Monday, April 14, 2014

Moo Who? Moo You!



FLASH!!  Be sure to read today's final entry for a new instance of human inventions imitating UFOs.

NEVADA:  A baker's dozen of cow pies, all boxed up and arranged prettily, would be more appetizing than anything the Bureau of Land Management dished out last week.  If anybody has the right to organize and protest, it's rancher Bundy's cattle, and everybody way out West might just consider themselves fortunate that a community cattle organizer from Chicago didn't show up to orchestrate an angry animal stampede.

Yeah, Bundy's ancestors started grazing the herds back in the 1800s, and at some point the U.S. gov declared that this grazing land was public land, and the trouble began -- at least for the last twenty years, during which the BLM insists that Bundy himself owes the U.S. government a million dollars.  The rancher doesn't quite see it their way, and thus reasons for self-respecting cattle to take heed, especially as BLM enforcers began rounding them up with the intent of taking them away, way away.

As we continue to endure a presidential administration out of control and federal fingers with a reach too long, it doesn't take a cow flatulence scientist to realize that last week's siege on the Bundy cattle wasn't just the BLM moving in at the last minute.  No, it seems far more likely that the Obama bunch -- no lovers of rural America, ranchers or small farmers -- was solidly and bureaucratically behind the affair.  Strike while the iron is hot, etc., etc.  Harry Reid who?  Where was he?  

Remember, this is the White House gang which considers the UN's Agenda 21 almost divine, and would likely be thrilled to transport as many Americans as possible from the countryside to the cities (thanks a lot, but those cities also happen to be nuclear weapon playgrounds for world terrorists, which is to say I wouldn't be storing my sports heroes card collection in the cites if I were you).  Or as the late singer Jerry Reed might suggest, when you're hot you're hot.

Surprisingly, Big Brother backed off -- for now.  The BLM went away and let the cattle go.  Maybe so's they can get back to destroying Americana by rounding up more prairie horses and sending them to slaughter to accommodate foreign appetites (or is that still on hold in the court system until the people forget about this additional outrage)?

By the way -- endangered tortoises?  The ones living in apparent harmony with cattle since the 1800s?  Hmm -- this all wouldn't be more about oil and gas drilling, would it?  Maybe Senator Reid could answer this question, should Nevada residents put it to him.  The peculiarly silent Reid has been missing throughout this quagmire's vocal and busy disturbance.

It seems we've reached a significantly low point when one almost cheers for the arrival of concerned militia members intent upon supporting Bundy, but I must confess a certain gnawing comfort regarding their escalating presence as things dragged on.  No, I'm not at all for a shooting match, because that's exactly what the Washington bunch would love.  In this case, the militia members and other faces simply constituted a barometer calling attention to an impression that the federal government IS out of control, and its incursion into Americans' lives with brute force, slick regulatory pronouncements and even instances of actions just made up as it goes along have progressed way beyond the abilities envisioned by the founders of this country.  The dedicated lawmen and women sent by the government to enforce federal laws against Bundy in Nevada, I'm willing to bet, overwhelmingly wanted nothing to do with this mess, but a job is a job -- and the real evil is always at the top, anyway, where the frustrated and angry can't reach -- where those who don't want us to have firearms for protection are, strangely, always well-armed or well-protected themselves as they dump the fecal matter of progressivism on the heads of those who rarely have the opportunity to successfully fight back anymore. 
Make no mistake, rancher Bundy's encounter with the feds was historic, and maybe even more so because nobody started a shooting match.

Meanwhile, you can bet the suits and ties in D.C. are working tirelessly behind the scenes to complete the intended "transaction" in some other way.   After all, the power lords can't have the common folk gain the upper hand, can they?  Looks as though the Putin approach is catching on, even here in the U.S.  Wake up, America, become de-zombiefied and think with brains in real-time instead of watching zombies eat them in horror flicks.

Eric Holder whines about his treatment by Congress:  Oh boo-hoo.  Mr. Attorney General, those who came before you endured far worse questioning.  Ya know, sir, maybe this hasn't occurred to you, but you're free to resign your position at any time and, in fact, a fair number of us out here would encourage you to do exactly that -- oh, just as soon as you've provided answers about Fast and Furious and a few other matters. 

