Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bits & Pieces for August 2012

NASA COMES THROUGH as Curiosity lands successfully on science fiction's Angry Red Planet, a.k.a. Mars.  How long before the Chinese hack in and steal everything we learn, or will the Prez just let 'em sit in?

THE WISCONSIN SIKH TRAGEDY was another naked demonstration of the need for making it easier for law-abiding people to procure firearms for protection.  Shame on and curses upon lawmakers currently climbing aboard the well-worn bandwagon which eternally rolls along to take away gun rights and interpret the Second Amendment per agendas of the moment.  The nation's crazies generally seem to seek out gun-free areas where the pickings are easy and almost guaranteed.  This is the USA, not Europe and not anywhere else where such personal protection is denied whilst criminals and crazies have the upper hand in determining the fate of the innocent.  The term, easy as shooting fish in a barrel, has acquired an entirely new meaning as these multiple executions take center stage and, unfortunately for the self-enlightened deniers among the elite, the only logical answer is more guns, not less.

Interesting to note that the Southern Poverty Law Center was tracking the shooter for years.  Anybody been tracking the history of the Southern Poverty Law Center in years past?  There seems to be this strange little incident where they helped one or more illegal immigrants achieve riches beyond their wildest dreams at the expense of a U.S. rancher who dared to detain and show 'em what-for when they invaded his property.  Guess who won big in court?  Check it out. 

THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION smells a lot like Venezuela or Cuba these days, can't quite figure out why.  I was raised to respect government and even served in the military, but I suggest without prejudice that this bunch appears the most corrupt, devious and deceptive I have ever seen in politics.  Liars?  Power grabbers?  Impeachment?  Hmm.  How about. . . a fair trial for likely suspects followed by imprisonment in the Federal pen?  This President took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and -- for starters -- what do we get?  Illegal immigrants (probably many of whom carry TB, whooping cough and other diseases we almost had under control) who enter at will as border patrol agents are administratively handcuffed and told to look the other way.  I see new voters being herded in for a specific political party.

U.S. citizens have become second class citizens as success and wealth are condemned, while efforts are made by this out-of-control Admin to share the wealth among people who don't belong here.  Remember the king's words -- you didn't build that.  No, apparently the socialist collective built that, and individualism be damned.

And we get the Muslim Brotherhood, whose members couldn't be more extreme and absolutely committed to bringing Sharia Law to the world -- submit to Allah or die.  There is no third choice.  This is the same Muslim Brotherhood welcomed into the White House with open arms.  In whose best interest?  I think we have a president who mistakes dangerous emissaries of world domination for bringers of world peace.

Our energy future hovers near disaster as our "green" president and his minions condemn traditional sources, while pathetically unable to produce acceptable replacements in time to avert calamity, and through all of this the idiotic Dept. of Energy does little worth its existence, and the over-restrictive Environmental Protection Agency just sucks up and fines every presumed obstacle in its path.  Then there's the useless Dept. of Education, a miserable, cash-drunk bureaucratic sot whose very conception may well be classified the 8th wonder of the world.

Obama, man of mystery. Who is he?   No, really -- who is he? Why have we never seen his college records?  What's the buzz about his Social Security number being issued in Connecticut, when he never lived there?  Why has the media never insisted upon seeing Obama's credentials, and why has he allegedly gone to tremendous trouble and expense to keep various papers regarding his past locked away?

By the way -- when will Army Major Hassan's trial begin -- you know, the un-alleged Fort Hood mass murdering Muslim psychiatrist?  One would almost believe that somebody is putting this off until after the elections.  Nah, couldn't be.  And the verdict is . . .guilty as hell.  The penalty:  Death, preceded by being licked and kissed by a filthy pack of dogs and pigs.  Now, that's justice. (UPDATE:  The trial may start in two weeks.  Or maybe not.   We'll see.)

THE DEMOCRAT PARTY HAS ATTRACTED weird little things that even Democrats with the best of intentions never expected.  Like a sticky doughnut rolling across an unswept floor, the party of  FDR, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy has become afflicted, infiltrated and laden with a highly organized union & street thuggery, anarchists and groups intent upon harming or "transforming" the government by hook or by crook.  I used to vote solidly for these folks, as an Independent voter.  Dope & change.

