Friday, August 24, 2012

August 2012: Hell Freezes Over!

Is the mainstream media's hot love affair with President Obama over?  Maybe a little?

Newsweek?  Well, it certainly took long enough for big liberal media to go after its own.  The Boston Herald also ran an article critical of Obama, and ABC-TV's news reporter Jake Tapper (whose words this blog has loved and respected since the "balloon boy" incident) struck a little awe in listeners of "The Laura Ingraham Show" when he opined that this White House is too distant from the people it serves.

When Obama proclaimed just before assuming Office that the United States would be "fundamentally transformed,"  little did citizens raised with American values suspect the chilling intent behind those words.  Remember?  His wife helpfully confessed pride to be an American for the first time in her life.  For the first time.

Barack Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution.  We assumed that would be the U.S. Constitution, not some invent-it-as-you-go game plan.  Or somebody else's constitution.

Maybe he just doesn't understand the country, having been so ingrained with anti-capitalist views while growing up far away from the USA.  My question might be, what names behind the scenes backed his ascension to a position where he would run for the highest office in the land?

Barack Obama, with the hands-off assistance of a pathetic do-nothing Congress, has had his way more than a spoiled child. 

Like the Reverend Wright's chickens, some of it is coming home to roost.  Military and law enforcement personnel are increasingly aghast at his policies -- and the border agents have a lawsuit going on because his new policy on illegal immigrants keeps them from doing the work they are sworn to do.  They, too, took an oath, but theirs obviously meant more to them than his oath means to him.  We seem to have reached some weird tipping point where terrestrial criminal alien invaders reflect more value to Mr. Obama than legal citizens.

If elected, the Republicans will host their own monsters, and closet their worst the best they can, as they have before.  But for now, we can only witness wicked and wacky ideas and personalities flapping haphazardly from Democrat cocoons.

The Congressional Budget Office now assures us that if taxes and spending go up next year, the USA is looking at a recession, higher unemployment and a propensity for misery all around.  Obama wants higher taxes for some, of course.  O and his willing minions must not return to office, it's a no-brainer as simple as that.  

I was raised to respect the President.  Sorry, I have to sit this one out.  Any respect I can muster will come about if he waves goodbye in January, when I shall respectfully wave to my TV screen as his entourage departs and I whisper, good riddance, and take ineffectual Attorney General Eric Holder, your wife who wasn't proud of her country until her husband was elected, and the damned criminal United Nations with you.  Oh, and don't forget Janet Napolitano and her ladies, speaking of lawsuits.  The only "fundamental transformation" I crave for the U.S. is the absence of even the slightest essence of Obama rule in January.

And no, Barack Obama is not leaving the UFO community any gifts this or any other year, either.  No revelations, no studies, no disclosure in the Christmas stocking.  All he can leave are failed policies and a treasure trove of bad decisions and executive orders.  Politically, he is a desperate man serving a desperate party, and there is probably still time for them to do desperate things.

Surprised?  Why?  These wizards are lizards.

It remains to be seen whether the major TV networks and influential daily newspapers will -- even now -- get off their perpetually liberal asses and remove the self-blinders, for the good of the country, to announce that the Obama gang has poisoned the national well.  No, not all by  themselves, but the ideology sure helped.  The community organizer has organized us into a deficit beyond comprehension.  The great commander-in-chief hosts a fraud, a joke without laughs.

President Obama can blame Europe and George Bush all he wants for the nation's ills, but he's still  The Man almost four years later, and his legacy of -- beneficial -- accomplishments has never been more questionable.  Energy exploration, the economy, illegal immigration and neutered border patrol agents, education, agriculture, war, social spending, regulations, executive orders -- the list goes on, all handled badly.  Brilliant maneuvers from the intellect, sprinkled with cheers from revolutionaries.

As young military men and women continue sacrificing lives and sound minds in Afghanistan for reasons I'll never understand, we as a nation witness the foolishness of Obama, Hillary Clinton and others proclaiming how wonderful it was to watch Middle East dictators being overthrown (with our help and money) by "the people" as democracy breaks out everywhere -- only to see that the Muslim Brotherhood and extremist Islam will be the dominant victors throughout the area, shackling one and all to the horrors of Sharia law.  Democracy, far from innocent in the world of semantics. is a word long embraced by dictators, moulded to their own expectations.

And now we have the American government whisking a former active duty combat -- decorated -- Marine away for psychiatric examination and confinement because of a Facebook posting.  Not even a warrant for arrest was obtained.  The First Amendment vs. government psychologists with a forced agenda.  We are in hell.  We apparently fancy Russian-style psychiatric intervention when individual politics don't go politically correct.   Who will break us out?  We will.  We must.  How can this stuff happen when 13 soldiers are gunned down at Ford Hood by a Muslim extremist who persistently delays the inevitable (?) by hiding behind a must-have beard he didn't sport when he originally took an oath to defend the country?

These are dangerous times, engineered in no small way by either the encouragement or self-ignorance of a leadership proven unworthy of our trust or support.  Far more comfortable we might be if mere incompetence were the culprit. But it's not incompetence.  Cunning might be the accurate word.

Let's vow to dump the Obama bunch in November's elections, and let us make a solemn pledge to give other people a chance in politics, folks who don't return over and over with names such as Obama, Bush or Clinton.  Let's open our eyes and look at the Kennedy family, swallow hard and realize that the Kennedy family's political best have been picked clean and the remainder shrivel on the vine.  Surely, the USA boasts fresh political talent erupting from the owners of human DNA yet undiscovered?

As for the Romney/Ryan/Republican/conservative/Tea Party infiltrators -- when will you people ever learn to leave women's reproductive issues out of your pursuits?  None of your business, so keep your female-domination intentions to yourselves and let the ladies and the medical profession deal with such matters.  Frankly, I don't care whether you think ending a woman's right to choose an abortion will somehow get you closer to whatever god or afterlife paradise you worship.  Worry about your own personal lives, busybodies.  The wisest Republicans of years past echoed the warning, and it reverberates still:  Keep the Religious Right at arm's length and concentrate on the issues, not the bedroom.

The political lizard wears many faces, all disguised by one comfortable mask of assurance and incredibly smooth oratory.  When that mask slips away and words of deception crumble at last, leaving lizards convulsing in the winds of hope and the dust of change, last-minute venomous actions can become dangerous for all of us.  But if journalists actually are re-awakening to their responsibility to reveal a plethora of government betrayal (politics and cocktail parties in D.C. be damned), maybe there's still a chance and a way out of an apparent pre-revolutionary tempest engulfing segments of our jeopardized society.