Friday, May 4, 2007

UFO Landing Frenzy in 1964

After the alleged Socorro, NM UFO landing (see previous blog entry, "The UFO Landing Heard Around the World"), NICAP became inundated with highly unusual UFO reports whose details extended far beyond mere lights in the sky, many of them in reference to UFO landings all over the country. The organization was being impacted by this UFO "flap" just as the staff struggled to publish its long-awaited report for Congress, entitled "The UFO Evidence."

In the two-page Special Report issued June 8, 1964, shown here (click to open), NICAP offers members a brief glance into the kinds of "things" their investigators were involved with. Indeed, while UFO landing reports were not commonplace in NICAP's experience dating from the fifties, nor were they unusual. What was unusual this time, at least in the USA, were scattered instances of small beings sometimes seen near the objects, and in at least one case (Gary Wilcox) a seemingly reliable witness reports conducting a conversation with small, apparently alien, entities during daylight in his farm field!

Note that all of this occurred several years before the considerably different and generally frightening "UFO abduction" incidents entered the arena of mystery in the USA. The famous Barney and Betty Hill "abduction," for example, would have taken place years before the 1964 landing cases -- yet another enigmatic potboiler which, when at last revealing itself to the world years later, brought with it an ongoing parade of similar events rarely, if ever, seen by investigators before.