Monday, June 25, 2018

The Mother-Child Battering Ram Invasion

We've come a long way from the mother-child reunion to the mother-child border invasion, and we most definitely can't put a tune to this song.  Furious words, maybe, but no music.

Remember the Republicans.  And, oh most certainly, remember the Democrats.  The border issues should have been solved decades ago, but instead of keeping us safe the political crowd fails and/or calculates like clockwork.

This week, monetary figures have been tumbled about, reiterated and resurfaced, totaling up national health, education, prison and welfare costs annually for illegal (that means criminal, for the uninformed) immigrants in the United States, and the shocking, grand sum of more than 38 billion dollars shines like neon lights in a forest.

The mainstream media and politicians anxious for a little face time on camera seem unable to focus upon anything but the carefully screened video portraits showing mothers and children invading America via teardrop tickets.  It's rather like a run of foreign exchange students who exchange nothing in return except demands for a new life paid for by U.S. taxpayers.  It's like, it's like, it's. . .like. . .a mouse infestation, overwhelming every stick of wood and foundation materials in the house, chewing up your stuff until the whole house collapses.  Until the whole country collapses.

Compassion can kill you.  I'll happily be the bad guy for writing that.  There truly is a limit to services available and services able to be rendered to the world's masses, as they come here uninvited, carrying diseases unknown and possessing absolutely no education or skills upon which our society depends. We're certain, though, that they know who pays the bill. 
Men, mothers, children, the specifics don't matter,  All that matters in the end is numbers, and the numbers both observable and yet to come -- yes, and still coming -- are worse than a horror story featuring zombies.  Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and all the other places from which people escape various evils have turned their populations into zombie nomads, and their journey north is assisted and encouraged by Mexico, a country with which we should be on friendlier terms, but these days whose government acts no less outrageously than the wicked drug lords already giving the country a bad identity.  And through Mexico also journey the terrorists.

We've all read of bird species which lay eggs in the nests of other species on the sly, thus letting other parent birds do all the work, exactly the same scenario occurring at the Southern border with invaders weaponized with their own babies, children and, doubtless, pregnant mothers who arrive -- just in time.  Sorry, but the kids aren't adorable, the babies aren't adorable, the pregnancies aren't adorable, the men and women making this tale of terror possible are not adorable.  Americans are tired to death of solving walk-in problems with welfare paid by us all.

How many times have I written in so many words over the years, your babies aren't cute anymore?  Maybe now you realize the meaning in those words, pounded into emphasis at the border, the damned border.  It's people, it's numbers which automatically drive consequences, nothing else.  We must simplify laws enough to give new arrivals a quick hearing and, we're hopeful, a quick goodbye as most are refused.  Compassion, yes, it's wonderful, but we can't afford it anymore, especially because it now seems pretty obvious that the rest of the world will just keep coming, without end.  What rational nation on this planet wants to watch itself being eaten alive by an invasion prettied up with moms, babies and demands beyond reason or comprehension?

Brigitte Gabriel, an actual LEGAL immigrant who heads up and speaks for Act for America is making the rounds this week, noting that her Facebook page was taken down when she started criticizing illegal immigration.  Must be that mean ol' hate speech thing.  The best thing to happen to Facebook would be its demise, because it surely appears unable or unwilling -- unwilling -- to serve the free speech expectations of its subscribers.

Gotta run now.  Maybe I'll wander on down to that famous Red Hen restaurant for a quick bite -- and after they bite me, I'm sure I'll be told to leave.  And just why is that hen red?  Hmm.