Monday, February 11, 2019

Insane Congressional Clown Posse on the Attack

(With appreciation to performers, The Insane Clown Posse for choosing a name from which today's blog entry title is drawn.)

Now I get it.  After all, was it not Tom Perez, the DNC's big cheese, who declared just after the elections that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the future of the Democrat Party?

Taking this as a clue, I assume the Democrat Party's future is destined to include stupidity, delusions of grandiosity, ignorance, childish adult behavior and -- nothing new here -- a faithful, often benign and absolutely clueless voting bloc noteworthy for a blissful attitude of, Don't know, don't care!

And, not to forget, black face applications AND women who appear to surface at opportune times to claim sexual impropriety.

Good grief, no wonder the accommodating media attempted to breathe a gritty sigh of relief last week when Jeff Bezos' alleged penis and mistress photos seemed to overshadow everything else.  As far as tabloids go, using a play on words regarding Bezos and the National Enquirer's David Pecker ("Bezos Exposes Pecker," for example) -- may I again take an opportunity to remind one and all that even when I attended the Air Force's Medical Service School in 1968, medical personnel were openly called "pecker checkers" on base by uncouth airmen of other skills?  We airmen were (ahem!) ahead of our time.

In days before and then during Trump's SOTU speech, it became evident that the haters among the political class best exhibiting their facial expressions of hate were some of the new radical left women.  Obviously, many among the new arrivals in Congress have politically charged mayhem on their minds, forget abiding by American ideals.  But when one adheres to a political party which refused to investigate shameful chapters during the Obama years, what should we expect?  The future, indeed.

So there's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (we'll call her AOC), her allegedly fascist-lovin' chief of staff and the new gang touting the "Green New Deal," ostensibly an inferred homage to the United Nations' Agenda 21, but even crazier.  We note that somebody began taking portions of this fetid pizza off AOC's web site, piece by piece, as its components became public laugh material (farting cows. . .) I was especially taken with plans to obliterate airplane flights in 10 years and replace automobiles with a vast railroad system -- yeah, THAT will help preserve rural areas and improve transportation by returning to those lovely days of rail hell.  Hitler would marvel at the nostalgia of trains and cattle cars.  Who will lay railroad tracks across oceans?

This train thing, of course, reminded me instantly of the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still (the original and only great version), where the extraterrestrial visitor Klaatu tells a boy that someday he'll tell him about trains that need no tracks.

Nor do leftist Green New Deal conjurers need a grip on reality.  No tracks?  How about off the tracks?

Even more incredible than demands to rebuild every structure in America and do other things which the leftist Deal dreamers admit we can't afford (and so what?  We just print money, obviously...) was the instant clinging-on of several Democrat presidential contenders.

76 Democrats signed on to this ridiculous radical, anti-Constitution document.  Apparently, fascism is back in style among the New Democrats.  Bill of Rights?  Nah, make it go away. They can write a new one.

Alas, however, even Nancy Pelosi appeared to realize the bonkers aspect of this plan, immediately making excuses (she just hadn't seen the plan yet...) and refusing to comment, other than expressing hazy appreciation for ALL ideas submitted.  Meanwhile, she also appears to be holding Ocasio-Cortez at bay, intentionally leaving her off a key congressional environmental committee.

We suspect that even the most center-left of Democrats are wearing blinders regarding the new inductees among them, wanting the presidency so badly that they refuse to acknowledge the extremists around them.

It's good that Trump promised during his SOTU speech that the United States will never become a socialist country.  Don't expect the Democrats to echo the assurance.

ABC-TV and Disney:  I want all ABC-TV news personnel to wear Mickey Mouse ears when on camera so we won't forget who the boss is. These folks aren't doing news so much as entertainment and political posturing, and we think they should express the corporate background appropriately with MM ears, one size fits all.

5G coming our way:  A growing concern about the introduction of 5G networks across the country may be valid, though Big Corporate interests behind the push seem to have no problems with it in public statements.  Opponents checking their own science warn, however, not so fast, the increase in microwave radiation flowing through our communities, human bodies and animals will increase cancers and other severe health enigmas.  As usual legislators focus upon the big money first, with life and death issues secondary -- if at all on the "radar."

A former DEA agent going public says actor Sean Penn should have been arrested for arriving to interview "El Chapo" for Rolling Stone just in time to ruin Mexican and U.S. attempts to apprehend the drug lord a few years ago.  What?!  Make Hollywood look bad?  Privilege has its privileges.

Just as Democrats are poised to introduce more government into people's lives than we've experienced in decades, a new study indicates that post-millennial "Generation Z" young people are incredibly liberal.  Exactly the Petri dish organisms required for the Green New Deal to take wing.  Clueless is not a good thing.

Insect populations have seen a dramatic, alarming decline all over the planet, seemingly exiting hand-in-hand with a number of animal species whose numbers have plummeted since the 1970s.  This is an area where I have no problem blaming humans, especially where pesticides, poisonous chemicals, arbitrary hunting/killing, habitat destruction and other excessive human population and activity can be observed.  We will likely outsmart ourselves, but our ingenuity makes time-scale predictions impossible.

We're a little late here, but we were infatuated with the dumbness expressed by people from whom we expect wisdom -- teachers.  In this case, striking teachers in Los Angeles demanded smaller classroom sizes, but neglected to take facts firmly in hand and put the blame where it belonged -- on an explosion of illegal immigrant children who have absolutely no business sitting in California taxpayers' classrooms or participating  in the U.S. taxpayer-subsidized education system in any way.  Instead, the teachers' unions blubbered about the need for more teachers to manage this needless problem.

There is some good news out there.  The Southern Poverty Law Center is currently being subjected to the lawsuit of all lawsuits for its questionable activities, and we hope this bunch who decide arbitrarily -- apparently often based upon leftist thinking -- who's the racist and who's the enemy gets smacked in the courts so hard that their millions and millions of donated and lawsuit-gained dollars will disappear.  How dare these opportunists judge individuals and groups such that their conclusions have often been taken as gospel by organizations capable of dictating policy and human affairs.  If you're a conservative, chances are you are not looked upon kindly by the SPLC.

A new book entitled, Empty Planet, written by a scientist and a journalist, claims that human population will reach a peak in 30 years, followed by an unstoppable decline.  Yep, the living end.  You may not agree, but stuff like this strikes me as pretty damned funny, particularly if true.  So, when there's nobody at the window in the U.S. to order fast food from during a drive-through on one's last ounce of gasoline (or last molecule of hydrogen or final atom of cold fusion, or on the last surviving rail of Ocasio-Cortez's train track or. . .), to whom does one complain in a society sustained by complaints?