Friday, June 29, 2012

National Geographic TV Channels UFOs

The throbbing in my head this week wasn't caused by a migraine, nor from some errant raven's attempts to peck my cranium open.  No, the culprit is my radio, bursting frequently with commercials for the National Geographic Channel's limited series, "Chasing UFOs."  The show premieres tonight, and might just be worth viewing, particularly by an audience raised to believe that the phenomenon is merely the stuff of science fiction.  Based upon a, nevertheless, overwhelming lack of information about the production, I've heard enough about it to suggest it might be worthwhile.  Then again, how many times have I said those words, leading to eventual regret in my life? I'm not a participant and won't be watching, but it appears there might be some relevance here.  Whatever "Chasing UFOs" turns out to be, let's hope its quality and fairness surpasses anything offered by the major commercial TV networks in recent years.  There's always a chance.  Itty bitty, for sure. 

(Addendum:  Apparently, the show hasn't been received well by serious viewers.  If the producers clean up their act, so to speak, I wonder if the audience will still be hanging around to watch future episodes.  Recipe UFO TV urgently requires a new recipe.)


In basic terms, the health care tax that the President and his minions assured us was not a tax has now been dubbed a tax by a slippy-slidey Supreme Court decision.  In my book, that means we've been mislead and lied to by people who knew exactly what they were doing, and whatever legalized vermin doesn't currently nest in the Obama Administration certainly lurks nearby.  This legislation is a very expensive mess, a disaster, and should be repealed -- but those who repeal it must have something better, easier to administer and cheaper in mind.  I can already hear the sounds of footsteps. . .of physicians who will no longer be able to afford their practices if this government monstrosity stands.  There are other reasonable options available to exclude major government intervention, and the fiscal health of the country depends upon a new outlook.  We could start with serious tort reform, and then allow people to purchase health insurance from thousands of potential companies scattered across state lines via the competitive free market process which is this nation's essence.

The Court has done us no favors, and the door is now open to taxpayer horrors unimagined (oh Robert, you are s-o-o-o-o dramatic. . .).  Chief Justice Roberts, widely and, in my opinion, haphazardly interpreting the Constitution so that taxing becomes more popular than ever, has set the stage for the federal government to administer penalties galore for all Americans in the future.  If "they" want us to purchase or do something and we refuse, in the worst case scenario we'll simply be endlessly penalized with new taxes intended to win compliance.

In the meantime, the job situation in the USA is now deemed worse than ever, President Obama just invited 800,000-plus (you KNOW it's far more) illegal aliens to compete for American jobs (on the way to amnesty unspoken) and there is no way this country will have the money or qualified personnel to care in short order for millions and millions of new arrivals in an already nearly bankrupt medical care system. 

Keep in mind another Big Lie insisting that illegal aliens won't be eligible for health care under this travesty.  Wanna bet?  It will depend upon what illegal means.  It depends upon what the meaning of is is.  The stain on a blue dress is only a stain, nothing to be seen here folks, keep moving on. . .forward. . .forward. . .

The road to hell is truly paved with good intentions, and the road back from hell with political intentions, and there is no money left. No money.  Southwestern hospitals already went bankrupt with the crush of illegal aliens, so getting the fix in is a little late.  But, oh, that's right, we'll now have ultra-taxes to save the day.

Cuts to the military, the miniaturization of NASA, solar company and bird-killing windmill disasters, the loss of international U.S. influence and a president who lusts after the failed theories of international climate change lunatics -- oh yes, truly remarkable is the Obama Administration, proudly and determinedly dragging us into the Third World.

I kinda think tomorrow would be a really, really good day if Chief Justice Roberts would leave the Court and just become another ambulance chaser, innocently advertising his wares on TV.  Oh, and Attorney General Eric Holder -- just go away.  (Personal note: You know you must, so pack your bags.)

The only tool we, the people, have left is Election Day in November, but we may be highly stressed over how to cast our votes.   Official corruption and bold-faced lies have seldom been more evident. 

BUT IN THE MEANTIME, I WANT ONE OF THOSE DEATH PANEL JOBS. . . I'm still not ready to dismiss those rumors of "death panels" in Obamacare.  In fact, when the term first hit the media three years ago, I went to one of those online job posting services and put up a resume in hope of becoming one of the first to be hired to determine various human expiration dates.  Yep, I decide if grandma must die by the end of the month.  Sadly, no government agencies responded to my job requests.  Hmm, maybe this would be an opportune time to try again, but I'm leery about wearing those black arm bands, almost certain to become fashionable again as this White House bunch continues unearthing bad ideas of the past. . .

. . .AND IF THAT DEATH PANEL THING DOESN'T WORK OUT. . .I'll happily accept a job as a school bus monitor, and the kids are welcome to insult and beat me within reason, making certain to put their cute antics on You-Tube -- and kids, PLEASE include an easily accessible PayPal link in my name.  Who knew there would be such riches to gain from the activities of common schoolyard bullies?

(Have a nice 4th of July everybody, and maybe you and I will take a few moments to remember that America's founding fathers and mothers never intended for us all to go damned near hopelessly bonkers.  I think we're almost there!)