Monday, June 11, 2018

Just Drinking in the News

What a great time to be a Democrat if you're mentally disturbed.  You can join with a progressively evolving party, act out in the most outrageous ways and make no sense at all except to those who are just like you -- and, be highly revered by the scattered similarly-minded throngs.  Is it any wonder the party attracts both the strangest and most dangerous disciples as radical folk continue to stake their claim, displacing both "blue dog" Democrats and the nominally normal?  From colleges whose leftist students demand classes free of white students to members of Congress who condemn everything Trump does simply because he isn't one of them, we see those on the left displaying "true colors" which have nothing to do with race.  An epidemic of crazy lurks among us.

As news of big lib celebrity suicides drenched news sources last week, we were also captivated by an article in The Hill (May 31) noting a disturbing increase in suicides by health care workers.  By this week, NY's Sen. Charles Schumer called for additional funding to somehow prevent suicides.  To the senator we might suggest that both Democrats and Republicans, but particularly Democrats, have spent decades regulating, excessively taxing and in general complicating people's lives.  Add personal stress and/or hopeless political philosophy to this impossible mix of lives controlled excessively, and what do you get?

As for health care workers, we understand about the sacrifice, compassion, frequent helplessness and thankless efforts involved -- and if anybody thinks the remnants of Obamacare (new laborious regs, paperwork, extra computer chores, etc.) aren't a component of workers taking their lives, I think they are wrong.

Are those on the left going so nuts under Trump's leadership that a contagious self-internal explosion of the mind is the result?  To listen to script word repeater/mouther and director-directed performer and apparent authority on Donald Trump, Robert De Niro, who takes off on Trump at every opportunity, we would suggest it's a good bet.  What will these folks do when Trump's re-elected?  Will smoke blast out of their ears?

Good news?  Austria is taking the upper hand to kick out radical imams and close down mosques, though perhaps some actions are a tad extreme.  Still, it's more than we're doing in the United States, thanks to various restrictions.  We doubt the founders of the country ever envisioned tolerating a religion concerned with killing fellow citizens who won't submit to its gibberish, and we're kinda certain that a bastardized version of the Catholic religion requiring animal sacrifice might be looked down upon as well.

Blogger surprise:  We who blog with Blogger received a peculiarly cryptic little pop-up from Google regarding -- what?  I think it refers mostly to censorship via the European Union, now that everybody's worried about the flavor of the day called hate speech.  The text wasn't all that helpful, but I think it comes down to a warning of sorts about what will be allowed to be seen in other countries.  I guess.  So what font am I supposed to use for my "F" word declarations now?

Twitter's CEO says he is sorry for eating at and enjoying Chick-Fil-A:  Seems fellow libs were upset because the business traditionally does not accept gay marriage due to its owners' religious beliefs, and they struck out at the Twitter guy who, like most libs, seems to have shaken like jelly instead of holding his ground.  Believe me, you gay married people, when you start getting divorced expensively and you each have to share half the family cat, you'll thank Chick-Fil-A for having tried to warn you off.

Thanks Eric Holder -- for telling the DOJ basically to defy the President, apparently even if doing so is unconstitutional.  Ah yes, that's the Holder we all remember.  Just like those old fast and furious times.

Meantime, Wynton Marsalis, Pulitzer Prize and Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter
let loose with some unkind things about the "black community" he inhabits.  The best:  That rap and hip-hop music are "more damaging than a statue of Robert E. Lee."  We couldn't have said it better -- and being white, we probably couldn't have said it safely in public at all :):)