Monday, September 24, 2018

Exposing Themselves vs. Exposing Himself

If anybody in this Supreme Court nomination quagmire may be assured to have dropped their pants and exposed themselves right before our faces, it's the Democrats.  Before flinging arrows in Brett Kavanaugh's direction, cool minds need to know (1) this is all about open-air revenge by a political party which still will not accept its tremendous loss during the elections, and (2) this bunch is willing to do anything to regain seats in November, including bringing alleged victims of anything remotely sexual before the public, and they will sacrifice "victim" anonymity to make a good show.

Nor does it apparently matter that pretty much all of this hoopla involves both attorneys and "victims" who populate the seething far left Trump-hating sect.

Senator Diane Feinstein, who kept Dr. Ford's letter a secret until virtually the last minute, should have no say in the matter, having already been demonstrated as too stupid or incompetent to realize or care that her chauffeur of 17 years was a Chinese spy.  Feinstein should, in fact, have resigned when this bombshell came out, even though the willing media glossed over THAT story.  Aren't there already enough questions about her personal wealth?

Inquiring minds must surely realize there's a cult of well-organized leftists in key positions dedicated to bringing down our way of life, and if twisting our legal system to their benefit -- as they are currently attempting to do with Kavanaugh -- is the solution, they'll do it.

In the widest sense, none of this has anything to do with what Kavanaugh may or may not have done as a youth or young man.  It's really about sore losers and lobbyists who control Washington, exposing their darker sides and  urinating all over those who believe in Trump's MAGA slogan and all the swamp-draining such a magnificent chore demands.  These folks know all too well that the addition of a Supreme Court justice with the power to overthrow their loony or dangerous objectives must be fought and defeated at almost any cost -- and, wow, just look at the latest absurd clown show.

I believe that Brett Kavanaugh pooped his diaper when he was a baby, and I'll bet the sight and odor were appalling.  I doubt, however, that as an adult he still engages in this activity.  He matured, just as drunken boys and girls at ill-advised high school or college parties eventually grow up and, one hopes, become something better.  Some 35 years ago, something or nothing of significance happened.  Shall one's future be held hostage, particularly when a handful of witnesses either overwhelmingly remember nothing of the allegations or totally dismiss them?  And this is all dumped on the nation at exactly the "right moment" now?

Leftist cackling, however, doesn't focus merely upon the destruction of Kavanaugh and Trump's agenda.  Indeed, it's just another step in a continuing war on men and boys, neither of whom are allowed to exhibit male characteristics in a progressive society.  We think, we hope, especially mothers across the country are beginning to witness the sad effects upon their emotionally emasculated sons.

Which reminds me of my mother's era, when women remained dedicated and strong enough to pitch in and help their brothers, husbands and boyfriends win World War II.  Sadly, we now watch people such as Dr. Ford, whose largest contribution may be to have her name placed proudly in a high school history book, causing even more of what little students are taught about World War II to disappear in order to make space for the triumphant victim, Dr. Ford (side note:  I have become ever so weary of calling anybody who has never accomplished a professional prostate exam "Dr.").

Accusations suddenly dogging Kavanaugh apparently spring from the youth of both himself and those demanding some kind of justice (defined here, we believe, as his departure from SC consideration in leftist-manufactured disgrace).  May I just apologize at this point for the undeniable fact that males and females have a long-ingrained attraction to one another?  I mean, you don't turn it on and off, it's just there, as it has been for the millennia, throughout our transformations into what we are today.  It's called natural, despite attempts by those on the left to deny these basic gender qualities (though perfectly contempt to falsely invent more than two genders in expectation of altering anatomy and physiology texts).

Do I feel compassion for these women coming forward now as if on cue, as if organized by the slimiest members of the Democrat frenzy-whipping department?  Here's what I feel compassion for right now:  Dead U.S. military personnel and their families.  If only the extraordinarily sacrificing departed could have known what they would miss, watching their country being hammered and torn asunder through wholesale, orchestrated victimization by people whose personal standards would cause an insect to blush.

Meanwhile, male-hating as some radical factions of the left are, they obviously don't mind running handsome, well-attired male model sorts for political office (in Texas, for example), because they learned long ago that a pretty face wins votes from clueless Democrat voters who can't be bothered to explore anything beyond the smile and the skin tone.

I've a visual I would love to put up during this  month's national rage of hysteria, but in the current climate one complaint would probably get me censored or removed from Blogger (Google, yes Google).  At a USAF hospital where I served decades ago, radiology techs produced a fake x-ray allegedly showing a fractured penis.  Of course, the organ is of cartilage, not bone, and what the techs did was to take a plaster of Paris model of a penis, place a broken chicken bone behind it, and voila!  Fractured penis x-ray to go.  And it did go, all over, popular as it was, and I still have the x-ray as a souvenir.  Maybe I'll put it up someday, like when an earth-killing asteroid is about to hit, thus rendering me immune from censorship and banning from the, um, open and free Internet.  Which reminds me:  Hi China, hi Google, so how's you censorship folks getting along today?