Thursday, July 18, 2013

If I Had a Son, He'd Look Like Sum Ting Wong

Okay, let's dispense with this one right up front:  Yes, those phony names for the Asian airline crew were funny, particularly as recited without hesitation by a member of the revered TV media in California.  I mean, Saturday Night Live couldn't have pulled this off any better than the authoritative delivery shoveled out on a TV news program.  Offensive?  Insensitive? Don't know about that, we really need to grab a laugh or two anywhere we can these days from a pretty humorless world.  And as far as the Asian airline goes, now determined to sue the TV station -- those Asian corporate litigation-lovin' folks maybe need to worry less about being "defamed," and worry more about the dead and injured passengers violently "deplaned" from their own aircraft.  The divert the blame strategy is soooooooo "old hat" now.

By the way -- ever notice how local TV station news personnel often can't even properly spell the words appearing in "crawls" traversing TV screens? 

 Who?  Who?  Who? 

Q.  Who killed mega-star entertainer Michael Jackson?
A   Michael Jackson killed mega-star Michael Jackson.

Q.  Who killed talented Canadian actor & singer Cory Monteith?
A.  Talented Canadian actor & singer Cory Monteith killed Cory Monteith.

 Q.  Who caused flash-in-the-pan Canadian amusement Justin Bieber to urinate
his most talented creation into a mop bucket?
A.  Flash-in-the-pan Canadian amusement Justin Bieber caused himself to
urinate his most talented creation into a mop bucket.

 Q.  Who keeps the Obama bunch associates out of prison?
  A.   Obama Administration attorneys, a lapdog media and a willingly
uninformed populace keep the Obama bunch associates out of prison.  So far.

 Q.  Who are the real heroes of sports and entertainment?
 A.   There are no real "heroes" of sports and entertainment, but there is the military. . .
which, by the way, cleared the way for all of the above to do what they do.

 Q.  Who cares?
 A.  Who cares?

What happened to TWA Flight 800?  A very controversial documentary has emerged about this older, still infamous airliner explosion.  Was a terrorist missile involved?  Whatever the truth, disturbing accounts by eye-witnesses who were not allowed to testify during hearings, some of whom claim government officials warned them not to talk, are of creepy interest.  Which reminds me -- how's that UFO disclosure going for you?

A cruel observation:  This Administration has become an international laughingstock, not to mention Putin's own Punch & Judy Show, leaving citizens of the United States the only population this bunch, led by the worst and weakest president ever, can truly bully and manipulate.  Funny how that works. 

The main thing the nationally irrelevant George Zimmerman trial settled is that we continue to have a dependable population of street thug morons, sub-animal entities and avowed communists who foam at the mouth anytime they have an opportunity to take to the streets, cause mayhem and steal things as they trash storefronts.  These people don't care a whit more about Trayvon's death than they do for the always impressive statistics regarding black-on-black murders and violence, especially involving young black victims (hello Chicago, hello Philadelphia, hello Cincinnati. . .).  National media rarely cover such matters, preferring instead to go orgasmic over TV non-sensation preacher Al Sharpton's and the Rev. Jesse Jackson's abilities to whip up demonstrations as if administering a fire sale featuring real fires.  The outstanding thing such rabble-rousers have done over the decades, unfortunately with implicit cooperation and legislation initiated by Democrats, is to keep the black man and woman down and subservient in this country, never allowed to become more than victims of "white privilege."  Instead of protesting the justice system in Florida -- which worked exactly as it was supposed to -- those who insist upon remaining black and angry might serve themselves better by shrugging off the long disconnected, and frankly rather clownish, Sharpton and Jackson, and start looking up to rock-solid black role models such as military hero Allen West and esteemed neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson.

And whilst some cities experience minor riots and others rage, where is the President?  Shouldn't the instigator who announced even before the facts were in that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon say something to calm the atmosphere of anger in the streets?  No, instead we have Stevie Wonder and. . . Miley Cyrus???. . .and other celebs who, regrettably, have an hypnotic effect and ability to influence the mindless among their fans who are unable to think for themselves, and those fans look upon their idols as if substitutes for their own brains.

So Eric Holder steps in, the Dept. of Justice's knight in shining armor, and he's going to do everything he can to see if this can be twisted, bent and forged into a civil rights matter, and in today's climate the concept of double jeopardy doesn't mean a damn.  One is no longer either guilty or innocent, because first the DOJ has to bite off a piece of you, and then other courts make sure you're sued for civil damages.  Zimmerman -- ah yes, the racist who was so racist that he and his wife tutored minority children in school lessons and helped minorities in other ways.

