Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Link - Detective Fiction

A step away for a moment, please, from UFOs and other matters of scientific intrigue. I've added a new link to the page today, and I want to submit a few words about it.

I've known Jeffrey McGraw since the seventies, and he really ticks me off. Why? Because he has the ability to weave intricate plots and incorporate them into detective fiction novels, one after another -- a gift I happen not to possess! It's true, I've tried twice in my life to write book-length fiction and in each case, after finishing about 75 percent of the manuscript, out it went, trashed. With me, it's nonfiction or bust. Curses!

That's why I stand in awe of Jeff and other authors who conjure up stories that excite, tales intended to whisk us away to some other place, holding our attention all the way through. You'll find him mentioned on various web pages, but here's part of a current blurb describing his status from

JEFFREY MCGRAW has written six books including the "Ross Malone" thriller series and the "Eric Geiger" series. He also created and wrote the original audio series, "Mace Conners on the Long Haul" as well as the audio series, "Metro Heat" for He is currently finishing the next Ross Malone thriller, "Breeder," scheduled for release in spring 2007. His passion for writing is only matched by his passion for baseball.

Not bad for a guy who started out writing humor, doing a little stand-up comedy and even writing sports articles way back. His books often reflect a "noir fiction" flavor and, as he continues working on novels, I know he's also involved in radio creations again, and I wish him continued success with all of his efforts. If detective fiction interests you, please check Jeff's web site, linked above.