Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blips & Pieces for Feb 2012

No specific theme today, just a few fragments to address. . .

Last week I was almost in scream mode while watching ABC-TV's and other news presentations, when the proliferation of drone aircraft seemed high on inquiring minds. So I'm viewing the usual mainstream media pap, and then they start interviewing people in the airline industry who express concern about the increasing use of drones in congested air space, worried about the potential for deadly collisions.

And the wheels in my head start -- you know, I've always heard about the wheels in our heads, yet never found these in medical textbook illustrations, despite my efforts -- spinning and I almost shout out loud, HEY! HEY! Where are you people when commercial airliners encounter UFOs that damned nearly rock your boat? Where are you airline company representatives when passengers are flung out of their seats because unidentified airborne objects of terror cause frightened pilots to take violently evasive actions? Whose side are airline officials on when their pilots want to tell the media and the world about close encounters in the skies with things that clearly are not drones? Now you worry about drones, when there's so very much more about which to fret? You folks dare to concentrate on drones, when organizations such as NARCAP and NICAP document things equally, if not more, disturbing? The hypocrisy simply astonishes.

Other. . .

Some of you found my comments about autism insensitive. Please read them again. I was not being insensitive to autism, I was being critical of non-autism. Just make sure that the funding for autism research goes to the right places, because even the research people are backing off over the number of autistic individuals. What I should have added to my rant was that one week I was hearing one out of 125 children was autistic, and a few days later TV spots dropped the total to one out of 100. Which is it, if it's either? Apparently, the numbers were increasing so quickly that somebody actually had to infuse common sense, a rare commodity indeed, before funding was jeopardized. And, remember, there is the issue of criminal "facilitators," suspected to be guiding autistic hands themselves from key to key so the autistic may "communicate" via the computer keyboard.

Sports, athletics, are not something I care about in the least, but ESPN's firing and suspension of people involved with the phrase "chink in the armor" regarding an American basketball player with Asian heritage is absurd. Are we to alter on a daily basis the use of innocent words and phrases which have been part of our culture for ages because somebody will be offended? Little by little, our First Amendment seems regarded more as an enemy than a free expression right. On that note -- Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans -- why not just American? As Europe has discovered and some leaders have said out loud, the multi-culturalism thing doesn't benefit a society, it destroys it. In this country, either be an American or don't, but don't play the I'm-this-and-that game, which only rips the fabric of society to shreds.

How's that President Obama thing going for you? Expensive family vacations, alternative energy companies funded big-time by tax dollars falling like dominoes, energy prices going nuts, government regulators sticking their heads and laws into every nook and cranny of our lives, a non-existent "Arab Spring" encouraged by adding fuel to the fire of radical Islam and enough national debt to keep your children and grandchildren choking on Chinese indebtedness economically for years to come. Yes, Bush started it and Obama built upon it, still blaming Bush for all of it to this day, and Mr. Obama alone has the obscene campaign funds to convince us all the way to November that what is is not. Beware.

At this moment, I expect Mr. Obama to be back for another four years, because the Republicans, those jerks, never learn the lesson, and the lesson ingrained even in many of their supporters' heads is that you don't get out there and start fighting everybody with God. They do it every time. Religion, religion, religion, it's what they throw out in front instead of attacking their opponent on the issues confronting the entire country. Keep it up, fools, and keep invading everybody's bedroom with unwanted reproduction advice. I think a fiscal conservative leaning toward libertarianism could work wonders right now. The Democrats and Republicans merely share the same unlaundered underwear every four years, just turning it inside-out and outside-in.

When the Swiss get around to launching those "janitor satellites" designed to sweep up space junk, another gem from the news last week, maybe they could be programmed to descend a bit and clean up politics, too?

Then there's that latest apology from the Obama Admin, communicated via a general, expressing our sympathy for burning prison Korans from Afghanistan with garbage. I'm sorry, too, sorry that perfectly good trash was mixed in with some really vicious prison literature. Because this occurred at an Air Force base and I'm a former USAF airman, I guess it's up to me to un-apologize, and I can only suggest that the books were burned with garbage because there were no flush toilets available. I particularly loved news videos of the hysterical crowds, shaking their fists and shouting that old mantra, "Death to America." Hey, you radical and crazy Afghan dudes and dudesses, my feeling is mutual toward your Stone Age country, and if my President was more interested in allowing our military to kill, destroy and conduct war instead of conducting sensitivity and diversity training, nation-building and apologies using rules developed by university dwellers who know nothing about battle and winning, there might have been a chance at peace. But now radical Islam will claim your butts -- as it will Syria after we borrow even more money from China to defeat its leaders, so that even more people who detest the United States can move in and claim victory. I never wanted us in Iraq or Afghanistan, but if one wishes to conduct a war, then have a war, not a social construct whose rules of etiquette prove hazardous to American and foreign fighting men and women and favorable to everything we supposedly battle against.

Meanwhile, we have Hollywood painting fantasies and the mainstream media doing pretty much the same thing. I think the studio ("entertainment") execs and media higher-ups not only share the same bed, they've obtained a bigger one to accommodate the deception factory.

And Iran (sigh). I couldn't possibly come up with a better definition of hotheaded insanity in the leadership, and one hopes the Iranian people who deserve better succeed in defeating their demons, though what doubt can there be that radical Islam will still rule the day? Good luck, Israel. Good luck, Europe. Good luck, USA.

Oh dear, I hope I haven't offended anybody. I suspect blogs are deleted for less of a rant.