Wednesday, May 9, 2018

When Power Over Women Means Power Over Us All

Not an hour had passed after I posted Monday's blog entry, when blaring headlines in red hit the Internet about the fall in disgrace of NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman, swallowed and spit out by the very entity he claimed to champion -- abused women.  I suppose at this point we need to pepper accusations with the word, "alleged" because the hard evidence still resides in the pages of The New Yorker, but the fact that (at least?) four women have come forward to charge Schneiderman with a box full of horrific allegations makes it almost impossible to dismiss instances submitted publicly.

The thing about Monday's entry is my concluding paragraph, where I (nothing new) condemned NY's governor and a state government dominated, in my opinion, by the worst segment of society just outside of prison.  Then, wow, bam!  The great and iron-fisted Schneiderman, good buddy of Cuomo and other progressive head cases determined, above all else, to rid the nation of Trump, collapsed into a puddle of dirty water, very dirty water.  Funny -- while Donald Trump makes great strides regarding North Korea and Iran (and we hope, very soon, on the Supreme Court, in multiples), Cuomo and the Democrats' great white hope, the seemingly indestructible Super-Schneiderman, goes down in flames.  Oh dear, dear, DEAR!  What will the NY legislative frauds and their weak-minded supporters do now?  They really should have been prepared for this scandal, because similar events of disrepute have graced Albany's/NY City's greatest among Democrats on numerous past occasions.

One clear thing:  Have no doubt, when our government hosts a monster who treats dates like sex cattle and/or whipping posts, that fine example of social justice will do the same to constituents under their thumb, using all the powers of a system in which the intent was intended to remain honorable.

We are humans and we suck.  It's just that progressives suck more.  New York?  California?  Oh, Mr. President, keep doing what you're doing.

Meanwhile, returning for a moment to NY's Cuomo:  As this authoritarian mistake of a governor continues doing everything he can to take guns away from law-abiding citizens (voiced not exactly in those words), we again ask when he plans to unburden himself totally of a weaponized security detail, as he travels the state and beyond, espousing platitudes of stupidity.  If firearms are worthy of forfeit for the people, surely this stuffed suit shouldn't have objections to leading by example.

Iran on the verge?  We believe Trump did the right thing because Obama's screwing of the U.S. by going along with a horrible deal costing U.S. taxpayers alone almost two billion dollars (in addition to the other goodies Iran received) added to another $150 billion or so was a monumental blunder..  As Iran's religious crazies concentrate on funding nukes and terror while letting the people wallow in increasing poverty, we hope the good Iranian people who still remember Iran's golden days of peace can help their youth rise up and destroy the filthy beasts who usurped their power and took over their country.  Trust us, extremist pinheads. there's no imam waiting to come out of a well to bolster the fantasies of mullah twits.  A firm partnership among Saudi Arabia, Israel and other nations acutely aware of Iran's intentions may provide the silver bullet to destroy savages cloaked in radical robes of death.