Friday, June 22, 2012

Barack Obama, Vampire Hunter

Right movie, wrong president?  Of course, we're thinking about "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter."

Thing is, if President Obama's own biographer is correct about all the fabrications Mr. Obama created about his family's past and his own, I'm afraid I'll have to channel my sympathies toward the vampires.

Just who is this man, Mr. Obama?  Does anybody really know anything of significance about this man who would seemingly be king, the previously confessed enemy of Executive Privilege and proponent of open government who now embraces both censorship and Executive Privilege as lovingly as a baby on the bottle? 

We crave presidential bearing and leadership, not arrogance and the intent to circumvent Congress at every turn.

If only we could scrub history clean and make it appear that our first black president was Allen West or Bill Cosby (even Moms Mabley might be a great alternative to our current White House occupant).

The Obama Administration.  Faint memories of Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. . .superceded by thoughts of Fast and Furious and a dead border agent whose demise resulted from an official agenda that went tragically awry. . .and questions about how official documents might be shredded even as you read this, even though copies of indictable material may well remain on  computer hard drives. . .dirty tricks. . .

And Eric Holder, darling of the Dept. of Justice, is quickly becoming legend, calling Americans "cowards" and allegedly playing hands-off with the Black Panthers and other dangerous entities whose actions threaten the very Constitution that Holder is sworn to protect.  Tell me it isn't so.  Tell me what is so.

So a border agent is dead, his family longing for answers -- and for justice, apparently hard to get from the current Dept. of.

Meanwhile, we haven't learned jack about UFOs, and the Middle East burns, initially cheered on by the boobs at major TV networks and multiple other media outlets which play one-sided politics routinely.  The "Arab Spring," applauded and encouraged by the likes of the President, Hillary Clinton and their affiliates, is an Arabian nightmare almost certainly destined to be dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, calculating and hell-bent upon the creation of an international Caliphate.  We know this from non-radical Muslims who were there, who warned us on a daily basis of a future that even they do not wish to see fashioned before their eyes.

These are extraordinarily dangerous days, when few things are what they seem, when undeclared wars are wars nonetheless, when we build elaborate athletic stadiums and modes of brainless entertainment to keep the masses clueless, moronic and unaware of horrors perking (it's working).

Yet, I wonder -- were I in the mood for a deep philosophical conversation about presidents serving as vampire hunters, which would I choose as a discussion partner, were my choices narrowed to only two:  Justin Bieber. . . or navel lint?