Friday, November 20, 2009

Going Nuclear at the National Press Club

Maybe this time things will be different.

In 1964, many of us pinned our hopes on a document entitled The UFO Evidence, published by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). The late Richard Hall, Maj. Donald Keyhoe (USMC, Retired) and a team of dedicated UFO researchers worked at a fevered pitch to produce and edit the lengthy report so that every member of Congress would receive a copy. This was important stuff, filled with reports, science and technical information about the UFO phenomenon gleaned from impressive military, government and civilian witnesses. Unfortunately, though many in Congress found the document of interest, and even urgent in its warnings, one could almost hear the sounds of a collective yawn throughout the House and Senate when the concept of everybody getting together and taking some sort of action actually reared its dubious head. To this very day, The UFO Evidence stands tall, and to this very day widespread congressional interest does not. Maybe because UFOs don't vote.

The Next Big Thing arrived a few years ago in the guise of The Disclosure Project, via a meeting held at the National Press Club in Washington. There were problems, a major glitch being a still troubling loss of Internet visualization and audio when the connection to viewers all over the world failed. But at least many among the media commented politely and lent credence to what they heard with their own ears, close up and personal, from competent witnesses who encountered UFOs, sometimes under dramatic circumstances.

Now, as some of you may have read in Frank Warren's UFO Chronicles (see link), it appears the National Press Club will again host a UFO conference, next fall in Washington, D.C.
When that happens, history will be made and -- if inquisitive ladies and gentlemen of the press react as one would hope with weathered anticipation -- the proceedings could exert a major influence upon the process of open government in the U.S. The event, apparently scheduled to include at least a dozen former and retired U.S. military personnel who experienced UFO visitations at crucially important nuclear weapons installations, will be organized by UFO/nukes connection researcher Robert Hastings and former U.S. Air Force Capt. Robert Salas (himself a witness to such activity and a participant at the previous NPC conference mentioned above).

Salas and Hastings have thought this out, fortunately, for by announcing the event a year in advance they hope to attract other former military personnel wishing to appear and/or write accounts of their UFO/missile base experiences for inclusion in the 2110 conference. According to their press release, UFO encounters at Air Force and Navy nuclear installations may still be occurring.

Everybody's fond expectation is that ultimate disclosure of UFO information by the U.S. government will materialize, as it has increasingly in foreign countries. My personal wild speculation suggests that NICAP's major fatal flaw in 1964 was an inability to enlist the amount of serious media interest necessary to influence congressional sources into exerting definitive action. It remains the misfortune of the people's right to know that the UFO and UFO vs. nukes issue stays below the public radar while simultaneously evidencing itself on government radar screens. The real question is whether Mr. Hastings, Capt. Salas and associates can convince media representatives, who are sure to attend their presentation in abundance, that First Amendment practitioners and all the tools at their disposal are urgently required.
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