Monday, September 17, 2018

Toxic Masculinity and Other Poisons

University campuses and the usual leftist hangouts are in flames about this subject not so affectionately called toxic masculinity.  I may not quite have a handle on what that is, but near as I can figure it's the sort of thing demonstrated by the generally pampered Serena Williams on a tennis court a couple of weeks ago (who's the sexist?).  If your rant causes your 20 year old -- winning -- female opponent to break down in tears, isn't that toxic masculinity, as defined by various leftists?  And when the female president of the USA Tennis Association (or whatever it's hallowed title may be) kinda goes along with the game's loser, making the winning opponent even more uncomfortable, isn't that toxic masculinity? 

By the time colleges and universities finish emasculating boys and men and making them feel second class or worthless in comparison with anybody who possesses female attributes, most of those, of course, attached to women, grave damage will have been done.

If "toxic" references males who abuse women physically or emotionally -- something, by the way, which many women are also entirely capable of doing to men -- that's one thing.  Does Keith Ellison's alleged brutality toward women qualify as toxic?  Obviously not, for the Democrats continue to embrace him.

But we know better.  To a number of these frustrated, self-hating whiners, all males are toxic, and ridding the world of almost everything human with a penis is Crazytown goal number one.

So let's delve into social toxicity a bit.

Toxic Masculinity:  First, when there's a war, I WANT toxic masculinity.  Yes, bold, powerful, smart and calculating men with big muscles who are willing to harm. shoot at, kill and destroy anything that smells like an enemy on the battlefield, we need 'em by the hundreds of thousands.  Anybody who thinks we're going to find such heroes in a women's studies classroom partially populated by gender-oppressed young men frightened by even the hint of an opinion contrary to their own "wussified" thought patterns is wasting their time.

Toxic Academia:  When so-called institutions of higher learning encourage and take advantage of students with empty heads to fill their squirming minds with hatred of the right, gender obfuscation and refusing even to allow conservative points of view to be brought up or discussed, that ain't college.  "Snowflakes" may appear cute in their self-centered emotional vacancy and lack of critical thinking skills, but even snowflakes melt quickly when exposed to the heat of the day -- or the heat of an argument.  These are the gifts a disturbing segment of academia is sending our way -- and the future of America hangs in the balance.

Toxic Journalism:  It's the agenda.  It's the news, too, at least some news, but by far it's the agenda first.  After all, without toxic journalism, who's going to tell us about the horrors of toxic masculinity on campus?  Who's going to make twists and turns with the academic world to make a college education appear beyond reproach?

Toxic Government:  When a sitting senator whose private and public thoughts and intelligence information were consumed to an unknown degree for some 17 years by a Chinese communist spy who was literally "driving Miss Diane" all over the place, and she had not a clue -- that's creepy enough.  But then to observe fellow Democrats not giving a damn, even as she mysteriously comes forth with "new" allegedly damaging information about Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh at the last minute (and this whole thing stinks of deep leftist inventive intrigue from top to bottom, as we wonder how much of #metoo consists of pod people) -- what more needs to be said?

Toxic Credit Cards?  What's up with Mastercard, allegedly making corporate decisions disallowing some companies manufacturing or selling firearms to use their credit card services?  Is this The Curse of David Hogg exemplified?  We predict, pardon the term, a huge backfire upon those who attempt to circumvent the Second Amendment, despite all the clever little ways used to do so, whether tampering with individual bullet identification or with sales of weapons themselves.  And don't think that the next major successor to mere 3-D printer technology -- gun and ammo production technology -- isn't waiting in the wings. 

Illegal aliens:  A perfectly good and logical term, so why do so many government officials at all levels have such a problem using these words, simultaneously and almost magically forgetting the words in the oaths of office they spoke so solemnly?  And we also wonder just how some of those unexplained fires in California began -- perhaps at the hands of border criminals ineligible for the American dream?  Would we ever know, even if information came about?

Incidentally, why didn't the TV networks make more of the now established fact that a lot of illegal kids held in the U.S. are here because their parents sent them and do not want them returned, assuming their lives will be better here?  Sounds innocent enough, but there's a lot of baggage attached to this ongoing tragedy seemingly without end.  "Immigration attorneys" need to be arrested in some cases, as they strive to shred U.S. laws badly, badly in need of brutal enforcement.

Miss America received exceptionally low TV ratings -- and why shouldn't this dinosaur go down in flames?  Besides, you know it's only a matter of time before viewers won't even know whether they're watching "real" women or the result of a surgeon's handiwork.  At the very least, transvestites will go to court to allow participation, and then it's only a matter of time before. . .

Google goes to China -- and plays the commie Internet censorship game as China also introduces, um, individualized people trackers, leaving no brain or skull untouched.  Thanks Google -- now, what do you have planned for America, once our domestic leftist friends eventually seize power through lies and betrayal?

Oh, and Obama returns to the political scene, outrageously taking credit for an economy he had no positive bearing upon whatsoever.  We understand that  measles have made a bit of a comeback, too, but they aren't claiming to be anything more than measles.