Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mainlining with The Fourth Estate

(Breaking News:  Last night's first presidential debate. . .I'm sure this morning that the world abounds with disappointed Marxists, communists and fascists, and I presume Castro and Chavez have headaches.  I don't know where all of this will lead, but I certainly don't want four more years of the current national infestation.)

Finding major news events -- not reported by the U.S. mainstream media -- in British newspapers and the like is not uncommon, certainly when UFO reports are involved.  And when it comes to President Obama, well, you can almost bet that major American TV networks and newspapers will go to extremes to either exclude or pretty up the Obama Administration's flaws and failures.  The free press sometimes become the free pass, and that critter lives, alive and well, in certain remnants of American journalism.  Unfortunately.

That's why I was more than gratified when Mr. Obama was almost steam-grilled by Univision TV reporters a few days ago regarding the "Fast and Furious" gun-running issue, and the questions weren't coated in sugar -- as they so often are.  Soon thereafter, as even more evidence came to light via Mexican investigations, we learned that 16 young people attending a birthday party had their lives blown away by thugs using "Fast and Furious" guns, and the carnage among innocent Mexicans apparently didn't stop there, if we can accept what appears to be coming to light.  One Univision journalist even asked Mr. Obama, as if a natural common sense question, shouldn't Attorney General Eric Holder be fired? 

Yes, he should, and one doubts he should walk the exit path by himself.  Where are the American media?

In the meantime, the U.S. mainstream media could apparently give a damn, tied up as they are with The Campaign and Obama's Image, which must be protected and enhanced at all costs, even as yet another border patrol agent is ambushed, outgunned and murdered in Arizona, and as word emerges that folks at the Libyan embassy pretty much begged for extra security on multiple occasions for months and were denied.  The deaths?  We're investigating, claims the White House -- but how?  Last I heard, nobody in Libya even wants to talk about the murders with U.S. officials.  Why would they?  Or do we smell the odor of  complicity?  Why was the ambassador there in the first place?  WTF?  Shouldn't the U.S. media be all over this?  We had Watergate. . .and now we have this, and probably much, much more.  Unlike movie characters, I don't see dead people, but I see people destined for prison.  If Congress does its job during this dangerous era.  Doubtful.

Whilst  the President embraces the formerly outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, inviting them into the White House and beyond government gates like long lost friends.   

They aren't on the way, they're here.  Like the Chinese, the extremist Islam element they represent plans decades, not days, ahead.  The world, little by little.  The Caliphate.  You will convert or you will die, that about sizes it up for negotiations. 

Meanwhile, the State Dept. and, you can bet, the Prez are all a twitter in defending or working around early absurd statements that a video clip caused the Libyan embassy horrors.  But what the hell, it's always been true -- dead men tell no tales.  Just ask our proud military folk in Afghanistan, as they continue getting mowed down by two-faced Middle Easterners while Ivy League theorists tucked safely away in Washington twist lies and excuses into authoritative sound bites.  The mainstream media have become little more than an assistive device for this Administration (for those of you enthralled with the world of sports, that is to say the MSM has morphed into something equivalent to a jockstrap supporting bad policy; for those engrossed with  Hollywood, we're talking about those who rewrite scripts and truth) and its contrivances. 

And what was promised to be the most open Administration in history has become Fort Knox while, conversely, more Americans are spied upon by their government than ever before.  Technology will save us, and  technology will destroy us.  Where are the media?

Remember when I spent every line, every entry of this blog on the UFO subject?  Those were the days, when at least one had a clue about what was real and what was not.  I never liked to embrace conspiracies, either, but nowadays it seems that what once were conspiracies are now rebooted as agendas.  Agendas are innocent. . .right?  Executive Orders are good things. . .right?  Rumored government plans to release infamous terrorist, "The Blind Sheik" from prison to make points with the criminal Muslim Brotherhood and make the USA look like a 90 lb. weakling are just rumors. . .right?   Who watches, and who watches the watchers?

ON A BRIGHTER DARKER NOTE. . . This is October and that means Halloween.  This month, like last year, I do have a few old movie photos to put up, but this year I'm adding a story, a bit of fiction I decided to try.  I am NOT Mr. Fiction, but you can be the judge when I post an original story entitled "More Than Anything," sometime this month.