Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dreamer Reamers

What a lovely civil war we're having.  At least it's still in the bad-mouthing stage, and now that Schumer and the Democrats apparently blinked, if not self-enucleated, regarding their Big Plans for the "Dreamers" and everything that chain migration promises a fragile democratic republic, maybe something lesser and rational will occur.

I want to take this opportunity to love that which all Democrats and many Republicans detest.  No, it's not freedom.  Actually, it's Trump's White House bright boy Stephen Miller.  Miller, increasingly, is identified as a major reason why things aren't going well for illegal immigrant legislation.  Unfortunately for his critics, Miller is no fool, apparently well-versed in immigration law and The Way Things Are Supposed To Be in the United States when it comes to aliens (no, UFO folk, not THOSE aliens) invading the country.

So the government is open again after a brief and absurd "Schumer Shutdown," and we await the next chapter in the Dreamer drama.  Democrats are bound to oppose ending chain migration, a flaw potentially allowing the Dreamer infestation to bring in all their dumb-ass relatives who likely speak little English and possess no skills other than a proficiency in seeking out a welfare office with the kind assistance of Democrat Party headquarters.  You gotta pay for that, you know?

Yes, I know something must be done for the Dreamers, and Trump said as much, but let's also not call them kids anymore because they are now in their twenties and thirties.  One thing I would insist upon, were I king of the universe, would be a mass kick-out of their parents, who started all of this trouble in the first place.  Y'all Dreamers wanna get angry?  Get angry with dad and mom who brought/birthed you here to begin with, don't instead get pissed at U.S. taxpayers who, one way or another, foot the bill of support.  Oh, and get angry with Obama, too, as he's no virgin, more obviously a perpetrator in this firestorm as eager embracer of the unconstitutional.

We hope Trump's negotiations remain firm, that we throw out chain migration immediately, that the visa lottery exits, and may the maleficent "anchor baby" scam end once and for all.

Women march:  Okay, now that women in the know are supposed to hate men, what comes next? Some of us have enough trouble wondering why we still have black -- sorry -- African-American history month, so expecting the masses to figure out the latest marches of utter rage may be asking too much.  Maybe some of those weekend marchers can explain exactly what penis envy is.