Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cash, Landrum and Lorenzen

Is the December, 1980 Cash-Landrum UFO incident solved?  That's precisely the question posed in the headline appearing in a July 9 online article by Shawn Jason for the

The case has been covered at length for years amongst numerous sources, so I won't repeat all the details here.  However, Jason's attempts to re-explore and confirm what some suspected over the years -- that a fleet of helicopters accompanying a strange, and peculiarly acting, object in the air involved, not a UFO, but a secret United States project -- actually leans toward a plausible explanation.  Final word?  Who knows?  In any case, what Jason has done is to reach back to 1999 and the magazine, Popular Mechanics, which discovered under the Freedom of Information Act the existence of a super-secret  Lenticular Reentry Vehicle.  It is a serious malfunction of one such nuclear-equipped vehicle, suggests Jason, that caused mild to severe effects upon the three automobile occupants, both outside and inside of their car. 

During and after this bizarre event, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby experienced a variety of symptoms, and a nuclear radiation aspect became suspect from the start.. 

As updated by Shawn Jason: 

Dr. Brian McClelland, Betty Cash's personal physician, later stated that the witnesses suffered radiation exposure on a level felt three to five miles from ground zero of Hiroshima or 2-3 grays of radiation. A full-body exposure at one time to 5 gray or more from high-energy radiation leads to death within 14 days. The victims encounter only lasted for approximately 15 minutes. All three had classic symptoms of exposure from nausea, vomiting and burns, to hair loss, swelling and diarrhea. Their health issues were immediate, starting only a few hours after the sighting.

Indeed, legal action was eventually undertaken to sue the government for damages due to chronic health effects and even death, but to this day there has not even been an official admission that the U.S. had any involvement.

We touched upon the Cash-Landrum incident way back in a blog entry of January 31, 2008, and if you reference that date you'll find the entire letter from which only a portion is featured here.  I'm revisiting the subject today simply to reaffirm that APRO's Coral Lorenzen, unlike a lengthy list of folk intent upon screaming hysterically from the start that this was an extraterrestrial craft event, instead saw a trail of obvious crumbs from the start, and waited for medical evidence to support her opinion that this was no alien spacecraft incident.

The visual above, as well as the letter originally posted in its entirety, contains extracted names, and I left these out because there's no point in revealing them now.  However, anybody familiar with UFO research history may easily recognize missing name identities.  For the rest of you, suffice it to say that the late Coral Lorenzen conducted a long-running battle of condemnation regarding the organization MUFON and its director -- quite likely for good reasons -- and she was absolutely enraged that certain individuals affiliated with MUFON were publicly touting  the extraterrestrial alien spacecraft hypothesis, despite the evidence.  Her reference to the ABC-TV show, "That's Incredible" merely denotes an audio recording of the program's segment on the Cash-Landrum case.

Though controversy continues regarding the Cash-Landrum event, Coral Lorenzen's original concerns about the witnesses' experience of horror remain no less relevant today, and "today" encompasses an era often burdened with UFO "investigators" who see aliens around every corner, particularly when financially lucrative encounters or TV cameras drooling for stories of the incredible, true or not, come into play.  As usual, sensational nonsense frequently trumps sober voices and reasonable documentation because the facts just aren't as sexy as bull crap attired in an alien neglig√©.  And speaking of sex and bull crap. . .

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