other interests causing chaos, I see trouble ahead -- but the immigration problem will ultimately be settled to the discontent of almost everybody, no matter what.

What can I do now, except file the letter away?  Obviously, I find the inclusion of this particular stamp infinitely more fascinating than a letter full of computer-generated bureaucratic jargon topped off with an auto-pen signature, mailed on behalf of an Administration in love with rule via power-grab, Executive Order and over-regulation perpetrated by university eggheads who live nearly their entire lives immersed in classroom theory, seemingly in the grip of a peculiar desire to institute a socialist-like existence on our soil which failed everywhere and every time it was ever tried. And I’ve certainly no intention of responding, lest I receive a reply like this: