Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Israel 1, Obama 0, and Cruz Control is Engaged

"If my theory of relativity is proven successful,
Germany will claim me as a German and
France will declare that I am a citizen of the
world.  Should my theory prove untrue,
France will say that I am a German, and
Germany will declare that I am a Jew."
                                                                                     (from an address by Albert Einstein)

If it is true that the Obama bunch went all out to influence Israel's elections -- with operatives inside Israel -- and cause Benjamin Netanyahu's defeat as prime minister, we suspect that particular tint of money & influence, not so well spent, disappeared down the customary political rat holes.  Accusations that Obama's increasingly terminable State Dept. funded this attempt with taxpayer funding should rightfully anger the nation.  As for Israel?  Voters made the right choice.  What other option do you have, when you're surrounded by people consumed every waking minute with the wish to end you,  no matter what?  Muslim Brotherhood buddies positioned deep in Obama's administration surely can't be pleased with election results.

Senator Ted Cruz Announces his presidential candidacy and the left goes nuts, wearing the customary blinders reflective only of a loving image of Hillary Clinton's continuing political fossilization.  Former Texas prosecutor Cruz, hardly one's idea of a career politician, graduated from both Princeton and the Harvard Law School, argued numerous cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, and appears to enjoy a rapport with any audience willing to hear him out.  Will there be a mix of conservative and libertarian Cruz control in the White House next time 'round?  His mistake during the speech?  A declaration essentially condemning abortion.  Again and again and again, candidates with religious values insist upon invading the bedrooms and decisions of others, and, say what you will, it rarely serves them well when elections come around.  The abortion issue has no place in politics, not ever, because this is a subject best left to women and their medical providers.  Ted Cruz, please stay out of the nation's bedrooms, because the abortion issue will overshadow (as it always has in the political ring) every good idea and otherwise courageous intention you summon.  How about we concentrate on things like tort reform?

Re-visiting Facebook:   Just a reminder. . .I am not on  Facebook, was never on  Facebook  and hope never to be on  Facebook, unless I drop dead and somebody grabs my identity and/or rewrites my background to portray me as a drooling, inept fool.  Yeah, I can do that myself, thank you.

A Republican congressman resigns after spending big money to dress up his office like a Downton Abby  wannabe and to live something of a high life on taxpayer money.  Hmm -- as if this approach to "serving the public" is new?  Anyway, glad he's gone, and we look forward to some freshman congressman doing a makeover of his office into something resembling a last-stop lair from  Dexter.

Feelin' ever so nervous about the Secret Service:   Well, as  they  say, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, so when you already have a White House out of control you're not likely to get a different critter out of that section of the forest.  But the prez appears cool with the situation, any situation, every time a situation happens in the yard.  There was that occasion, years ago, when a Secret Service agent questioned me about a threatening letter I did not write to President Carter, and he was professional and courteous.  Now?  I'm not sure the Obama bunch would bat an eyelash if Secret Service agents drank openly and had sex in public while members of a curious public jumped the fence and made their way into the White House to slop around in the Lincoln bedroom. 

Will bullets fly in Utah?   Uh, yeah, so Utah thinks performing executions by firing squad instead of using those annoying, undependable lethal injections will solve those always disappointing Grim Reaper problems.  Sounds nifty on the surface, but because the Obama bunch just tried and failed to rid the country of bullets intended for the AR-15, don't be surprised if the regulator-in-chief poops out an Executive Order and, at least temporarily, deprives the execution squad of raw materials necessary to effect a specific room temperature for the executee.  If you can't bang 'em, you probably gotta hang 'em, dang it.

Somewhere, Al Gore is probably thinking about another run for  the presidency if the Hillary balloon deflates.  Gore, of course, has commented that those who don't believe in (the) man-made climate change (religion?) should be made to pay in some way.  I want this buffoon running my country?  No, no, no.

With Senator Tom Cotton's help,  47 GOP senators signed and sent a letter to Iran, informing them that any Obama deal can be trashed as soon as he leaves office.  Hey, there's nothing like a little reminder for Iran from the U.S. Senate, just like the one you get from the fumigator before he comes by to destroy your bedbug infestation.  Good for you, Tom Cotton, and thanks for exemplifying the best about our military veterans.

Even though I've mentioned before that my Air Force tech school training back in the sixties included a first-ever inclusion of two women students from a Middle Eastern country, I never clarified that they were actually from Iran.  This was a time when we were training Iranian Air Force pilots and Iran's people lived under the Shah.  No, living under the Shah's rule was not pleasant, but at least the women could dress in Western attire and enjoy some liberties -- but now lives are buttoned down and prisons are run under extreme brutality as religious fanatics lord over every aspect of people's lives with an iron fist.  I have always been hesitant about saying the women in class were Iranian, and would certainly never reveal their names (for obvious reasons).  It seems like yesterday when Iran was far different from the freak job it has become under radical monsters -- and ISIS and associates would prefer to make the West something of a twin.  Our current negotiations with Iran?  The unrelenting moron-ality of our State Dept. rarely fails to amaze.

Hysterical human-caused climate change eccentrics drive me crazy, but  we really must listen to scientists warning us increasingly about robotics and computer technology, expected to take over our lives and, perhaps, dispatch humans to demise and death because we’ll be in the way.  The Guardian  of November 13, 2014 raised this issue, and they were not the first to warn the world.  What’s especially disturbing is the tendency of those involved intimately with computer technology, such as Gates and Musk, to come forward with warnings about something which we may neither be able or wanting to stop in its tracks.  (When have I ever said computers were not going to destroy us?)