But Eric Holder may not care about such things any more than thugs of the street care about Trayvon Martin.  Holder cares about special justice, social justice, guns you shouldn't have and stand your ground laws.  Holder, the lovable chief DOJ embarrassment who should have exited or been tossed from his job long ago, and certainly after Fast and Furious -- about which he reportedly continues to refuse releasing documents -- came to light.  The F&F operation resulted in numerous Mexican (and American agent) deaths, and to date nobody seems interested in taking responsibility.  Meanwhile, those who should take responsibility will instead concentrate on nudging the legal system more to their liking.  It's all about control and power, and soon Trayvon will be known as Trayvon Who?  While many agonize over Zimmerman and Martin, political demons continue their sleight-of-hand tricks in the shadows, relatively unnoticed, focused upon a myriad of ways to rule and regulate our lives.

(Strange little interview with Martin's female friend on Piers Morgan's TV show. . .where she admits warning Martin on the evening in question that Zimmerman might be a rapist. . .and that his little brother was at home. . . and then maybe Martin worried about his home location being discovered. . .leading one to believe that Martin may have panicked and started beating Zimmerman. . . as the initiator of violence.)

The immigration Trojan horse rolls on as both Democrats and Republicans can't move quickly enough to show more concern for border-jumping criminals than they do for your legal  family.  You see, in some twisted mindset we owe it to the lawbreakers to forgive, accept and shut up.  As political tears flow like mighty rivers for those folks, I've become increasingly confused and sometimes I'm uncertain if I'm referencing La Raza or the Muslim Brotherhood, particularly because each has visited the White House.  As I recall, one includes members destined to destroy America, while the other is composed of people who hope to bring the country down.  Hmm.  Well, that's no help at all. 

An additional observation:  The congressional progressives and cowards of either party, poised to throw out the legalization welcome mat to 11-30 (??) million criminal aliens, will make their biggest mark by screwing over the youth of America -- their own children included -- who will have no choice but to grow up and endure a constant battle for jobs, education and a reasonable life itself as they fight their way through growing crowds and mobs of human misery.  Your kids are about to embark on activities of daily living in a third world country, unless the House is warned and voter demands are insisted upon to avoid all new immigration legislation.  Not to sound trite, but we already have legislation from years gone by, still awaiting proper enforcement. 

It's long been a mystery why Congress continues to host a black caucus and an Hispanic caucus, yet deprives some of us of a Caucasian caucus to address our own special needs.  Now, I'm not inciting racism here, and if you skip over to my Air Force blog's first page you'll find a group photo featuring a black NCO who was my supervisor at a USAF hospital in Texas -- and the sergeant consistently wrote excellent performance reports for me and was a good friend.  No, I'm not a Klan member -- and as you recall from history, the Klan was a  Democrat concoction, anyway.

Nevertheless -- I hear a lot these days about "white privilege," and as a white male I assume that references something such as my white privilege pre-induction military draft physical during the Vietnam Era.  Or maybe the subsequent Air Force enlistment was my white privilege.

Years later, re-joining government employment as a civilian with college, I took a nationally administered federal government test in the early eighties, did well on it and hoped it would advance me to even more white privilege with a better job.  Alas, the government was sued by entities convinced the exam was unfair specifically to black and Hispanic people, the government lost the case, and it was subsequently replaced with -- nothing.  With that occurrence, yes, I understood all too well that this ruling indeed bestowed white privilege upon me and others.

However, far from doing favors for minorities, I believe the lawsuit's result actually said to talented minorities that they were considered too stupid to pass the exam -- and they, like I, were cast aside so that some other system could be developed to allow considerably less talented and/or less prepared and/or less educated people to assume government positions.  And that's why, in the current day and age, you wonder how government at all levels is filled with often incompetent people who can't do their jobs and certainly can't bother serving you.  My test results may have been discarded to pretty up the race card -- which I understand all too well -- but, not to worry, I still have my white privilege.  Whatever that is.

Edward Snowden -- From Russia Without Love:   His well-touted heroics are starting to fade and young Ed's options seem tenuous at best.  Still, I'll go with my original half-kidding suggestion -- that he be given immunity so he can return to the U.S.  Looks as though the government couldn't be much worse off from his leaks than it already claims to be.  Nevertheless, there are always whistles ready and waiting to blow.

Janet Napolitano departs Homeland Security to run the vast University of California system.  With her expertise, I'm sure she'll turn in plenty of illegal alien university students.  But seriously -- why did she leave?  Are the Democrats trying to sweep troubled times and old faces of controversy out of the way so everything looks brand spanking new and innocent by the time midterm elections come around?  True enough, the electorate quickly forgets.
Stoning those who are already stoned at The Rolling Stone:   Okay, so they chose Boston's favorite radical Islam terrorist cover boy for this month's issue, and a lot of people aren't pleased.  One thing's for sure -- that bad-boy cover will sell magazines o'plenty.  However, secondarily we might hope that those who actually purchase the issue will read and learn valuable lessons about a jihadist murdering throwback human monster incarnate.  Had I been the editor, I suspect I might have paraphrased from a famous caption of the old Rolling Stone issue spotlighting, by then, a long deceased Jim Morrison:  He's hot, he's sexy and he's  dead  not dead yet, but we're hoping!