YES, BUT MITT ROMNEY HASN'T PAID TAXES FOR 10 YEARS.  If Romney had failed to pay taxes, don't you think the Internal Revenue Service -- THIS Internal Revenue Service -- would have called him on it long ago?  The man would either be in prison or perhaps minus the requisite arm or leg demanded by tax collectors in nightmares.

THE TEA PARTY IS MAKING STRIDES, for better or worse, because it isn't staffed by the liars so cherished by the Dems and, yes, the Republicans.  I'm concerned about the Religious Right and the rabid compulsion among many of its members to take away a woman's right to choose, but the attack-dog attitude about fiscal matters, auditing the Fed and placing blame for economic crimes perpetrated in the country is fine with me. 

PARENTS UNITE AND MAKE SURE your kids grow up tough, smart and ready for anything.  Handing out trophies to everybody on the team to obliterate the concept of losing was a dumb idea from the start, because now we have a generation of young folk who expect instant success and no disappointment.  There are yet enemies we must confront in the future, enemies who grow strong due to the lessons of pain and failure, not from childhood fantasies assuring that everybody is an instant winner.  Instant winners get their asses kicked every day by seasoned winners who simmered carefully in a methodical brew.

ATHEISTS CURRENTLY DEMANDING THE REMOVAL OF CROSSES IN MILITARY CEMETERIES AND OTHER AREAS:  Um. . .you folks can go to hell.  Personally, I don't believe in hell, but because you one-track-mind idiots are so bent upon destroying religious icons, traditions and music which don't physically harm you, thus identifying yourselves as nothing more or less than Thought Police, you deserve to be run over on highways by religious retreat buses crammed with believers -- and, believe me, some of those dilapidated church buses can do a real number on bystanders as well as occupants! 

GAY MARRIAGE AND CHICK-FIL-A.  Everybody is free to choose his or her religion, or no religion at all in the USA, and everybody, including the CEO of Chick-Fil-A, has the right to express an opinion.  As my readers are aware, in these blog pages I expressed my support for the the rights of gay and lesbian people to serve in the military (I even reproduced a letter received from the Clinton White House on the subject).  However. . .

I kinda thought, once that absurd barrier was finally crossed, maybe gay folk would just go ahead and. . .serve like other military people.  I didn't envision in-your-face parties or rude acting-out as if rubbing the faces of non-gay service people in dog poop.  Just. . .be.  I can empathize with all of those non-gay military people who were subsequently forced to go to DIVERSITY TRAINING regarding "acceptance."  I have always hated the concept of diversity training, and from what I've experienced, such events would only make me hate what I probably didn't hate prior to being forced to attend such nonsense.  Diversity training stems from some group's agenda of fear or loathing, an in-your-face way to make one human submit to another, and equality ultimately has little to do with it.

Were I to teach a diversity training class, I would merely say, "Remember only this -- all men are created equal.  That means women, too, except o' course the obvious body parts in each are a little different.  Okay -- that's your freakin' diversity training.  Now, get out of here, and behave!"

And now comes the part where I hang myself from the tree of flamboyance.  Ladies and gentlemen of the country Homosextralia (yet to be discovered, but certainly "out there"), may I say in addition -- I don't get the gay marriage thing.  Sure, gay partner relationships should have the rights and benefits of heterosexual couples legally married, but -- come on -- wouldja just leave SOMETHING for heterosexual people?  The ceremonial marriage thing just doesn't work for me, but who cares what I think?  Who cares what the chicken guy said?  At least now we know what mayors of what cities border on fascism because of their comments about not wanting Chick-Fil-A in their towns, a reprehensible slap to the face of the Constitution. Folks, those mayors need to be rejected, not re-elected.

AND SPEAKING OF GAY. . . I see the Olympics are on everybody's mind.  The original Olympics of ancient times, you should recall, involved athletic events performed in the nude by beautiful young men, and the whole affair was very, very gay, probably mostly of interest to old guys among the ruling class because they, um, became winners in their own way after their favorite boys displayed their, um, abilities both on the field and off.  Were there any nudity in modern events, one would never witness it because rampant commercials would dominate the screen most of the time.

ELECTIONS DRAW CLOSER, WHO SHOULD WE VOTE FOR?  How should I know?  I certainly wouldn't vote for more of. . .this. . .but the choice is yours.  I guess, if you're as turned off about the whole process this year as I, you could vote for your dog, for your best friend or even for your own private parts.  But -- Obama?  Thanks, but NObama for me.