Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bits and Pieces for January 2018

Journalism's sinking ship:  Imagine that. A photojournalist has come forward with a picture of Barack Obama posing with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.  Were we not assured that Obama and the racist of all racists had never met?  Seems that the photo, now released and displayed mainly by sources with nothing to hide, was taken before the elections and the photographer was allegedly advised and decided not to release it, lest Obama encounter complications on his way to a very, very horrible presidency.  Of course, along the way nobody could put blinders on the fact that Obama attended the Rev. Wright's racist church for at least 20 years, and hiding this damning photo from the public in order to accomplish the usual leftist political agenda should be no surprise.

From the womb to you:  Now it's a 15-year-old murdering two others of the same age in a school, as public school shootings and assorted violence appear to be making a comeback, reflecting frenzied human society at its most natural.  Sometimes we wish the act of copulation between men and women could result in birthing something useful, not more children doomed to become killers, thieves or leftists.  For instance, couldn't nine months of anticipation result in, oh, say, giving birth to a kitchen utensil?  Maybe an eggbeater or a handy sponge?

We've mentioned on several occasions over the years the cryptic words, your babies aren't cute anymore.  We stand by those words because their meaning goes far beyond the surface.  Yes, human populations are declining in some places, increasing in others, but the basic question of how many is too many begs the question every day.  We aren't very good stewards of the hamster cage in which we live, a consequence of numbers as much as carelessness, ignorance and greed.  We just glanced at another news report claiming we humans may buy the farm  in 50 years anyway, so maybe time itself will, um, if you will, heal all wombs (as in closed for business).  At this point, almost nothing surprises us.

Speaking of nine months, media hounding on the Trump-Wanted-Mueller-Fired theme has become a 24/7 chant, essentially meaningless after the first five minutes of reportage, but apparently provisional and glittering enough to keep the press occupied as if with a new toy.  The could'a been is a didn't happen, so now what?

The Big Memo From Hell?  A FISA warrant obtained to investigate presidential candidate Trump unlawfully involving Obama, the Democrats and the FBI higher-ups?  Is that what may come out in a few days, when and if "the memo" now seen in private by all congressional members is released publicly?  Some congressional members have expressed a degree of outrage we've not seen in quite a while.  Is there a "secret society" after all, but infested in a place unsuspected until now?  Right now, we know little, but that may change dramatically very soon.  IF government works the way it should.  Good luck with that.

Thank you, NBC-TV and Lester Holt for popping on over to North Korea and doing a bang-up job extolling cardboard virtues of a society hiding its walking dead, starvation and brutality.  Man oh man, our ability to receive the truth from American media sources just gets better and better.  Perhaps NBC will next transport our TV screens to Iranian prisons, portraying them as health resorts.

Pelosi, Schumer and the other usual immigration suspects have become frantic in opposing what Trump must do.  With Stephen Miller steering the efforts with Trump, we hope the radical, anti-American plans of these far-lefties are sent packing soon.

Football:  They really should call it head ball. Now really, NFL and the rest, your market strategies raked in billions of dollars over the years.  Yet, few to zero players or officials could never put two and two together and come up with total disaster when lives are spent violently knocking heads?  Nobody realized heads contain fragile brains?  Concussions are as old as we, yet only recently did anybody tie head collisions to irreversible brain injuries.  I think we'll stick to outdoor volleyball -- at least scantily clad players of either sex exhibit only the foolishness to believe sunscreen will prevent skin cancer.

Domestic violence:  This social phenomenon of eternal longevity is a major reason why police officers end up being killed in the crossfire of human emotions gone ballistic.  One almost becomes comfortable with suggesting that DV calls at 9-1-1 be handled from the aspect of keeping the officers safe despite the threat presented.  Why should police officers sacrifice their lives because of one's unfortunate or downright stupid choice of a live-in partner, otherwise known as a "love interest."  More than love swims around in some of those demented heads.

Artificial intelligence:  No, some of us do not wish to become integrated with AI any more than we want pods from outer space to descend and assume our identities.  To the so-called futuristic geniuses striving to remake us all in their image, I say to hell with them.  We demand a choice and freedom from the shackles of forced compliance.  And, sorry Blogger (which hosts this blog, owned by Google), but I want governments investigating Google, Facebook, Amazon and all the mega-giants entertaining a growing capacity to take over our lives significantly.  In the words of the street, it just ain't right.