Sunday, January 11, 2015

French Toast

 Like water, we among the human species seek our own level, a level resistant sometimes to ascending its flow toward the high road.  Everybody seems to need an enemy, one of those strange little requirements comprising our fabric, and much of the time the enemy is real.  The mosquito, for instance, or the cockroach.  If we run out of enemies, we build them from scratch -- such is the case with football games and other competitive sporting events.  In religious terms, the bad guy often wears Satan's garb.  In the streets, the nameless and faceless come and go, each shadow a  reason for curiosity or warning.  And not to forget -- men and women can find the perfect enemy in one another.

During the last week, France and its courageous policemen experienced a self-invented, flesh-and-blood enemy, an irrationally rational evil sprung from the robotic minds of  indoctrinated young adults whose reading lists apparently narrow down to a single book, The Koran.   Moderate, nonviolent Muslims would insist that the Paris killers are not following Islam -- IF moderate Muslims said anything at all -- and that's a major part of the problem.  If moderates don't publicly and strongly condemn their darker side for the continuing procession of brutality occurring all over the globe, rampageous events will never stop.

And if President Obama can't manage even to throw out the words,  radical Islam terrorists  in front of the TV cameras, it's just a matter of time before trouble on a giant scale visits the United States with little fuss.  Heck, the makings and fixings are already here.  The open borders, you know. 

Meanwhile, we in the states await the long-delayed execution of Fort Hood jihadist poster boy and serial killer, Maj. Nidal Hasan, but authorities instead busy themselves imprisoning U.S. military personnel in federal facilities simply for doing their jobs as soldiers in the Middle East.  Or make that  Missile  East?

We hope it won't be left strictly up to the international editorial community to condemn Islamic terrorist-inspired murders of French journalists, cartoonists and others throughout the world whose work reflects and helps preserve that rare and precious gem called freedom.

Jeb Bush in 2016?   If we must have another Bush on the presidential ticket next time, I'll opt for that dog on the Bush's Beans TV commercials.  Apparently, this is a well-groomed canine of few words and, by virtue of his family relationship, already recognizes that his camp is "full of beans."  The perfect Bush candidate?  Woof, I say, woof !