Monday, September 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces for September 2012

A simple observation of NBC-TV's news and entertainment shows -- and its affiliated networks -- reveals nothing less than a corporation in the bag for President Obama's re-election.  Not that themes are different at CBS or ABC.  We are manipulated and always have been, but as networks gasp from declining ratings and eventual death by Internet -- a format also, alas, subject to increasing government control -- they richly deserve what's coming their way via evolving technology.

Aside from politics, however, we've another lesson -- already learned -- to be fortified, and that is that it's no accident, never an accident, that the UFO issue ends up looking either absurd or questionable on commercial network "documentaries."  Network TV audiences are too pampered, too protected from naked truth at its most naked.  If we need a laugh track instructing us when to laugh, perhaps a scream track is required to scare us to death over economic disasters waiting at the door and, of course, the UFO issue.  Instead, we get corporate/political decisions passed down through editorial gratings, along with fears over rocking the government elite boat which dictates what networks and what specific reporters will be given access to even routine stories emanating from Washington.

If "disclosure" regarding UFOs ever surfaces, it won't occur through anticipated channels because the usual sources, like "the usual suspects," just won't provide the trigger point where the real action plays out.

BY THE WAY, may I reiterate my contention that the digital world has only given us the tools to destroy ourselves?  I know, any fool can make that claim, and one just did.  Sometimes one has to eschew computer games for common sense.  Destruction is what we do, on both personal and national terms, and, hoo-boy, have we ever stumbled upon the perfect instrument.

IN THE MEANTIME, SPORTS ARE more evident in the media than ever.  Yes, it's what "the people" want, and a significant percentage of those folk would much rather bury their heads in athletics than attempt to keep their country intact.  This is nothing new, of course, as ancient governments knew well how populations of the miserable could be placated, at least temporarily, by the excitement of stadium events -- and as competitive events consumed public attention, secret political outrage could be conducted by those with subjects other than sports or the people's well-being on their minds.  And now we have not only athletic extravaganzas to dumb down the people, but internationally broadcast "talent" sing-offs as well.  Meanwhile, China threatens war with Japan because China's internal problems require a diversion for its angered crowds.  As if Europe's trauma and Middle East thugs weren't enough.  When World War III comes, will anybody notice?

SO THE UNITED STATES CRUMBLES under a 16 trillion dollar (and growing) deficit, estimated at the moment to put about $16,000 of debt on each American man, woman and child, the Fed prints billions of dollars secured by nothing but more debt and almost guaranteed failure, and the media remains concerned more with Hollywood idiocy and whomever can win a million bucks by carrying a tune sweet enough to put American brains to sleep (it's working).  The world?  Burning bright, hostility its fuel.

ANYWAY, I WOKE UP ENOUGH TO realize my incredible error in writing Mr., Obama in 2004 after he spoke before the Democratic National Committee and congratulating him on a great speech -- and then suggesting that he might wish to consider running for President one day.  America, again I apologize, a thousand times I apologize to the United States.  I also apologize because Obama, the empty suit is probably coming back for four more -- during which his mountain of apologies to other countries for the USA's very existence will easily surpass mine regarding his over-lording ascension to the White House.  

NO MATTER WHO WINS IN NOVEMBER there remain dire warnings about food prices, riots in the streets and continuing in-house attempts to transform the U.S. into something it was never intended to be.  If Europe wasn't being consumed by all of this and more right now, I'd say this  sounds crazy, and we surely aren't going to hear this from the government-influenced TV networks, but the signs are everywhere.  And I don't even know what to think about reports of our government (Homeland Security and. . .?) suddenly making gigantic purchases of killer bullets.  Some worry about more war under Romney.  I worry about more war under Obama, currently more concerned with appearing on moronic TV talk shows than consulting with world leaders and answering hard questions from American journalists who won't ask them..  Your children and grandchildren may face a military draft one day soon.  Won't happen?  It happened to me.   If you can, stock up on food and essentials (including those for personal protection), hold your children and pets close, pay off old debts and avoid new ones because we never know when there might be something huge, terrible and foul-smelling just ahead on life's dark globalization highway -- and I don't mean Bigfoot.