University Intellectuals of the World Unite.  Looks as though I've a little explaining to do.  Okay, lookee here, as one of my old Air Force basic training instructors was fond of saying:  The univ. intellectuals to whom I've referred caustically just entries ago are those who take their classroom learnin', convert it to some personal hypothesis and then enter politics with the intention of splashing their hope-and-change crap upon us -- the human guinea pigs.  Or we become Petri dishes for their extreme beliefs which they engineer into going viral.  Example?  The Obama Administration.  Not the first, but we profoundly hope the last.

The next time some TV host asks Bill Clinton or any president about UFOs  do us all a favor and DON'T make it about (1) Roswell or (2) Area 51.  The intense focus upon these topics by media searching for a beat has almost turned their very mention into public jokes, despite the quality of some evidence.  Bring up, instead, pilot sightings and military close encounters, etc., and engage them in discussions of the dangers involved for airline pilots and passengers when UFO encounters occur -- the here and now aspect.   In fact, when those of you involved with crazed focus groups out there actually manage to get the word bossy banned from dictionaries, see if you can also do something about  Area 51 and Col. Corso, each of which seems overwhelmingly irrelevant when speaking of UFOs.  Just a thought.

Hillary Clinton's New Shoe:  I guess it's kinda hard to incorporate the old chestnut, if the shoe fits, wear it, when somebody directs a shoe toward your head and not your foot, but at least Hillary returned fire with a vocal zinger or two.  I trust she'll have the opportunity to try on lots of shoes when she's NOT the next president.

The Heartbleed Bug:  Oh yeah, another reason why I'm perfectly comfortable flying to Mars, Jupiter and beyond, totally dependent upon digital technology and the human geniuses who continue to build what destroys -- just when everybody believes the patch (or the fix) is in.  Smells like a flower now, folks, but I'm telling ya, the computer is not the future.  Something else is.

Multiple stabbing at a Pennsylvania high school -- putting the obvious into words:   Strange, isn't it, how mass injuries induced by cutlery don't often spend a lot of time in the media?  Until somebody finds a way to categorize kitchen knives as assault weapons worthy of state and federal regulation, we won't.  Of course, we wish the latest crop of young school victims a good recovery. . .and of the alleged perpetrator, questions abound.  Just a kid.  Just a kid used to mean something altogether different, an image unfulfilled by depictions of shock and horror.  Funny how we've become less immune to some disease processes, but more immune to scenes of chaos, death and war.

Whoa!  What's electrified and reminds me of sixties and seventies UFOs all over again?   From journalist Douglas Ernst, writing for The Washington Times (April 9), comes a potential UFO connection -- but that's not his article's subject in any way.  Discussing MIT Ph.D. candidate Joseph Moore's  research into methods of powering drones without the necessity of having them land for that all-important energy recharge, Moore suggests a daily existence where drones never again need to touch the earth after liftoff.  Instead, according to Ernst, Moore is "on the cusp of
creating a drone that can 'perch' on power lines just like birds to recharge its batteries."  What?  What?

Basically, based on tests observed by Business Insider, drones all gussied up with magnetometers could locate magnetic fields surrounding power lines, follow the electrical impulses and then perch on the lines to absorb a charge.  During the demonstration presented by Mr. Moore, an experimental glider,  "even without a fully-developed perching mechanism, was able to come 'within centimeters' of a mock power line."

What about UFOs?  Those of you old enough to remember the "Incident at Exeter (New Hampshire)" from the sixties and, even more widely reported, numerous instances of UFOs appearing to "ride" or hover over power lines during the 1970s will instantly see a connection here.  Back then, it was commonly believed UFO / power line encounters indicated that UFOs were stealing a charge from this source -- and witness reports of concurrent local power interruptions or outright failures were not uncommon.  And as we've noted on numerous occasions, the great Northeastern U.S. power blackout of November 9, 1965 launched a flurry of UFO reports from people confident that strange objects reported by hundreds were somehow responsible for power interruptions.  Even the late atmospheric physicist Dr. James McDonald testified before Congress about this incident, and a transcription of his testimony can easily be found via an Internet search.

Is this new method of powering airborne drones -- indefinitely -- offering an opportunity already employed by UFOs decades ago?  Once again, here's a clue which makes it difficult to ignore the similarities between previous widely reported UFO observations and human inventiveness.  Life can imitate art, but what to think when life imitates UFO case histories?