Monday, December 8, 2014

Eating Our Own Tails, 2014

While I served in the Air Force during the Vietnam Era, going on leave was always a prickly experience all around.  To get a substantial and appreciated military discount when flying from airport to airport, service people were required to wear our uniforms during travel.  For me, uniform-clad, an immediate observation in civilian territory was a profound unfriendliness by civilians toward military people, as if we were single-handedly responsible for the Vietnam  war  conflict   war   conflict   war  situation.  No, I did not get spat upon or encounter crowds calling me "baby killer" and the like (which happened to other military personnel), but a cold human atmosphere was palpable.

I only mention this because I think I understand how good, solid law enforcement people -- at all levels -- across the U.S. must feel right now.   Yes, bad things have happened and bad things have always happened, but the usual lot of leftists, anarchists and morons are doing what they do best -- coagulating into violently protesting bacteria of all kinds, blaming every cop on the beat for every ill they can conjure.  These folks care only about their own form of justice, the variety which brings "the system" down.  Right now, they're working pretty hard at it. 

"The system" may not be perfect, but so far there hasn't been a good substitute in sight.

In New York, I think the protesters would serve themselves and the country best by focusing their rage toward the governor and legislature, for these are the folks who perpetually tax citizens nearly to oblivion and insist that police personnel pursue tax "criminals" aggressively.  As far as NY City goes, it may just become increasingly clear that electing a garden-variety socialist mayor disguised as a Democrat wasn't a good idea, either, because his speeches and actions appear deemed and doomed to foster even more trouble in the streets.

Meanwhile, everything seems to be increasingly about "white privilege" vs. black injustice and black everything else.  As a white guy, may I just say, if you're going to in-my-face black me all over the media and on the street, at least black me with somebody other than Sharpton, Jackson and all the usual race-baiting opportunists who exist only to stir their non-melting pot.  Instead, black me with people such as Lt.Col. Allen West or Dr. Ben Carson. people of talent, intellect and honor.  If you're going to black me with black hate talk radio, then black me instead with well-spoken black radio talk show hosts who actually make sense, such as Kevin Jackson, who isn't buying the tired old liberal apologist line for a second.   

I can understand that some black minorities are filled with storming rage, but they invariably direct all their energy in the wrong direction -- and the right direction is toward all the wildly liberal Democrats who built a cage around their dreams and hopes to keep them captive to socialist ideals.  If 93 percent of black murders are performed by other black people, then one would have to conclude that the main problem isn't the police -- it's the generational Democrat-concocted conditions that created the ongoing environment of poverty, hatred and mistrust anchored in one failed city government after another.