Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Octoberween 2011

I continue to have upload problems, which means I can offer a few photos, but am unable to transfer text. This will be corrected, and indeed some of you should be darned glad I can't be wordy. I hoped to fill the month with old Halloween-appropriate photos, but at this rate I may lapse into November. Anyway, in the meantime here are a few more pics: Two are from the original "War of the Worlds" movie (dates are readily found as you place your cursor over each photo, or if you click on each). "Tobor the Great" (that's robot spelled backwards for those who can't stand the suspense of knowing why and what) makes like a can-opener when encountering an automobile occupied, we assume, by the enemy. A studio pose for "The Fly" is probably actually from "Return of the Fly," but I'm not sure, thanks to poor labels on my old photos. Finally, that's Faith Domergue (you may remember her from "This Island Earth") in "Cult of the Cobra." Isn't it great to know that most of you are likely too young to remember any of these? Well, that's our Halloween culture class for today. Don't forget the latest UFO news via the link list.