Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Attack of the Climatic Soothsayers, Disease for the Common Man & Guns Without Guiilt

Sympathetic I am with meteorologists (and accommodating political hacks) whose winter storm o' the century forecast was a bit off the mark, a blizzard event which bypassed the primary NY City target for locations a bit more northeast.  However, like so many others whose heads fill with question marks, I'm reminded that an abundance of bandwagon man-made climate change scientists who routinely predict the sky will fall in fifty or maybe 100 years don't have a clue what they're talking about -- sadly, they're the last to come to grips with this fact of nature's ever-changing bag of weather tricks.  And didn't some Al Gore boot-lickers guarantee just a few years ago that snow would disappear from the face of the Earth within a handful of years as  human-derived  global warming progressed?   Well now, just exactly who are the crackpots, as a particularly snowy morning dawns in New England?  Can you say, and you did,  historic?

Measles, mumps, resistant tuberculosis, a virus which leads children into polio-like symptoms and death, etc., etc., etc.   One need not be a physician, quack doctor or theoretician to assume that exotic diseases either returning to or infiltrating our borders for the first time ever make their journey by incubating in humans illegally invading the USA.  As far as Disneyland and states currently jumped by measles go, just look at the map of states affected, all in the Southwest, gateway to the USA for border invaders.  We won't even mention Ebola, which apparently provided the perfect opportunity for White House progressives and pharmaceutical interests to use the nation's citizenry as a giant lab rat.  For all the reasons why the Obama bunch badly requires arrest, trials, convictions and imprisonment, this is perhaps the most serious.  A president who looks the other way, while both human detritus and disease continue to conquer border and legal safeguards, is hardly beneath contempt.

Congress invites Israel's Netanyahu.   Good.  While the prez prepared to visit and kiss up to the new king of Saudi Arabia -- a country so integral to most of the 9/11 terrorists -- Boehner had taken it upon himself to invite a real national leader to the U.S.  The fact that this maneuver likely urinated off a good deal of the Muslim community, both radical and otherwise, is just too darned bad.  Now, if Boehner and McConnell would actually follow through on their bold promises regarding immigration and Obamacare, instead of caving in and demonstrating that Republicans and Democrats have more in common than Americans should be comfy with, we might have something of substance working for the legal constituency.  Fat chance.  Tea Party, anyone?

Guns without guilt?   Now that 3-D printers and necessary peripherals are able to produce untraceable firearms, which logically dictates that every criminal in the U.S. will soon be packing effortlessly for every occasion, isn't it time to change all state laws and allow every law-respecting American over age 18 to carry firearms for their own protection?   "Shall not be infringed"  seems to exemplify that hackneyed phrase,  It is what it is.