Thursday, May 3, 2007

NICAP Link Added

So far, I've sprinkled references to all over these blog entries, so it's great to finally put a link up in the link list. The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena closed around 1979-80 after a long run since 1956. During the powerful NICAP era, the "best and the brightest" of UFO witnesses and cases were documented, resulting in some of the most compelling incidents on record, especially those involving military and commercial airline reports.

Thanks particularly to UFO investigator, writer and former NICAP associate Francis L. Ridge, NICAP's history lives on through a fully authorized, official web site initiated in 1997. At you'll find not only a collection of the best UFO evidence in the world, there's also a great on-site search engine to assist in locating the facts, not the fallacies, of UFO investigations. The site is supported by the Fund for UFO Research. If you check out the section offering materials for sale, you'll discover some worthwhile items. The NICAP link is very important to this blog and I'm happy to add it above.