Monday, May 7, 2018

The Trouble We're In

Mainstream media's infatuation with the "Stormy Daniels" matter exemplifies not the news we receive, but moreover the important stories left wanting in the dust.  As November elections approach, journalism's partisan compass of doom points ever closer to the right, locked, loaded and determined to destroy the Trump administration's agenda, success and the Trump presidency itself.  Yes, there's Iran, a volcano and hate in the streets engineered by haters of the streets, but we are almost commanded to focus at length (maybe that's the wrong word here) upon issues of sex, payoffs and all the usual alleged failings associated with, not one, but many presidents and other government leaders.  This is new?  Certainly not.  But this time the name is Trump, and Hillary Clinton's and the Democrats' spectacular loss in the elections must yet be avenged.  Welcome to journalism for the masses in 2018, where news is seldom what the game is about.  Shameful, indeed, that this simmering trauma takes root in the USA.

Sue the volcano:  As Hawaii's volcanic eruption carelessly spews sulfur dioxide and a host of pollutants into the air, destined under the best of circumstances to make life on the planet a little more toxic, we wonder if the United Nations and its bat-poop crazy climate proponents can find a way to bring lawsuits against this environmentally naughty vent.  Or maybe just do the progressive Democrat thing and tax Hawaiians for the chaos because, after all, it is THEIR volcano and they should have done something about it years ago.

Up with people (not):  Volcanoes will be nothin' compared to a planet poised to host some 10 billion humans by 2050, and still we hear the chant, oh how, HOW will we feed and care for this additional poor billion and those who come after?  Um, maybe we should find a way, while we still can, to keep the numbers from growing beyond outrageous excess?  We suspect this will happen, as it must, but we still have a choice as to whether human population will be managed the easy way or the worst way.  We realize that many consider such talk crazy, but we warn that if anybody thinks it's just the family cats who get spayed and neutered, some folks will eventually have a big inevitable surprise coming.

China, forward-looking, yet backward-dwelling land of cruel dog-eating, endangered animal-murdering, human-enslaving, intellectual property-stealing brutes:  Looks as though the Chinese at a base in Africa have been shooting laser beams into the cockpits of American military aircraft, affecting at least temporarily the eyesight of pilots and flight crews.  Before this becomes a habit as the Chinese escalate on other levels, maybe it's just time to blast somebody's laser toys into tiny pieces.

Stick 'em up! (Your DNA or your life):  Funny how things work out.  We just learned how a serial killer/rapist was apprehended years after his crimes because DNA submitted innocently by distant relatives helped lead the cops to his door.  Yet, last week the government invited a million Americans to donate DNA to support a health project.  Hmm.  Seems to me, now that we're acutely aware that our publicly available DNA can be used in ways about which we had no idea, that maybe it's time to sit back and. . .just. . .say. . .no.  Besides, future technology will only find better ways to know more about us tomorrow if we give them the golden keys today, and that doesn't necessarily mean anything good for the DNA donor.  Not that "they" won't just soon take our DNA samples against our wishes, anyway.  The future?  Will probably suck.

Iran:  Even know-nothings should realize by now how Obama screwed this country and the peace-loving world.  Giving Iran an obscene flood of cash dollars to subsequently fund terrorism, to likely conduct nuclear weapon research and to perform nefarious activities unknown was a disastrous maneuver.  Donald Trump's move to exercise strength in the face of Obama's calamitous legacy of roll-over diplomacy could almost be viewed as inevitable, given the world and our lessened Obama-orchestrated position in it.

The most dangerous fascist-like membership of the elite in America should include presidential wannabe NY governor Andrew Cuomo, who now takes a very public front-door approach in appealing to banks and financial institutions to be reputation-cautious about supporting the firearms industry.  This, of course, is a threat backed up by the power of his administration, and Cuomo seems to have few misgivings about using government clubs to beat private concerns into cooperation.  If America were still America as it was meant to be, Governor Cuomo would be out of office and, we would hope with considerable enthusiasm, enjoying prison life.  Unfortunately, November elections approach and this governing Democrat parasite's extremism is in full bloom as he attempts to fight off an equally radical candidate in his party (actress Cynthia Nixon) and whatever weak candidate the Republicans tend to put forth, as they generally do.  Another term of warp-speed progressive evils will only increase the exodus of tax-paying New Yorkers who suffer every day to accommodate and finance, for the most part voicelessly, the leftist bullies, thugs and punks riding herd on New York, wrapped in a pathetic costume of supposedly fair government.